CleanHME: new EU-funded LENR research project

  • Konrad Czerski [CleanHME leader] toolbox in Szczecin

    ... "Nuclear experiments at very low energies which are mainly devoted to astrophysical problems of the creation of the chemical elements in the universe or to applied research relevant to developing new nuclear energy sources based both on nuclear fusion and fission.

    The main aim of the new accelerator system is to study nuclear reactions at the lowest possible energies for which atomic degrees of freedom are important and the target surface should be atomically clean.

    Since the investigated reactions take place far below the Coulomb barrier and the corresponding cross sections decrease very fast with the diminishing projectile energies, we need a high current ion source with very good energy definition. Target cleanness is important because any target surface impurities lead to a reduction in the energy of the projectiles and disturb the atomic processes we would like to study. Thus, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions at the target chamber as well as surface physics diagnostics of the targets used are necessary."