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    vendor is Kyodo, and you can see the example of nano-imprinter application to nano-structure. I show you nano structure fabrication in this post.

    3D is possible and I am designing semi-3D nano-structure, and the important feature is that convex nano structure can be fabricated with nano-imprinting.

    I am looking for the researcher to verify my proposal so, if you are interested in nano-structure with surface potential control, I hope you will help me.

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  • Another proof for bacterial transmutation.

    Extremly low cost, repetitive and absurdly simple to conduct experiment of transmutation of lighter elements to elemental gold.

    1.Introduction to the discovery

    Modern civilization is increasingly struggling with the lack of readily available deposits of precious metals, and finding cheap and safe sources of clean energy is an even more serious and pressing challenge. If these problems, particularly those relating to energy issues, will not be resolved in this century, civilization may be in existential threat.

    According to currently recognized scientific theories, phenomena such as fusion and transmutation of elements under non-stellar conditions (or under radioactive decay conditions) are not considered to be possible a nd worth testing by most academic community.

    On the basis of repeatedly repeated experiments carried out by our amateur team, carried out under undemanding conditions (confirmed by analytical results), it can be concluded that the transmutation of lighter elements into elemental gold (allotropically in colloidal form) can be obtained.

    At this moment,there is no uniform theory explaining the phenomena occurring in the described experiments.However, some suspicions will be presented later in this description, as a list of hypotheses and theories that, if interpreted together, could provide some explanation and simplify the analysis of the phenomenon.

    One of the most interesting theoretical evidence for the described phenomenon lies in the summation of the atomic number of elements necessary for this type of transmutation to occur, which was determined by the elimination of components as a result of a series of experiments.

    2*1H+8O+ 16S+ 25Mn+ 28Ni= 79Au

    If the reader at this point agrees with such an absurd equation, contradictory to mainstream science, please continue reading. In the text below, a complete description of the experiment is provided, sufficient to empirically prove the above thesis.

    As the reader can easily guess, one of the key substrates in the above process is ordinary water. Most likely, the phenomenon takes place with the participation of bacteria that reduce metal ions, which under the conditions of the prepared mixture regain their old metabolic feature, which is not manifested in the conditions of the modern habitats of these organisms.

    The described process of transmutation was discovered around 2014 by Maciej Zwierzyk, born on January 21, 1988 in Bielsko-Biała, (Poland). A second member of the team joined later. His name is Sławomir Piela, born on August 14, 1988 in Bielsko-Biała, (Poland) who joined to the discoverer of the process after getting acquainted with his hypotheses and observations.

    Analytical tests were carried out by a befriended commercial laboratory.

    1. Materials and method

    Attention! Trials and experiments as described below should only be carried out at your own risk, we are not responsible for the long-term effects of exposure to yet unknown and untested effects and products of biological transmutation.

    -a glass container (in the experiments, a used jar left after food products with a volume of 200 to 500 ml with a cap was successfully used, in the case of choosing another container, the rule must be kept that the vessel must be made of glass)

    -Water (tap water is sufficent,do not boiled)

    -white vinegar

    -balsamic vinegar (use low-priced and low quality product on purpose,its necessarily to be a blends coming from the Modena region in Italy)

    -dishwashing fluid(use low-priced and low quality product on purpose,its should contain a surfractants based on sulphur compounds)

    -fresh vegetable oil(rapessed oil was succesfully used in trials)

    -gasoline(preferable low boiling point fractions blend without additives)

    -kerosene(without additives)

    -elemental nickel source(copper-nickel alloy made coins or nickel dust was used in experiments)Caution! Nickel dust is hazardous and toxic material,avoid inhalation!

