Covid-19, Your health and that of your community

  • In response to a member's request, the team have agreed to putting up a second thread on Covid-19. It's here strictly on a trial basis. The idea is to separate (as much as possible) the two main strands that run through the other thread. The focus of the first thread is intended to be technical/medical. This thread is meant to be a home for commentary of a more personal and social nature. As always, there can be NO politics beyond the very barest minimum, no religion, or UFO's, and transgressive posts will be cleared away. Otherwise, feel free to post your flu anecdotes.

    BRW, as our genius health minister has suggested that nobody over 70 should leave the house I am technically marooned. I'll let you know how that feels.

    Every Briton over the age of 70 will be told "within the coming weeks" to stay at home for an extended period to shield them from coronavirus Health Secretary Matt Hancock says.

    He told the BBC the rules will not come into force just yet but when it does it will last "a very long time".

    The government has faced pressure to do more to tackle the epidemic after the UK death toll rose to 21 on Saturday.

    All deaths so far have been of people over 60 or with underlying conditions.

    Over-70s - and younger people with certain health conditions - will be told they must remain at home and have groceries and vital medication delivered.

    The health secretary was asked by the BBC's Andrew Marr when the new requirement - reported to last as long as four months - would begin.

    He said: "I'm not going to go into any more detail on the timings because we want to be ready to say that when we judge, based on the scientific advice, that the time has come."

  • Alan,

    I’ve been a technical moron for years,

    it’s not bad.

    The wife and I, both well over 60,

    Are erring on the side of caution as advised by our children and the media.

    Our first county wide case was yesterday,

    and we know it’s gonna get (much) worse

    before it gets better.

    Hoping it recedes as fast as my hairline,

    meanwhile, West of Chicago, we wait.

  • Chile is, as of yesterday, under level 3 pandemic alert, 60 confirmed cases with most of them untraceable, so I expect the numbers to grow rapidly.

    The test has been made available and will cost roughly USD 7 for those who can afford it and free if you are suspected to have it or can’t affor it.

    My local area is so far officially free, I would not count on that being a reality, however, but I am at ease of my mind as we have limited our interactions to a minimum since January and intend to keep it that way.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • So far all of my closest relatives and scattered family - mostly in the USA, France and Japan - are well, and coping ok with various levels of social disruption. I have a dear older brother (rather frail) and a wonderful sister (made from steel and rubber) both well into their 80's sharing a house 15 miles away. I worry more about them than I worry about myself.

    In the lab on Monday I shall be making a large batch of hand-sanitizer solution and (probably - time permitting) a batch of hypochlorous acid. If I get them videod I'll post them in here.

  • Here in Ottawa we had a walk in assessment centre open. 300 showed up on the first day. 150 something were denied the test right away. Around 250 were tested. No word on the result. On that day we got 2 new travel related cases but they won't say whether it was the result of testing.

    The testing itself destroyed my theory about the virus already been dormant in the wide population.

  • In Kazakhstan, all measures have been taken to ensure safety from the coronovirus. We have only 3-5 people infected, we don’t go to work, we conduct classes at the university online !!!

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • Here in San Diego, most of my company was told to work from home starting monday. It doesn't do me much good because my younger wife works at a rehsb center for elderly patients. I am 56 but have had a heart attack and my heart is not so great. And a stressful event is we played golf with a south korean emergency room doctor who was here on vacation. I shook hands, we took selfies, etc. Kind of scary but that was 18 days ago. I had a mild fever yesterday (99.0) and felt crummy, but I'm pretty sure that is due to sinus issues. I personally think the biggest problem is the stress the situation is inducing and the economic damage. Plus the political blame game is pissing me off (I am getting tired of some of it here) The leaders are people just like us trying to do their best (except in Iran where they are complete asswipes). Let's try to do everything to be constructive and not destructive and overly alarmist.

  • In France, a bit late, all closed except food&bank, and voting boots.

    Work at home. No school.

    Official communication that non steoroidian antiinflamatory drugs lead young people to tragic situation....

    Ibuprophene, Ketoprophen, Aspirin. Corticoid to avoid too. Ask your doctor, no automedication.

    In Switzerland, even faster but less... doubling every day. Lockdown in process it seems.

    Campaign to #stayathome

  • Urgent efforts to repatriate 30,000 British tourists from ski resorts in France are under way amid warnings of “widespread failures” in the travel sector in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

    French mountain resorts closed at midnight on Saturday, hours after tens of thousands of skiers had landed for their annual holiday in the snow.

    Leading ski and summer activity holiday company Neilson has called for the government to step in with “emergency measures”.

    There were reports of chaos and confusion across the Alps with one source saying local police had taken the French government’s message into their own hands and were going round hotels and restaurants telling marooned Britons to go home immediately.

  • In France, a bit late, all closed except food&bank, and voting boots.

    Work at home. No school.

    Worldmeters shows only 30 new cases in France today. Perhaps the numbers are wrong? If it is true, it is excellent news, because yesterday there were 808.

    Alain: can you verify 30 new cases?

    I don't see how the new restrictions could have had this effect so quickly. Today's new cases were infected days ago.

    Italy is about the same as yesterday, which is good news:

    March 14 3497

    March 15 3590

    Italy reports once a day, so these are the final numbers. The U.S. and Japan update periodically during the day.

  • Here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, life is a little different but not much. Roads are a little less congested. Grocery stores, especially larger ones, have lots of bare shelves from people buying and hoarding certain things like toilet paper. (Myself, I refuse to buy toilet paper until it's on sale!) Our kids have their March break from school this coming week, but it was announced a few days ago that schools and daycares in the province will be closed for two weeks after that. This is putting a stressor on parents. Universities and colleges will be closed starting this coming week.

    Yesterday's Toronto Star Newspaper had the first 17 pages with nothing except CoVid19 articles (and the usual advertising).

    As far as I know, Canada still has just one death, a senior with preexisting conditions in the province of British Columbia.

    So for now, it's the recent policy measures that are effecting us here in Toronto, not SARS CO-2 itself.

    We're battening up the hatches for a storm we've heard is coming.

    My 92 year old father in law, unable to speak but a few words and with dementia from cumulative vascular damage, has been living with us for a year now. I'm actually not that concerned for him, because otherwise he's quite mobile - not even a cane! - slim, eats like a horse and is in good physical health.

  • here in florida the temperature is a little above normal and will stay that way for the next 2 -3 weeks. Hopefully we will see a leveling off of cases or a drop.

    Probably not. It is increasing in the Southern Hemisphere and in tropical places as fast as the Northern Hemisphere. It does not appear to be seasonal.

  • here in florida the temperature is a little above normal and will stay that way for the next 2 -3 weeks. Hopefully we will see a leveling off of cases or a drop.


    Do we know for sure the degree of infection spreading is temperature dependent or related?

    If so, at what temp does the virus do best and worst ?

  • .....but only one of two cases in sub-saharan Africa because all vulnerable older adults all have the common sense to take chloroquine for malaria and HIV infection even though it's use (as far as the WHO is aware) has been banned. Their small market pharmacies and black market traders still supply this thriving use of chloroquine and this epidemiological evidence is probably all that is needed to prove its effectiveness. Do we wait for clinical trials in the West whilst lives could be saved? The Chinese recovery has probably also been due to widespread unofficial chloroquine or plaquenil (hydroxy -chloroquine) therapy.