"Super-planckian" light... aka the LENR reaction

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    This discovery could be a LENR reaction. First, the light is coherent like a laser. This light is in the infrared. The structure of the crystal that produces this light also uses an optical cavity mechanism which suggests the formation of polaritons is involved.

    Re: "Recent unrelated research has shown a similar effect at a distance of less than 2 thermal wavelengths from the sample, "

    This factoid suggests that polaritons are forming on the surface of the tungsten photonic crystal. A phonon based polariton is the best candidate to explain the amplification of the light that is occuring.

    If a polariton condensate is also forming, then the light will escape the surface of the tungsten photonic crystal to the far field and be both laser like and coherent.

    This observation is not the first time that this behavior of infrared light has been seen to violate the black body behavior of radiation.

    Every so often an anomaly shows up in the expected behavior of a system. Is such an anomaly falsification of the laws of nature that were expected to apply? How does science deal with such situations. Do the researchers that have uncovered the anomaly just ignore the anomaly or is the good practice of science requiring another more productive and revealing a response?

    Placing this situation in context as follows:



    Experimental observation of anomalous thermal radiation from a three-dimensional metallic photonic crystal


    We report some striking results on thermal radiation properties of a resonantly coupled cavity photonic crystal (PhC) at elevated temperatures (T = 400–900 K). We experimentally found that at resonant wavelengths, λ = 1.1, 1.64, 2.85 μm, the PhC emission is spectrally selective, quasi-coherent, directional, and shows significant deviation from Planck's blackbody law at equilibrium. The presence of non-equilibrium effects, driven by strong thermal excitation and cavity resonance, may be the major cause for our experimental observation.

    Sooner or later, science would stumble over some sort of LENR reaction.

    Thermal radiation coming off this photonic crystal (PhC) is up to 50 times stronger than blackbody radiation at certain frequencies. That radiation is coherent, directional, and focused. What could be going on?

    This finding has the researchers puzzled. What should they do?

    Well these guy just forgot about their discovery and now someone else has rediscovered the same thing.

    The frequency of the light is even the same in both experiments. Both show a spike in radiation at about 1.7 microns

    This mindless repetition has been happening for over 100 years with regards to the LENR reaction.

    Pons and Fleischmann were not the first to stumble over the LENR reaction and they have not been the last.

    This new occurrence comes with a new name for the reaction: "super-planckian" light.