Covid-19, Your health and that of your community

  • Seems good basic advice should just add in why HCQ is prophylactic ie that it has a very long half life in the body once ingested (30 days). So malaria protection occurs with one weekly 500 mg dose, 400 mg then 200 mg to follow is probably appropriate once infected with coronavirus. But once a week 500mg HCQ may well be sufficient for uninfected prophylaxis as has been demonstrated for malaria. Which I think is why malarial regions have so far had unusually extremely low rates of infection. It is concentrated 1000 X intracellular within endosomes etc. so a therapeutic 10 uM concentration probably persists for a long time following a single dose. Should be rolled out to workers as Australia has had the common sense Thus tonic water with only 20uM/L quinine probably has beneficial effects.(seems to have disappeared from supermarket shelves along with loo roll and liquorice allsorts):)