Safire eyes commercialization within 5 years, with launch of new company Aureon Energy!

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  • It al looks really convincing-what is missing is publication of their data in some rigorous scientific journal to really put such low temperature plasma fusion on the map so again mainstream physicists would take notice and money would flow into the project that is being wasted on ITER.

    I understand the sentiment and it makes sense from a scientist's view. As a businessman, however, I disagree on this course. If SAFIRE really has something here, and the project is being funded (or overfunded--"oversubscribed" is the term the team used in reference to investor interest), what incentive is there to bang your head against the giant immovable wall that is academia? Why fight tooth and nail, getting rejection after rejection from mainstream journals, just to get published? Does SAFIRE really need the blessing of a group of scientists who so strongly believe "hot fusion" is the holy grail that they're willing to stand by and watch tens of billions get dumped into the ITER money pit? The only way these people come-to-Jesus is if they see a reactor in action. Even then they might not believe it. Who is SAFIRE trying to convince and/or compel by spending precious tens or hundreds of hours writing a paper instead of devoting every available resource to building a commercial reactor?

    I say build the device and let the chips fall where they may. But waiting around for mainstream science to give SAFIRE its blessing would be a colossal mistake, in my opinion.

  • Why don't you invite Monty to visit and answer some member's questions? He did it on ECW awhile back.

    Well, like I said, as an investor I would prefer that the team spend every waking hour getting this thing commercialized, not fielding questions that he's unlikely to be able to provide specific answers to due to proprietary concerns. But that's my purely selfish reason. I understand that everyone who's even peripherally involved would love to hear more from the team.

    As someone who's already bought in I don't need to be convinced of anything regarding the potential value of the project. I just want them to get it done. The more time passes, the more likely it is the project gets derailed, in my estimation.

    It would be interesting to discuss potential outcomes, however. SAFIRE could go the way of the electric car--i.e. being bought out and buried (literally, in the case of the cars!). Or it could be sabotaged. It could be banned as a technology too dangerous to allow in the public arena. It could fizzle or be stopped in so many ways. My biggest fear is not that the science isn't real but that the project will be infiltrated or dragged out for decades like Brilliant Light Power.