    -elemental manganese source(brass alloy containing 1% manganese made coins or liquid sulphur manganese compounds based fertilizers was used in described experiments,its possible to make a trial by using small amounts of potassium permanganate, however, its strong bactericidal properties significantly reduce the chance of success,the manganese steel has not been tested yet)

    -elemental sulphur(well ground, in large excess to the rest of the substrates)

    -sandstones (in the form of several centimeter stones, appropriate specimens in the photos)

    -flints (several pieces of small river pebbles, light-colored specimens, preferably with visible overgrowths of rusty inclusions, examples in the photos)

    -hard ferrite ceramic magnets(ferrite magnets probably based on barium ferrite from old loudspeakers was used in experiments,the shape is irrelevant )

    -iron oxides and iron hydroxides mixed (necessarily in form of natural formed rust,with residual steel after long physical contact with weather conditions)

    Specific order of placing the substrates in a container (surprisingly) does not matter much.In case of using potassium permanganate as manganese source, there may be the oxidation reaction of acetic acid(caution this is exothermic reaction,apply excess vinegar portion after oxidation reaction,add balsamic vinegar in the next step).

    the exact proportions of materials are also not crucial for the initation of the process (the issues of efficiency remain undetermined, further trials and tests are necessary).It can be assumed that the non-polar phase should constitute 1/3 of entire volume of liquid.Mixing ratio for vegetable oil/kerosene/gasoline mixture can be simplifed as 1:1:1 by volume.

    Most likely, the ideal proportion of nickel to manganese is the stoichiometric molar ratio (estimates should be made depending on the sources of these metals used).

    Flint and sandstones should fill the water phase equally.Ceramic ferrite magnet should occupy at least a quarter of the bottom surface of the glass container.

    Nikel-copper Coins or nikel plates should be placed in an amount corresponding to 5-7 cm2 of area of nikel surface per one 500 ml jar.

    In case of use of nikel dust, a thin (less than 1mm) layer at the bottom of the jar that is proportionate to its own dimensions is sufficient.

    After placing all the materials in the container, mix it several times (shaking is sufficent).

    The stones and all other materials should be in contact with the foamed emulsion for several dozen seconds (before the mixture become delaminated).

    The whole process should be carried out at room temperature. The effects of the transmutation begin to be visible after about a week. The container should not be tightly closed, because during the process, gaseous hydrogen sulphide is released from the mixture (it was found after a very intense smell, do not leave the mixture in living quarters).

    3. Results and Conclusions

    The simplest method to facilitate the detection of gold after the process is to use copper-nikel coins or nickel plates as a source of nickel. When the gold color appears on their surface, remove the coins (using tweezers, avoid contact with the skin!) From the mixture, then rinse the coins in a water solution of sodium citrate(a buffer for colloidal gold) . this action will facilitate laboratory tests (it is possible to saturate the solution with more gold nanoparticles, which will simplify detection).

    Manganese compounds also turn a gold-like color, however, analytical tests and an nitric acid test confirm the presence of elemental gold particles that were not present in the mixture before.

    During the transmutation process, changes in the size of the gold nanoparticles are (indirectly) visible on the nickel surface (from red, purple to black in the form of nanowires).

    Some caution should be keep when working with the mixture over 7 days from the start of the process (avoid contact with the skin, use rubber gloves), we have not yet tested all the elements and compounds that may appear as a result of biological transmutation, it can be hypothetically assumed that in addition to elemental gold, there are new elements such as:

    -Iridium 77Ir (characteristic rainbow-like discoloration appears in the mixture, most probably not due to ordinary contact of hyrdcarbon/water phase)

    -Platinum 78Pt(a purely hypothetical assumption, not confirmed by any research)

    -Mercury 80Hg(Its appearance is unlikely to occur, however extra precautions should be taken, but it can be assumed that it will bind to excess sulphur in the mixture)

    During the process,some color changes also in the non-polar phase can be observed, there are small, black particles that reduce optical transparency are made, it is probably some form of alotropic carbon (most likely soot), but one of the more exotic possibilities is the appearance of a fullerene particles formed from hydrocarbon chains after detaching the hydrogen atoms transformed into hydrino particles (explanation of missing neutrons in the equation).

    This is a hypothetical assumption, perhaps by analogy (gold appears in the form of expanding nanoparticles) bacteria synthesize fullerenes in order to take advantage of their unique properties. Experiments carried out in Japan have confirmed the ability to shield the radiation of radioactive elements trapped in fullerene structures. Fullerene particles rotate around their own axes with relativistic velocities, which can cause phenomena in the field of quantum mechanics (e.g. tunneling).

    4.List of theories and hypotheses that may facilitate the explanation of the phenomenon in the described process:

    A. Hydrino Theory:

    -After estimating the number of neutrons, regardless of the istopes present in the natural substrates, the problem of missing neutrons appears in the product of the described transmutation. According to the Hydrino Theory, it is possible to overcome the Coulomb barrier by a hydrogen atom in the isotopic form of protium with an electron with a reduced potential, which increases the probability of tunneling.

