Ultra-dense hydrogen and Rydberg matter—a more informal general discussion thread

  • sustainable, non harmful technology!

    Florian Metzler persevering with Fe57..

    Tantulum 180.. nuclear excitation for batteries

    he4 + 22Mev >> metastable deuterium????

    theoretical paper in preparation with a Hamiltonian


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  • It would be far more convincing for everyone if he took his aluminium ”muon” detektor, brought it to the Muon source at ISIS or JParc and just got a calibration curve from a known Muon source.

    But he never wanted me or anyone to do that…

    Even a simple coincidence /anticoincidense Muon detector could be used. I know- i did preform those measurments.

  • Thats rubbish Wyttenbach and you know better.

    I saw a picture of his first apparatus. The tube was at least 7 meters long. I don't know what he later used. But Kaons can also be delayed by placing some foils. The problem with this is that you loose a lot of signal.

    Regarding foil calibration. It's all in the book - US army work. But if you have a portable UDH source with a known spectrum then a calibration would be good.

  • Thank you Robert, very interesting, ill add that information in the Neutron article.

  • . 7 m tof tube is not possible in the GU lab, maybe the new one they have now.

    Yes I checked his later publications from 2014 on where he had max 2 meters to the last sensor.

    This explains many strange claims he made as at the beginning the explanation for 7m was clearly given from the K0L live time (51ns) and speed he claimed to be 0.75c. So 7 meter still is a bit low but 0.75c is speculative. I usually tell people (for safety reasons) to measure at about 10 or more meters. Usually charged particles are a smaller problem.

    This also explains the initial spectrum on the Noront home page that I said was a Pion recombination spectrum as calculated from SOP. Such things happen if you catch excited matter prior to decay.

    I also sent him some dissent e-mail about the mu- claims as these should rarely occur from H.

    But of course the K0S live time is much shorter and he still should be able to see halve of the signal. The problem is that his target foil catches Kaons and muons and then the Kaons do convert to the S state and mess up the signal.

    There is very good reason to use a much longer tube! Or much better a separate path for the charged particles!

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