CleanHME Kick-off Meeting presentations:

  • Or to put it more simply in terms of Artificial Intelligence the Playstation 5 now exceeds the computing power of the human brain!

    Good grief! You are font of misinformation. The Playstation 5 does about ~10 teraFlops. (Tflop = 10^12 floating point operations per second). A bumble bee brain does roughly 1 teraFlops. The largest supercomputer in the world does 143 - 200 petaFlops (Summit, at Oak Ridge; different articles list different speeds). The human brain does roughly 10^18 ops (1 exaFlops -- but not flops, really).

  • Dear Shane D. I burst into this site like a "crazy" tornado ... But this is just how it seems to you now that I am a "fool", or I have no mind ..

    Cherepanov2020 , thanks for your contribution and inputs ... new and honest thoughts are always welcome for a productive discussion. I am personally not experienced enough to follow your thoughts (I am an engineer), but there are others here who can match your intelect. I guess you already know.

  • I think it remains interesting to hear theories , models, thinking from others even if it doesn't stick well with own understanding.

    I like reading LF everyday especially when new proposals, things are suggested even if often wrong.

    I would like to avoid a tendency to monotheistic thinking on LF, on the one hand the good, UDH, holmid, Wyttenbach and on the bad side, Rossi, deep electrons classic physic for example.

    Even the great Einstein never imposed his theories, just proposed.

  • If we want to talk theory, it would first be helpful to discuss what kind of observations need to be explained and what kind of predictions would be necessary to verify the theory. In the field of LENR, very few theoreticians spell out the predictions of their model. When did you last read of a novel prediction being verified experimentally?

    30 years ago, it was thought that helium, tritium and neutrons were products, and indeed they were detected. The trouble is:

    1. Helium is a ubiquitous product expected from thousands of nuclear reactions. Detecting it tells us little about the underlying nuclear processes.
    2. If tritium is formed in deuterated systems, then fast 14.1 MeV neutrons are expected (but not observed). But tritium is also detected in natural hydrogen systems (e.g. BARC) but no theory predicts it.
    3. Neutrons are easy to detect by 3He, BF3, gold activation etc. But again, no current theory, AFAIK predicts these neutrons!

    Maybe the detection of tritium and neutrons are an example of confirmation bias. Reexamining long held assumptions might allow theory to move forwards.

  • Quote

    "if tritium is formed in deuterated systems, then fast neutrons with an energy of 14.1 MeV are expected (but not observed)." Let us ask ourselves the main question: what FORCES accelerate a neutron in an atomic reactor up to an energy of 14-15 MeV?

    This is not the question at all. It is an experimental fact that 10+ keV tritons will produce 14.1 MeV neutrons in deuterated media. The force involved is the strong force as any electromagnetic interaction would be 7 orders of magnitude slower (less probable).

  • You should suggest rather to interested members from this thread ( Biberian, Ruer, Valat) to come here to drive personally their thread to display all their deep science to all ..

    Mes amis, comme [user = '619'] WJMFC [/ user] indique correctement que ce fil s'éloigne de son sujet. Je suggère à nouveau à [user = '3491'] Cherepanov2020 [/ user] de créer un fil de discussion pour discuter de ses idées, et je déplacerai les posts pertinents de ce fil là.

    • Official Post

    You should suggest rather to interested members from this thread ( Biberian, Ruer, Valat) to come here to drive personally their thread to display all their deep science to all ..

    I agree that it would be great that our members participating in the CleanMHD project would be more forthcoming, but I am sure they are focused in their research. I hope they feel motivated to come here and comment when they feel is important. However, Cherepanov has indeed hijacked many threads and I have asked him to start his own thread. I don't want to do it for him, but if he continues to delay, I will have to.

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