    B.Unique properties of water:

    -In recent years, the scientific community has discovered new, previously unpredictable properties of water, e.g. a significant change in physical parameters (mainly in terms of structural differences in hydrogen bonds between molecules) of this unique compound depending on temperature (at ordinary atmospheric pressure). New discoveries force biologists to re-analyze the influence of e.g. the average temperature of the first Earth's oceans on the development of the early known life forms, our team speculates that at a time when mitochondria were still separate organisms, biological processes had a huge impact on the geology and even the elemental composition of the young Earth's surface.

    Our team conducted several other repeatable experiments to confirm this thesis (the results of tests on changes of silica crystalline structures even led to support the hypothesis of reality as a holographic simulation) These experiences will be thoroughly described, provided that if description of the above experiment will results in an influx of many reports of successful replication.

    C. OHMASA gas concept:

    -Increasingly groups of researchers and hobbyists describe research on the electrolysis of water mechanically stimulated to vibrations with the use of ultrasounds of the appropriate spectrum. According to the concept, the gas resulting from such a process is not an ordinary mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. The interaction of the so-called water clusters with the zero point energy (the base vacuum energy, the resulting gas captures part of the potential) would be responsible for the different physical parameters of OHMASA gas. It is possible that the bacteria also use a similar phenomenon in described transmutation process. Several studies conducted by our team showed unusual changes in the properties of water in contact with ferrite magnets after the flow of small currents at the contact of the liquid with the edges of the magnets. The observed phenomena are so unusual that they require separate study after more detailed research that we have not yet conducted, due to their specific nature and difficult conditions. It should be added that in the deep and old geological layers there are deposits of ferrites of biological origin, according to the researchers, these are fossils of bacteria that had endogenous ferrite micro-magnets acting as an additional sense organ.

    D.Mitochondrion as a mini-particle accelerator hypothesis:

    -In the 1960s, there were suggestions in some scientific circles that some sturctures of the bacterial mitochondria can be considered under appropriate conditions as a miniatureparticle accelerator that accelerating hydrogen atoms to synthesize heavier elements. These hypotheses have been somewhat forgotten (as opposed to, for example, the CL Kervran hypothesis) even in the circles of amateur researchers.

    E. Bacterial transmutation:

    -Speculations about bacterial transmutation usually focus on the bacteria that reduce iron ions commonly found in the environment, our team justifies the need for the use of rust in the experiment that was after contact with normal environmental conditions (dust and rains depositing the spores of the appropriate bacteria on the substrate).

    F. Specific structure defects giving the properties of a cold fusion catalyst to iron oxides complexes.

    G. The so-called "Strange Radiation":

    -For several years, independent LENR researchers have reported the observation of the so-called "Strange radiation", which, according to assumptions, would have a sufficient potential to overcome the Coulomb barriers and would allow transmutation phenomena to occur under mild conditions. Our team also observed some anomalies, e.g. in the structures of polymers located a short distance from the places where the described tests were carried out (disturbances in hydrogen bonding turn out to be the key once again). However, we consider "strange radiation" as a phenomenon of a potential, charge and intermediate state between matter and fields, the interactions of which with known matter are very difficult to predict at this point. if the reader is interested in our point of view, we refer to the works of the forgotten Polish inventor, engineer Franciszek Rychnowski. He was probably one of the first professional researchers to come across this phenomenon and analyze it (however, the results of his research in the 1920s exposed him to ostracism from mainstream science).

    5.Motivation of this publication and projected goals:

    As a small, amateur team, we believe in the creativity, determination and ingenuity of the independent research community. For recent years, there has been a significant need to find a simple and repeatable method to prove the existence of phenomena that mainstream science has wrongly forgotten, which has led to a situation in which, despite huge financial expenses, no breakthrough has been made, for example in the field of cheap, safe energy production.

    Hot fusion reactors since decades are anecdotally only ten years from commercial launch.

