Quantized Inertia, beyond the EM drive

  • Put strong limits on all proposed theories so far assessing electrostatic propulsion: Does a charged high-voltage capacitor produce thrust?

    Charge is a topological effect of magentic flux. It is obvious that two magnetic masses (magnetic flux) can generate a force if these start to synchronize. Needs a bit deeper knowledge of physics - beyond SM..

  • QI is part of plagiarship of original Millgrom's a = Hc formula and ideas about Unruh radiation and cosmological horizons (which Milgrom's quite correctly abandoned himself: Unruh radiation spreads by speed of light, so it cannot act at cosmological horizon distances), part unphysical abstract theory which is close to epicyclic cosmology: it calculates things correctly but from inverted perspective. McCulloch is also frequently lying about incompetency of Millgroms MOND theory and claims it ad-hoced, which actually isn't. So that I perceive Mike McCulloch as a rather controversial person, despite his enthusiasm for anomalies and antigravity physics.

    The EMDrive drag has anything to do with cosmological horizons and much so with Unruh radiation, IMO it has very local origin in quantum vacuum. In dense aether model space-time can be modelled with water surface and after then the EMDrive would behave like botom-less frame floating on the water surface. Could we make this frame moving, when we would make splashing inside it? Apparently not, until only surface ripples will be taken into account. But every surface ripple also generates pressure (scalar sound wave) wave through underwater (additional dimension of water surface), which would pass the frame border and for these waves the forces at the ends of resonator will not be balanced anymore.

    YhYUxBV.gif (447×283)

    Now we must consider that every electromagnetic wave has its scalar counterpart - pressure wave of vacuum. Fortunately the existence of such a waves isn't ad-hoced, for example photons differ from harmonic Maxwell wave just by presence of its scalar massive component. When photon reflect and bounces from obstacle, the scalar wave continues through extradimensions of vacuum and because their flux at both ends of conical resonator differ, they create differential thrust, which drags frame forward.

  • One of explanations - which I consider most close to above hydrodynamic analogy is, that EMDrive expels photons in pairs where the two co-propagate with 180 degree phase difference (i.e. vortex pair). These composite bosons have no net electromagnetic field, and hence they do not reflect back from the resonator’s metal walls, but they escape to surroundings. Paired photons would overcome obstacles in similar way, like Cooper pairs of electrons overcome Josephson junctions. The paired-photon efflux carries momentum, and hence the cavity experiences an equal but opposite reaction. The thrust of an EM drive is the action due to the paired-photon efflux. If we replace paired photons by scalar wave vortex, then this theory becomes analogous to mine one.

    The above theory suggests that EMDrive moves forward by emanating stream of "photon pairs", i.e. scalar waves in opposite direction and this hypothesis can be tested, because these waves would have mechanical effects to another special type of obstacles standing in their path. The scalar waves also dilate space-time a bit like subtle warp field, so that they can be detected by Juday-White's interferometer. We can imagine them like stream of magnetic vortices or turbulence of vacuum, so it's similar to reactive mechanism in which jellyfish propagates through water: the reflection of photon makes magnetic vortex ring in vacuum, the momentum of which pushes EMDrive in opposite direction by reactive force. It means, that EmDrive is not actual reactionless thruster, it is merely a new class of electrogravitic machine.

  • EMDrive is deceivingly simple device for its replicators. The secret of EMDrive drag is in effective conversion of EM wave at the ends of resonator into a EM vortex with polarization by reflection. It requires to have correct shape of resonator (i.e. correct length and conical under Brewster angle), high quality monochromatic microwave radiation, which creates standing waves with nodes at both ends of resonator and their introduction into resonator at correct place, so that they don't cancel mutually or don't return back into source. If someone just connects common magnetron to an enclosed bucket, then it would generate drag just by pure accident, because the phase of waves would change inside it chaotically. IMO only Roger Shawyer can really understand this geometry and he can successfully reproduce his device in this very moment.

  • Common objection is, that photons are massless, so that they cannot generate drag, paired on not. But it applies only to flat unpolarized photon. If we imagine, that inside of polarized photon EM wave must revolve photon path along spiral, then the forward speed of such photon will be much lower, because light velocity limit applies to perimeter of spiral, not to group speed of photon. Polarized photons thus propagate through vacuum much slower than normal ones, i.e. like massive bodies by gauge theory. When two or more polarized photons mutually recombine, then their polarization would cancel each other and their embodied mass will separate from original waves like independently propagating magnetic vortex. The efficiency of EMdrive would therefore depend on efficiency in which A) its waves get polarized during single reflection B) how many times they can get polarized (Q-factor or resonator) C) whether this polarization remains additive during subsequent reflections from both ends of resonator D) how effectively these polarized waves will finally interfere mutually and how well they cancel each other at single spot.

  • The generation of magnetic vortices during recombination of polarized photons could explain at least two esoteric phenomena: mythical N-rays, formed during reflection of X-rays and so-called EVOs, manifesting itself by anomalous tracks during cold fusion. X-rays can reflect from surface only when they impact it under very low angle, during which the supersymmetric particle - scalar wave - also emerges. Phenomenologically this process is very similar to refraction, during which the wave gets separated to a slower wave and faster one. In dense aether model this process occurs at many places once massive particle passes energy density gradient of vacuum: for example massive particle during fall into black holes refracts and separates into tachyon component - dark matter escaping through jet and photon wave forming accretion radiation. EMDrive is also dark matter generator from this perspective.

    https://i.imgur.com/EylTN3g.gif https://i.imgur.com/b2QdGyt.gif

    The second example is even more interesting for cold fusion, because in my theory cold fusion runs within channels formed by collision of long chains of atoms at the same moment. The resulting X-ray bounces from internal orbitals of packed atoms like wave inside of waveguide and it polarizes itself during it. When these X-rays interfere at the end of channel, they would leave it in similar way, like photons inside EMDrive resonator: in form of energetic magnetic vortex, which travels like magnetic monopole along spiral path because cyclotron effect of its own magnetic field.

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    Put strong limits on all proposed theories so far assessing electrostatic propulsion: Does a charged high-voltage capacitor produce thrust?

    Yes it does - but prof. Tajmar seems to ignore, that Bielefeld-Brown effect was based on ASYMMETRIC capacitor (one electrode flat, the second one formed by thin wire) from its very beginning. The randomly chosen ceramic capacitor will not generate any thrust in similar way, like symmetrical, i.e. cylindrical EM-Drive wouldn't work. Whereas I do appreciate that Tajmar is at least doing some experiments, such a kind of ignorant replications (he did similar mistakes at the case of EMDrive which I explained above) does more damage than actual help.


  • The second example is even more interesting for cold fusion, because in my theory cold fusion runs within channels formed by collision of long chains of atoms at the same moment.

    Just could prove in SO(4) physics. If in side a nucleus the flux of 7 or 14 (7 * n) protons does "line up" then the rotation may change its shape from the 7/4 torus "form factor" to 9/8. The energy freed is about 35% of the excess flux > 20MeV!

  • A quick remark, it appeared as an promising amazing effect, small but relevant it seemed..

    A very parallel history with Biberian/Gordon discovery, we could do, i hope not for them..

    I don't even dare to mention the R20 which seems to have made the same course, shining like a flash in the pan and which is extinguished so abruptly.