Cold Fusion comic book "Discover Cold Fusion"

  • Will you buy a comic book, and if so, how many? 13

    1. Yes, I'll buy a couple comic books. (6) 46%
    2. Yes, I'll buy 1 comic book. (4) 31%
    3. I'll buy 10 comic books for me and my friends. (2) 15%
    4. No, this is a ridiculous idea - a comic book on cold fusion?! (1) 8%
    5. I'll buy 25 comic books for me, my friends, and random acts of advocacy. (0) 0%
    6. I'll buy 100 comic books because I have a lot of people to engage on this topic and will send them around. (0) 0%

    Greetings Gentlemen of LF! What happened? I go into the bunker for a few months and when I come out, the world is on fire - in every way. Geez. Well, we are under "shelter-in-place" in California, US. Very scary here in rural America where we have an awful healthcare system, very few hospital beds, and even fewer ventilators.

    Nevertheless, i have some good news and a question.

    Artist Matt Howarth and I made a comic book about the early days of cold fusion, and it looks like it's going to be published by Curtis Press Publisher of Science. Matt and the publisher have been working things out - it takes soooo long ---- but it looks like there will be 1000 copies of Discover Cold Fusion printed to sell at $4.95 US from their website, as well as limited distribution in shops.

    A "Discover Cold Fusion" website is forming right now with links: No copies available yet though!

    We just got statements from consultants Melvin Miles and Michael McKubre to add to the 32-page comic (graphic novel) and/or press release. They will also be added to the website.

    We are having a Proof printed and will make some edits/check for typos. Should be coming to me in a few weeks.

    QUERY I told the publisher I could sell 750 copies. I know that some people will buy multiple copies to give away.

    My question to you is, do you think we can sell 1000 copies of a comic book on cold fusion priced at $4.95?

    How many will LENR forum attendees purchase?

    Please say yes, and, a lot.

    And let me know your thoughts. We are living in dark times, but here is a ray of light to give some hope.



  • Well done Ruby, 25 for me, though I only clicked on 10...duh... you are hopefully near the end of what I know has been a long and winding road. In these difficult times a few squares of toilet paper in every one will surely walk them all out of the door!

    Bless you, keep well. Alan

  • Thank you Mike and Alan, and thanks to you all. I am sure we will sell them. I've received two private responses that make me not worry about it.

    So much is going on, everyone is strained right now, and we need some real good news, and cold fusion/LENR would be it. This comic would be just the bump for soul and spirit. I spent the time after !CCF22 teaching full-time for a semester. Then, my hours got cut and I ended up de-Trashing and pulling invasive species. See attached photo. In that effort, I picked tiny styrofoam pieces out of seagrass piles on the beach.

    Here is something that could challenge smart people who know materials science. Could there be a "blanket" that could be laid over a pile of seagrass and it would suck up the styrofoam pieces and stick to the blanket, maybe using some residual electrostatic quality and then picking the blanket up we could slide the tiny styrofoam pieces into a bucket. That styrofoam was in every single seagrass pile up and down the beach. And then, at some point, it all washed back into the ocean to be eaten by sea life. I would like to get more up en masse. Next King Tide, when this happens again, I was thinking of trying that with a Space Blanket, any maybe a little rub back-and-forth to get the static going. It might grab a bunch of little pieces, which would be better than one-by-one.

    Well, in the midst of the Worst Case Scenario, and Pandemic Lockdown, let's remember that we are one people on the brink of even greater change, and it can be for the better, because there's more people who want to live together on a peaceful planet than not. This 30-years will be like the bat of an eyelash compared to the long millennia stretching ahead.

    Here is another teaser page from Discover Cold Fusion, which chronicles just some of the events that transpired as scientists realized that this cold fusion reaction meant something very unusual was happening.

    Good night gentlemen!

  • Ruby,

    I have been cleaning beaches, fishing piers, ocean waters, lakes, rivers and roadways since the 60's. It is shameful so many people around the globe are slobs. Frustrating. I used to fly to little islands -mostly uninhabited, throughout the Pacific. It would make you cry to see what washes up on the beaches in the middle of nowhere. Hard to walk without stepping around all kinds of plastic, fishing gear, styrofoam, fish nets, you name it. Nesting gooney birds dead from ingesting cigarette lighters/plastics, and that was in the early 80's. I read it is much worse now.

    Ho boy, as if this pandemic were not enough, now I really have myself depressed! :) Probably you also, so enough of that. We do what we can do, and if that is not enough, then try not to think about it. Some Einstein will come along and put all the LENR pieces together, and all will be well with mother nature again. Well maybe.

  • Congratulations for your advances on this very important job. One person involved in the divulgation of technology suggested that all technology projects needed an Artist on board, and I instantly agreed. There are few ways that are as effective and as direct to spread new ideas as comic books. I am clicking on 10 copies.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.