    Also, the development of new technologies of advanced catalysts and materials is increasingly hampered by the volatile or galloping prices of rare elements and the influence of monopoly states' policies in the markets of some rare raw materials. Without a breakthrough in, for example, solid state physics or the unified field theory, it will not be possible, for example, to develop new types of space travel propulsion systems. Civilization is actually beginning to suffer severely by getting stuck in the use of some outdated technologies, largely due to the over-financial costs and over-sophistication of new but non-breakthrough solutions.

    Our team is really taking into account that in the next three decades a bizarre situation will take place in which, due to the developing space mining, it is possible that certain interest groups will pressure governments and large institutions to introduce prohibitive duties on the import of rare and valuable elements from space to Earth, which could lead to another technological stagnation. The mere recognition and ecceptation by science of the possibility of transmuting of elements under mild conditions should prevent such hypothetical situations into the future and focus research on the right directions.

    All of this, in our opinion, is in the hands of relentless open-minded researchers who want the true grassroots progress of civilization. This is why we want to share our methods.

    If our publication become noticed and properly used by the community of independent experimenters, the only reward that we expect will be to fulfill the request for voluntary support for the foundation we intend to establish in near future. In the current assumption , the main goal of the planned foundation will be to popularize knowledge among oncological patients in our country about the discoveries in the field of a combination of cheap and common drugs, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by massive trials and clinical therapies in Western Europe countries (the combination of Syrosyngopine and Metformin in tretment of lots types of tumors). In Poland, we can now talk about an epidemic of cancer (many people close to us have died in recent years). Unfortunately, this social catastrophe was overshadowed by the more medial Sars CoV 2 virus epidemic, which, moreover, took a huge toll in our country mainly due to the collapse of the health care system. The main reason of which was the many years of cumulative neglect of this field by central authorities. We are currently dealing with a domino effect in the Polish healthcare system.

    Of course, our amateur team want to support the search for solutions that may lead to the breakthrough dreamed by many enthusiasts in the field of cold fusion and transmutation, but it is necessary to recognize our methods and hypotheses in the research community as well as constructive criticism.

    We consider the knowledge we have gathered so far only to be the tip of the iceberg. If we obtain higher technical possibilities, we will surely obtain new, practical information, which we will gladly share in the current open form, which is our conscious choice.

    More informations,including useful photos on https://www.facebook.com/Synesius-Pi-100287698778308

  • One of the most interesting theoretical evidence for the described phenomenon lies in the summation of the atomic number of elements necessary for this type of transmutation to occur, which was determined by the elimination of components as a result of a series of experiments.

    2*1H+8O+ 16S+ 25Mn+ 28Ni= 79Au

    Your phrase is "One of the most interesting theoretical evidence for the described phenomenon lies in the summation of the atomic number of elements necessary for this type of transmutation to occur, which was determined by the elimination of components as a result of a series of experiments ...

    2 * 1H + 8O + 16S + 25Mn + 28Ni = 79Au "It is a deep delusion! Why is this happening? Why do you misunderstand the result? Because such a process as you imagined in nature cannot occur simultaneously ... For a split second - for example, 10 ^ - 10 seconds some process is ahead of another! For example -

    O + S = ???


    Mn + Ni = ???

    In addition, you absolutely do not understand the difference WHAT is an atom and what is the nucleus of an atom ... To get the nucleus of a gold atom, you need nuclear fusions, not atomic ones !!! So your theory is completely wrong !!!

    Ядерный синтез золота

    Фундаментальная ядерная реакция всех установок LENR

    1H1 + e- + [эфир – масса которого равна 1,531me ]→ 0n1

    Далее рассуждения шли по следующему логическому пути – как только появляются нейтроны в системе ( а я напомню, что при электрических разрядах нейтроны фиксировал и Курчатов, и Юткин, и Крымский, и Афанасьев), то возможно получить дейтерий…

    1H1 + 0n11H2 + γ

    1H1 + 1H2 2He3 + γ

    1H2 + 0n11H3 + γ

    1H2 + 1H32Не5

    2Не52Не4 + 0n1

    2Не5 + 0n12Не6

    Эта же реакция шла на заре «зарождения минералов и элементов» на Земле…

    Все ядра гелия - 2He3 , 2He4 , 2Не5 , 2Не6 , являются тривиальными магнитами и по этой причины все ядерные реакции в природе по своей сути являются магнитыми.

