Dr. Celani (et al) discuss their knotty problems with Constantan wire, and unravel some interesting insights into anomalous heat.

  • [ have never turned down any paper about cold fusion. ]

    Did you applied this criterion also in this case?

    I apply it to all cases, as I said. I never turn down a paper. If you don't find a paper at LENR-CANR.org, it may be because I never heard about it, or it may be because the author or publisher refused. There are no other criteria.

    A few years ago you were not so much confident about the prodigious performances of the constantan wires:

    I am not confident now. I have not heard that he was independently replicated. Without independent replication you can never be sure a claim is real.

  • I can understand that, but you can still register the rest in form of DOI links: the people accustomed to SciHub would already know what they should do with it.

    The ones I know about are in the database, which you can download here:


    They do not show up in the library indexes, for technical reasons.

    If you want to send me a list of the ones I am missing, I will put them in eventually. I don't feel like going to the trouble to look them up myself.