Clean Planet Ltd (Japan) updates

  • No Mizuno is not affiliated with IH. The patent quoted was illegal.

    I’d say it’s more accurate to mention that the validity of the ownership of the application and/or the authorization to file the application is in dispute. Illegal patents are a completely different think.

    Edit to add this link where it explains what would be illegal to patent (or not). Plenty of examples.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • let’s just say that IH was in breach of the contract and the relationship was cancelled for quite a long time now. There is a question as to whether the above quoted patent was filed legally or not but it’s a worthless patent probably not worth fighting over. Interestingly, on one hand IH made a claim to Mizuno that his device did not produce excess heat to avoid paying a large payment to Mizuno yet at the same time filed a patent with the USPTO claiming excess heat! :D Gotta love these people

  • IH claims that the device described in the patent does not produce excess heat? Was this known before?

    Does this mean that IH personnel tested a claimed working apparatus and found it not to be functioning as claimed? Or does it mean that IH personnel attempted to manufacture the device and couldn't get it to work?

  • Just to make readers aware: Clean Planet website has a discrepancy between their Japanese and English webpages.

    E.g. the English webpages indicate there are no vacancies, while the Japanese webpages do indicate vacancies.

    Also, the PR section in Japanese seems more up to date.

    Best way for non-Japanese readers is to use the Google translated view of the Japanese webpages.

  • Or does it mean that IH personnel attempted to manufacture the device and couldn't get it to work?

    Ask Dewey W honorary North Carolinan IHer..

    Esse quam videri

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    RB - you are the same twisty morphy mofo as before.

    Have you ever seen a live lobster samurai sliced and put on a grill? - it lives for several minutes, split in half, until cooked / served in Japan.

    Have you ever seen a live prawn put on a grill and have it try to get away until if falls over and quivers until served in Japan?

    Both are delicious to quote your good friend.

    We in the south can hold a clean bead and the food we bring home doesn't suffer.

  • Sometimes the dirty players win...

    I am sorry that I do not understand the background Clean planet and Mizno.

    >Since Mizuno is also affiliated with Industrial Heat, I would not be surprised if IH is also involved in this suggested conflict.

    >See also this patent application with IH as current assignee and Tadahiko Mizuno as inventor.

    I read the patent in US but I do not think that tit is important.

    I think Clean-planet 's way is reasonably good.

    Patent needs the physical mechanism if it is invention.

    But Cold Fusion patent has no explanation about invention, so the almost all of the patent is meaningless and has no regal effects.

    , What happened between them??????

  • Thanks I will wait for that info.

    I am looking for the supporter to develop my invention but I decided to wait for such information for CP.

    BTW I hope you read my invention and proposition to new metal plate structure .

    it will work and improve the efficiency and this can be applicable to your reactor hopefully.

  • Americans are all never stupid especially then business is involved.

    They are not going to buy things that don't work, or only a little business potential.

    My good information tells me that Mizuno is above all a lot of comm, the results are not so famous but they do exist.

    That IH is rushing to buy or try to buy even not mature Lenr technologies is strange.

    As an explanation, I will see that the fossil energies lobby which drives IH. Its target would be only to slow down the Lenr as long as possible.

  • I read Japanese patent by CP nad they never mentioned the mechanism but they told that hydrogen move through hydrogen storage metal can create the excess energy and that schematic is showing this mechanism????

    Tey used the wire electrode like FPE and so they have not understand the mechanism of FPE just mimicking FP experimental setting.