LENR into planets and satellites

  • In 2015, seeing the extraordinary results of the DAWN probe, I postulated the existence of the satellites of Ceres, whose tidal forces could have caused the melting of the ice sheet around the rocky core of this asteroïd. You know, I like bold assumptions. I even named these satellites: Triticum, Zea, Oriza, Sorghum and Astrebla.

    I betted than we would see them in a few week during the first orbits of DAWN.

    But five years after: no the shadow of a satellite on the pictures! (There are satellites of Ceres, but they are "quasi-satellites") (like Cruithne for the Earth). They pass at low altitudes from time to time, but too infrequently to generate enough heat.

    We must therefore admit an internal source of heat in the rocky core of Ceres, and this heat source could well be LENR.


  • One would say that if LENR happens naturally here on Terra Firma, it probably happens elsewhere, so one can't discard the possibility, and your conjecture is valid but unproven.

    The trouble keeps being that the evidence put forward to provide proof of LENR occuring naturally in our planet, is widely rejected, as accepting it puts many other phenomena under question.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • LENR like phenomina seem like the only alternative energy source for life better than oxygen combustion, enter hydride breathing/drinking lifeforms. Would be useful in gas giants and on there moons, in oxygen poor underground oceans.

    Absorb some mineral tainted hydrogen source (water, ammonia, methane) every few months or something, H carrying blood cells, dense hydrogen forming 'mitochondria', and super conducting nerves 🤔. Life could be possible on higher energy substraits using similar elements, even in cold dim climates. Hypersonic firebirds fearlessly flying through a gas giant atmosphere, huge marine plants in Europa's oceans that have micro 'suns' shrowded in photosynthetic organs 😊? Even Ceres maybe could host things more capable than life on Earth. Biochemistry and exobiology people can see where I'm coming from? From a theistic creationist perspective this has sobering implications..

  • Hi David

    Did you see this?


    I have just yesterday had a few exchanges with Pekka just now on this topic:



    I was really into this concept some 35 years or so ago but was never capable enough to follow it through. Really great to see that others were working on something similar. I think from the papers list Jean-Pierre Petite was working for even longer amazing.

    Jean’s background is amazing artist author engineer. Isn’t it amazing that these subjects attract such polymaths we are in the presence of giants.

    Amazing small world! And I don’t just mean Ceres ;)

    Anyway it seems to me that you and Pekka have some common interests.