CleanHME: new EU-funded LENR research project

  • Konrad Czerski [CleanHME leader] toolbox in Szczecin

    ... "Nuclear experiments at very low energies which are mainly devoted to astrophysical problems of the creation of the chemical elements in the universe or to applied research relevant to developing new nuclear energy sources based both on nuclear fusion and fission.

    The main aim of the new accelerator system is to study nuclear reactions at the lowest possible energies for which atomic degrees of freedom are important and the target surface should be atomically clean.

    Since the investigated reactions take place far below the Coulomb barrier and the corresponding cross sections decrease very fast with the diminishing projectile energies, we need a high current ion source with very good energy definition. Target cleanness is important because any target surface impurities lead to a reduction in the energy of the projectiles and disturb the atomic processes we would like to study. Thus, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions at the target chamber as well as surface physics diagnostics of the targets used are necessary."

  • An article about CleanHME on Horizon 2020 site…etal-systems-clean-energy

    note that it raised the attention of old hater Sylvie Coyaud (ok, agains Rossi might be founded)…fleischmann-pons-revival/

  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention AlainCo , I was wondering when the first round of attacks were going to be seen. Problem with people like Coyaud is that gets obsessed with the topic and can start harassing people as she has done in the past with Carpintieri and Cardone.

    Edit to add: I read the blog piece, I wish they had the same kind of irk against real wastes of money as ITER.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Problem with people like Coyaud is that gets obsessed with the topic and can start harassing people as she has done in the past with Carpintieri and Cardone.

    So that we are on the same page: the article was written by Leonid Schneider, who caught wind of the story from Sylvie Coyaud.

    That said, this Schneider unfortunately is very good at going for the jugular. Maybe too good? In reading the piece, it came across to me that he tried so hard being a smart ass, the CF funding became secondary. LENR is used to hit men like him, and I doubt it will have any impact on the HERMES/CleanHME teams. Surely they knew this was coming, and were prepared.

    I thought it was petty, and unprofessional the way he treated Celani, and Pekka Peljo. No reason for it, as they both have solid credentials. Yes, they believe in CF, but so what? He could have made his case without the personal attack IMO. Then to criticize them for having no female scientists on the team. Like how many are there in all of LENR...maybe 2, and he dings them for that!

    And if you are reading this Leonid: believing Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquie, and D3 work against COVID does not make one (MFMP) a conspiracy nut. There are plenty of studies to back that up. Now get over it. The money has been allotted, and there is nothing you can do about it. May as well join the rest of us in wishing the 2 teams success,

  • Easier to read ...

    UPPSALA UNIVERITY - Researcher 20%

    The position is filled

    Grant date: 2020-12-11

    Appointed: Josef Zlomanczuk

    Responsible: Bo Höistad

    How to appeal

    Anyone who is affected by this decision and wants a change in it must appeal it in writing. The appeal

    must be sent to ÖNH but sent to: [email protected] or Registrar at Uppsala University, Box

    256, 751 05 Uppsala. It must have been received no later than three weeks from the above grant date,

    otherwise the case cannot be tried. Please note that an employment as a doctoral student cannot be appealed (HF

    12kap 2§).

    The appeal is forwarded to ÖNH together with copies of the appealed decision and those

    documents that formed the basis for the decision, except ev. scientific and pedagogical writings. In addition

    attached to the opinion in the case from the person employed and, where applicable, from the proposing body

    and head of department and from the Rector.

    The person writing and appealing must state which decision the appeal applies to and which change in

    the decision desired. The letter must be signed and provided with name clarification, the

    complainant's postal address and telephone number during the day.

    Uppsala University, Department of Chemistry - BMC

    Uppsala University is a broad research university with a strong international position. The ultimate goal

    is to conduct education and research of the highest quality and relevance to make a long-term difference in

    society. Our most important asset is all the individuals who, with their curiosity and commitment, do

    Uppsala University to one of the country's most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has just over 45,000

    students, more than 7,000 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 7 billion.

    The Department of Chemistry-BMC is an international environment with employees and students from all over the world.

    At the department, research and teaching is conducted at the intersection of biochemistry and organic chemistry

    as well as analytical chemistry. See also

    Project description: The project is part of a newly formed EU consortium, described on the web pages http: // and, for the purpose of

    groundbreaking research in LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). The overall goal is to include

    specially oriented experiments be able to identify which materials may be LENR active and which

    experimental methods required to activate the material and generate large amounts of energy.

    Tasks: To conduct experimental research within LENR, which means identifying and

    carry out research projects that lead to increased knowledge in this area. New ideas and perspectives are

    a prerequisite for success. The research projects are expected to be carried out both locally and in

    international cooperation. The experiments are a continuation of projects that have already begun at the department for

    analytical chemistry.

    A special area of responsibility is to continue the development of the existing data acquisition system and to

    further develop the data analysis programs. Furthermore, the important task of implementing a new one is included

    instrumentation that will be necessary to be able to carry out the various experiments.