    1H3 + 2He43Li7  - стабильный изотоп лития… Так начинается цепочка рождения элементов…

    3Li7 + 2He45B11  - стабильный изотоп бора…

    5B11 + 2He47N15  - стабильный изотоп азота…

    7N15 + 2He49F19  - стабильный изотоп фтора…

    9F19 + 2He411Nа23  - стабильный изотоп натрия…

    11Nа23 + 2He413Al27  - стабильный изотоп алюминия…

    13Al27 + 2He415Р31  - стабильный изотоп фосфора…

    15Р31 + 2He617Cl37  - стабильный изотоп хлора…

    17Cl37 + 2He419К41  - стабильный изотоп калия…

    19К41 + 2He4 21Sc45  - стабильный изотоп скандия…

    21Sc45 + 2He6 23V51  - стабильный изотоп ванадия…

    23V51 + 2He4 25Mn55  - стабильный изотоп марганца…

    25Mn55 + 2He4 27Со59  - стабильный изотоп кобальта…

    27Со59 + 2He6 29Сu65  - стабильный изотоп меди…

    29Сu65  + 2He4 31Ga69  - стабильный изотоп галлия…

    31Ga69  + 2He6 33As75  - стабильный изотоп мышьяка…

    33As75 + 2He4 35Br79  - стабильный изотоп брома…

    35Br79  + 2He6 37Rb85  - стабильный изотоп рубидия…

    37Rb85  + 2He4 39Y89  - стабильный изотоп иттрия…

    39Y89  + 2He4 41Nb93  - стабильный изотоп ниобия…

    41Nb93  + 2He4 43Tc97  - почти стабильный изотоп технеция…у него период полураспада 2,6• 106 лет.

    43Tc97  + 2He6 45Rh103  - стабильный изотоп родия…

    45Rh103 + 2He6 47Ag109  - стабильный изотоп серебра…

    47Ag109 + 2He6 49In115  - почти стабильный изотоп индия, период полураспада 4,41• 1014 лет.

    49In115 + 2He6 51Sb121  - стабильный изотоп сурьмы…

    51Sb121  +  2He6 53I127  - стабильный изотоп йода…

    53I127  + 2He6 55Cs133  - стабильный изотоп цезия…

    55Cs133  + 2He4 57La137  - почти стабильный изотоп лантана, период полураспада 60 тыс. лет.

    57La137  + 2He4 59Pr141  - стабильный изотоп празеодима…

    59Pr141  + 2He6 61Pm147  - радиоактивный изотоп прометия, период полураспада 2,6234 лет…для этого элемента данный изотоп имеет практически максимальную «стабильность»…

    61Pm147  + 2He6 63Eu153  - стабильный изотоп европия…

    63Eu153  + 2He6 65Tb159  - стабильный изотоп тербия…

    65Tb159  + 2He667Ho165  - стабильный изотоп гольмия…

    67Ho165  + 2He4 69Tm169  - стабильный изотоп тулия…

    69Tm169  + 2He6 71Lu175  - стабильный изотоп лютеция…

    71Lu175  + 2He6 73Ta181  - стабильный изотоп тантала…

    73Ta181  + 2He4 75Re185  - стабильный изотоп рения…

    75Re185  + 2He6 77Ir191  - стабильный изотоп иридия…

    77Ir191  + 2He6 79Au197  - стабильный изотоп золота…

    Note !!! In the nitrogen-15 model presented above, I indicated the electrons that are present in the nitrogen-15 atom, but in the synthesis of gold there is only a nucleus and there are no such electrons !!! This is important to understand!

    And the resulting fluorine-19 also lacks electrons !!!

    The nucleus of sodium-23 was synthesized, and there are also no electrons - and so with all nuclei ...

  • Transmutation Experiment to Prove Femto D 2 Model of Cold Fusion

    フェムトD 2の常温核融合モデルを証明 Transmutation Experiment to Prove Femto D 2 Model of Cold Fusion - みんなで常温核融合
    従来の常温核融合炉は、反応部位周辺のD(重水素)濃度が低いため、反応速度が非常に低いという重大な欠点がある。D+のサイズが小さく結晶粒界に留まることができるため、多結晶金属の粒界にDを閉じ込めた常温核反応炉を提案したい。 […]

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