Interest in LENR Forum Weekly video conferencing?

  • If we follow these tips, we have a good start to a program.

    I agree with Alan Smith, Skype is very suitable. It also allows sharing screens.

    Some additional proposals:

    • Timeslot: probably a time slot is most convenient for most participants on Saterday- or Sunday, since some of us will have a day job and we have to take into account time differences (assuming east/west Europe and US only). We could do a timeslot poll first amongst first participants.
    • Given a chosen topic easily will take 20 minutes I propose a 60 - 90 minutes call. Agenda structure:
    1. Opening
    2. Unfinished items from previous call (if any)
    3. 2 - 3 topics proposed by participants/initiator
    4. Wrap up and closure
    • Topics: Most discussions already take place at the forum, Skype topics therefore should be adding something to LENR-Forum content/discussions
    1. Guest speakers (companies, universities, governments, specialists)
    2. LENR related events
    3. Pick 2 or 3 topics that are most discussed the last 2 weeks at LENR-Forum
    4. Others?
  • Great idea and interesting comments and thoughts on how to proceed.

    Got me to thinking...

    Early on, Cold Fusion Now articles often focused on activism... Action intended to bring others awareness to this nascent science. Same with Infinite Energy Magazine.

    We've come a long way since 2010/1990. The ever growing list of players, recent technological advances, and bold commercialization/market entry claims have made this science (perhaps no longer nascent?) an even more worthy subject for "promotional/informational activism". No one is doing this now.

    ECat world rarely covers the field anymore. Dr. Bob is no longer taking it to the raves... Ego Out Blog inactive, Cold Fusion Now retired as such. Other than Infinite Energy Magazine, no one is writing in depth articles for the general public anymore. Without Eugene Mallove, most articles at IEM are conference reports intended for insiders.

    I'd like weekly conferencing to fill a public relations role, i.e. the development of a dedicated public awareness/institutional outreach team. Writers articles and strategies for bringing awareness to activist groups who would see their mission strengthened with the advent of CMNS energy technology.

    Video conferencing for science and research discussions... yes. Though many groups commercialisation efforts clearly prevents honest open participation. A consideration of the intention of participants may be required, especially as the field progresses and market entry goals increases competitive hidden agendas. For many reasons I feel only a small subset of researchers would participate.

    Still though... I think it's a great idea.

    Agenda thoughts... To decide a session's agenda topics and list them a week before the conference seems essential.

    For a sample of early CF activism read the first few years of articles at CFN and the many articles by Eugene Mallove found at IEM and elsewhere.

    Cold Fusion Now!



    This site is an Archive for the activities of the Cold Fusion Now! Collective.

    From 2010 to 2019, Cold Fusion Now! led the advocacy effort for radical change in energy policy. It’s members ranged from scientists to artists, all who worked together to bring a zero-carbon option to reality. THANK YOU for your support.

    There is a third choice in atomic power.

    Hydrogen nuclei can slow fuse – in solid material – generating clean, dense energy.

    And there’s enough hydrogen in one-cubic kilometer of ocean water to provide energy more than all the world’s oil resources!

    With the cold fusion process, there is no CO2 emissions. Using the central portion of the the atom – thenucleus – means the reaction is power-packed. No radioactive materials, no radioactive waste! Batteries could last a lifetime, with no harmful effects to the environment.

    With cold fusion technology, all waste can be recycled. We can remove hydro-electric dams and restore waterways for fish and fowl. We can free local communities with decentralized, scalable and portable power and energy independence. We can take care of our planet and explore the stars.

    Researchers in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science are still determining the science of the reaction, even as a technology is developing.

  • instead of saying Sir for instance they say Masahiro-san, where san means a token of respect ie mountain.

    No, that is a completely different word origin. "San" meaning mountain is the Chinese (on-yomi) version of "yama." (山).

    The honorific "san" derives from the honorific "sama" which is of Japanese origin, not Chinese. See:

    「○○さん」など氏名に「さん」をつけるが、この語源はなにか。 | レファレンス協同データベース