Update of Russ George's blog: tiny ‘atom-ecology’ cold fusion fuel pellets

  • this article is spot on.

    Not quite spot on..

    Krivit told a lie.. one only...but perhaps Krivit has 99% integrity otherwise..

    "I talked with Russ today. … He says you're working for D2."

    Krivit changed this from working with.. big difference.

    like the WHO working with China... versus the WHO working for China

    Steven B. Krivit: "Is Scott Chubb working with you?"
    Russ George: "He’s working with us on this project. We have a world-class team, some Europeans, the Los Alamos people."

    Krivit fact-checked with Scott Chubb, a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory, and got an e-mail response from Chubb on Dec. 20, 2005.

    Steven B. Krivit: I talked with Russ today. … He says you're working for D2.

  • "These isotopes are the constituents, the plants and animals in our quantum mechanical forest,

    that enable cold fusion to occur. Without the right forest to manage the resulting energy of fusion cold fusion is prohibited. "

    Some of the animals are dark horses..

    they mostly work in dark mode rather than photon mode.

  • I am sure that palladium is somewhere in the forest..

    Palladium 107 is interesting..Russ recounts joint work with Biberian.


    A sonofusion setup appears to manufacture Pd107 (+Pd109)

    Pd107 is present only in a trace in native palladium..


    Like Pd105 , Pd107 has low level Kev states..

    its the odd isotopes with the imbalance of protons/neutrons that allow this

    Although Pd 109 soon decays to Ag109..

    Pd107 stays around for a long time.

    once manufactured..