LENR – die unendliche und saubere Energie kommt früher als gedacht

  • LENR – die unendliche und saubere Energie kommt früher als gedacht

    LENR - the infinite and clean energy comes earlier than expected

    Willi Meinders in conversation with Sabine Weise-Vogt

    A video to be analyzed and evaluated by German speaker....


    Willi Meinders im Gespräch mit Sabine Weise-Vogt

    Die niedrigenergetische Kernreaktion (LENR) ist eine völlig neue Form der Energieerzeugung: Emissionsfrei, strahlungsfrei, grundlastfähig, Ressourcen-schonend, dezentral und kostengünstiger als alle anderen Energieformen. LENR ist von anerkannten Fachleuten und -Instiutionen bestätigt, vielfach patentiert und repliziert. Die Technologie befindet sich auf dem Wege der Markteinführung. LENR ist eine Energieform deren wesentlicher Ursprung nicht ein Rohstoff ist, sondern vor allem ein bestimmtes Fachwissen. Deshalb lässt sich diese Energiequelle nicht künstlich verknappen und verteuern. Nach Ablauf der diversen Patente in 20 bis 30 Jahren kann Energie somit theoretisch ein „Volksgut“ werden. Die Menschen hätten damit ihr Feuer zurück, so wie es vor Jahrhunderten das selbstverständliche Eigentum jeder Familie war.

  • I am not so convinced about him. (W. Meinders) IMO he his is too much of a Rossi believer.

    But he is giving a good overview and brings info about the field (too much Rossi), for a mainly German speaking audience who have maybe difficulties to follow more advanced content in English on LF.

    I consider him as some sort of "a brave lobbyist" for Lenr in Germany, which is difficult since in Germany lenr is completely neglected. Take the example of Airbus. Airbus obviously abandoned research in Germany as a lack of interestet and political opposition.

  • I don't think it would be worth the effort to translate this interview. Willi Meinders is identified in the video as a retired corporate director, and Google tells me a Willi Meinders was once a director of the Adidas sportswear firm. The video channel, m-v.tv, seems to be a kind of video magazine for gee-whiz and 'alternative' themes. I'd never heard of it before. Meinders also runs a blog at https://coldreaction.net/.

    Meinders' presentation only discusses two sets of experiments in any detail, those of Fleischmann-Pons and Rossi. No discussion of Japanese, Russian, or Ukrainian experiments; no discussion of the various forms of experiments except for electrolysis and solid-state + hydrogen reactors. For some reason he thinks Rossi and some others have inventions that are already on the way to commercial practicability and in the not-distant future can be spread throughout the world via a "a completely normal industrial manufacturing process", making the current climate-neutral alternative energy sources superfluous. I didn't hear anything that I would call outright false, but against my understanding of the current state of LENR research his presentation seems naively optimistic, which may not really be a service to the research effort. An important point is that LENR has been largely ignored, when not ridiculed, in established German physics and chemistry, and this he (mis)-attributes to the research freedom that military organizations in the US and Russia enjoy. Meinders is certainly charming and non-ideological; however, there is such a lack of detail that this interview is not likely to change public perception here by much. However, his blog could be useful for spreading LENR awareness in German-speaking Europe if someone could feed him more and better differentiated information.