new coldfusion electric power generator with D+ gas-flow trigger to create D2 in T site

  • I am looking for a venture company to develop my coldfusion power generator.

    I will apply for a patent in US and I will share my patent with the company to develop my cold fusion power generator.

    Please send me email to [email protected]

    Deep electron orbit of hydrogen can explain the cold fusion as follows

    1.D- enters T site and T site is expanded

    2.D+ adjacent D- in T site hops to D- in T site to create D2-gas.

    3.By the stress from the expanded T site metal atoms D2 gas turns into femto D2 molecule with deep electron orbit has the covalent electron of femto D2 molecule.

    Conventional cold Fusion use the higher temperature to trigger fusion but this has the issue of instability and metal lattice damage due to the higher temperature.

    So the metal must be cooled down.

    The trigger of fusion can be done by D+ gas-flow or implantation onto D- in metal surface T site.

    The surface potential of metal to be positive by the metal field plate over metal(negative voltage).

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    added on 2020/08/11

    This can be done without D+ implantation though D+ implantation is by far better but the important feature is depletion of electron on the metal surface and

    in case of less electrons on the region of around D- it prevent the shielding of coulomb attractive force by free electrons between D+ and D- and it enhences fusion.

    so in the case of D2 flow, D moves on the metal surface and D can directly enter T site and D can be D+ by the influence of surrounding potential, it can trigger fusion by nature.

    This experiment is easy on the conventional fusion reactor by just putting the electrode surrounding metal structure.

  • No that is issue and I need the experiment to get the patent in Japan.

    We have issue to get patent because currently in patent office they think that ColdFusion is NOT science.

    So I strongly recommend that we have the direct evidence of Deep Dirac Level, and I guess that it affect the fundamental physics including the mechanism of fusion in the sun and so it can affect the cosmology, and can affect the dark matter, meaning that dark matter can be hydrogen. I am asking about this to the researcher of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • OK. so (to be realistic) you have an idea that you hope will be successful, based on a nuclear process discovered by others? Do I take it that you are planning to patent the apparatus in your drawing then? You could patent a design without doing one single experiment, just for the machine.

    I have been contacted by quite a few people over the years who say 'I have this great idea - you spend the time and the money required to make it work and I will share the rewards with you.' Frankly this kind of offer is seldom tempting, for all sorts of reasons.

  • nkodama

    Thanks for sharing your idea here at LENR-Forum. Based on my personal experience with ideas and the transformation of them into reality (which is the currently broad form of the accepted definition of innovation) I suggest you to get a copyright for your idea and, if ever anyone succeeds in making something useful from it, you can claim that it was based on your idea and work a deal with the person who does it. Without doing the experimental work, that’s pretty much what an idea is worth.

    Unfortunately, all great achievements are 1% inspiration and 99 % transpiration. Without money, it might as well be 0.01% inspiration and 99,99% transpiration.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • nkodama One additional consideration for you....

    If you share your invention in too much detail publicly, it can be considered not new anymore and not eligable to be patented, since open source. Keep that in mind.

    You can use the private conversation functionality of LF to discuss this with the experts here.

  • Thank you but I want to work for industry&Science not for money.

    Actually in semiconductor industry I worked for the industry and offered a lot of good techniques without money just like this. That is my goal of life to invent the new tool for the industry. 

    I have had always good collaborator and they enabled my invention to the market of semiconductor industry,

    so for this time I need the collaborator in ColdFusion Society or semiconductor industry

    (because the tool can be developed by the semiconductor process tool so I asked AMAT and ASM to help me.

    Cold Fusion Society wasted so many years and everyone do not say that their invention is by the cold fusion.

    But I said that my patent is cold fusion reactor cold in my patent

    and so I have a huge risk not to get the patent.

    So I want some company to develop my tool and show the experimental result to patent office.

  • nkodama , we appreciate your intention, but you know experimental research in this field is resource intensive, have you approached Japanese companies / universities that could be in a better position to help you with testing your ideas?

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • I shared my invention to the Japanese company of electric power generation, but usually they are so huge and they have nuclear power-plant and Plasma-confined fusion with a huge amount of money, so it is not practical to ask them to develop cold fusion reactor.

    So I hope US government help me to verify my invention.So your comment on this can appeal the US government and hopefully can start the new project based on my invention.

    This is my motivation to show you my invention.

    I have already contacted to this company in Minato-Ku, Tokyo? but they are small venture and have no money to develop this and they are researcher not the engineer to design the tools.

    So I am now asking the semiconductor process tool vender(TEL) in Japan and in US (AMAT&ASM).

    I understand the difficulty to realize my invention so I am trying to contact the huge company of semiconductor process tool and I am sure that they can develop.

  • Thank you but I want to work for industry&Science not for money.

    nkodama Agreed! However there are other experimenters on this site, who want the same like you: RECOGNITION!

    You need at least a working experiment (better prototype) which supports your theory and basic protection of your IP and even then you cannot be certain that your "invention" will be successful.

    Maybe you team up with some experimenters here for a "reality check".

    You are in good hands with Alan Smith