    Qualification requirements: Doctoral degree, or a foreign degree that is deemed to correspond to a doctoral degree,

    in physics, preferably nuclear physics. In the selection among eligible applicants, special emphasis will be placed on

    scientific skill. Many years of experience in advanced experimental research are necessary, as well

    good experience of experiments within LENR is desirable.

    Great emphasis is placed on personal qualities such as being enterprising and driving research.

    Salary: Individual salary setting.

    Access: As soon as agreed.

    Form of employment: The employment is a fixed-term employment of 12 months.

    Extent of employment: 20%.

    Information about the employment is provided by: Bo Höistad, [email protected].

    Welcome with your application no later than October 15, 2020. UFV-PA 2020/3584.

    We do not offer offers for recruitment and advertising assistance.

    The application is received in Uppsala University's recruitment system.

    Form of employment Fixed-term employment longer than 6 months

    Extent of employment Part-time

    Access As soon as agreed

    Salary form Fixed salary

    Number of vacancies 1

    Employment rate 20

    Location Uppsala

    County Uppsala County

    Country Sweden

    Ref. no. UFV-PA 2020/3584

    Union representative Seko University Club [email protected]

    ST / TCO [email protected]

    Saco Council [email protected]

    Published 2020-10-08

    Last application date 2020-10-15

    Link to advertisement

  • Low Energy Nuclear Physucs

      • Szczecin U.
      • Europe
    • nucl-ex
      • PostDoc

    Deadline on Jan 7, 2021

    Job description:
    Position in the project: Postdoc (Adjunct)
    Laboratory: Nuclear Physics Laboratory
    Scientific discipline: Physical sciences
    Keywords: Nuclear reactions at very low energies, ultra-high vacuum, accelerator techniques, surface physics
    Job type: Employment contract
    Part-time/full-time: Full-time
    Remuneration/stipend amount/month: ~10 000 PLN gross
    Position starts on: 01.02.2021
    Maximum period of contract/stipend agreement: 40 months, permanent position possible
    Institution: Centre for Experimental Physics “eLBRUS”, University of Szczecin
    Project leader: Prof. Konrad Czerski
    Project title: Clean Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Systems, CleanHME
    Competition type: Horizon 2020, FET Proactive, FETPROACT-EIC-05-2019
    Financing institution: European Commission

    Project description:
    The person chosen in this recruitment will be responsible for accelerator studies of nuclear reactions at extremely low energies and theoretical modelling of undergoing processes such as the enhanced electron screening effect. He will be closely cooperating with international participants of the CleanHME project, aiming to construct a new energy source based on nuclear fusion. The main goal of this research project is a combination of results achieved in accelerator experiments with those observed in gas loading experiments in different hydrogen-metal systems.

    Key responsibilities include:
    - design and carrying out of accelerator experiments under ultra-high vacuum conditions at the lowest possible projectile energies, diagnostics of target samples using different surface physics methods, modelling of reaction mechanisms, extrapolating of reaction rates down to room temperature, detection of nuclear products ingas loading experiments
    - active participation in lab meetings, scientific seminars and international conferences
    - participation in the data preparation and writing of manuscripts

    Profile of candidates/requirements:
    The competition is open to persons who meet the conditions specified in: - Act of 20 July 2018 Law on higher education and science (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 85, as amended) and the Statutes of the University of Szczecin;
    PhD degree in physics or related field.
    The candidate should hold a PhD degree for no longer than 8 years before the date of signing an employment agreement in the project. The PhD degree should be obtained in a country of the EU, EFTA, OECD or nostrified on the date of employment at the latest.
    - good knowledge of accelerator and ultra-high techniques, experience in one of the surface physics diagnostic techniques (e.g. Auger Electron Spectroscopy, NMR, Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy), computational methods of nuclear physics
    - very good knowledge of mechanism of nuclear reactions and atomic effects playing a role at low projectile energies
    - very good command of English
    - scientific achievements documented by publications in recognized journals
    - strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as excellent communication skills

    Enquiries related to the position may be sent to: [email protected]

    Required documents:
    1. Cover letter describing Candidate’s motivation
    2. Current curriculum vitae (CV) listing scientific publications, scholarships, prizes and awards, or other relevant documents demonstrating the excellence of Candidate
    3. Copy of PhD certificate or a document confirming that the Candidate will obtain the PhD degree prior to the date of employment in the project
    4. Information on the processing of personal data - the form is available at the University of Szczecin webpage:
    5. Declaration confirming that the candidate has read and accepted the rules of conducting competitions, covered in the following documents:

    We offer:
    - an opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary project dealing with a breakthrough technology
    - stimulating, young and friendly work environment
    - access to state-of-art equipment
    - opportunity for interdisciplinary and international collaborations

    Please submit documents to:
    [email protected], with “eLBRUS-3-2020” in the email title


    Letters of Reference should be sent to:

    Posted 7 days ago, updated 3 days ago


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    New interview with Francesco Celani availabe now.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.