Alchemy and dissimilar metal

  • Alchemy and dissimilar metal dust cloud of charged particles

    I've flustered myself building this with a string I can't seem to remove the string from the case.

    If any of you can think of a way to fix this problem by either building it

    or anything similar to it that I can use to solve the problem.

    Here is how I am attempting the process for the whole device.

    The device is meant to allow a pre mix of Aluminum with Hematite dust and Vanadium Dust in the molten Aluminum poured into a small dowel with mercury.

    A slow moving amalgam pre mixed as constantly expanding thermite to push the micro charge from the dissimilar metals and charge the cracks in

    obsidian to hold the charge as a dust cloud as it exits the case a volcano dust cloud of charged particles looking for a high voltage low Amp lightning storm.

    I need to be able to get the string out without destroying the case.

    Feel free to test this theory if you understand the problem.

  • Its ok, it may be as easy as wait a day or two and pull the string out through the top before you start heating it and jump the gap~

    Interesting b7t what are you trying to achieve or measure with this set up? An electric discharge? By alchemy you mean a low tech low energy transmutation set up? Last question, assuming this is science where is the hydrogen source/containment? Some of your wording is confusing.

  • You lost me at mentioning thermite and mercury in a single sentence...

    You can look up the re action of aluminum and mercury on line. pretty simple stuff.

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