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  • Again it is very important to understand the real mechanism of Cold Fusion.

    So I think they must read my report.

    Could you send my report link to Iwamura.

    I sent this but they ignore my report and it is waste of time.

    I attended the ICCF-23 but the discussion and invention were not based on the real cold fusion mechanism and I was

    really disappointed. They must read my report.…6756_Kodama-LENR-20210412

    Nano-film is promising to maximize the D supply from the backside of the metal surface.

  • So I think they must read my report.

    Could you send my report link to Iwamura.

    I sent this but they ignore my report and it is waste of time.

    Many, if not most LENR researchers are either members of the forum, or check in as guests. Therefore, I would think your theory has been looked at by at east a few of them, so you came to the right place to be seen.

    If no one finds it plausible enough to comment, or contact you, there is little else we can do. Sorry. All I can say is to keep at it, and maybe you will convince someone. I will give you credit for perseverence. Good luck.

  • Kodama San is a great guy, very clever and highly skilled, also a little crazy like me however possesses also the ability to "think different"..

    Here is the Research Gate Archive and this will be published in innovative science and technology soon, and I sent this info to Iwamura via Kasagi.

    Note that D2O absorb the moisture from air so D2O contains H2O and this H cause the creation of di-neutron. And they use the thin Pd film and D diffuse through that film and This is very important to maximize the excess heat but they have not understood this mechanism and so the patent will be rejected. But this technique is a kind of innovation and so I am sending info to a few venture company to develop my invention in my report, and if you are interested in the development, I will license to you.

    Please send gmail to me

    [email protected]…6756_Kodama-LENR-20210412

    I sent this link to Jean-Paul Biberian Larry Forsley Pamela Mosier Global Energy Corporation.


    CP got patent in Japan.

    I think that this patent is very important because it increase the excess heat generation drastically as I explained in the below figure.

    I sent this info to Iwamura but he did not understand the importance of this invention.

    Note that CP invention below and they do not understand the mechanism of invention so it is not the invention strictly speaking.

    But the feature is that D can supply from the backside through the very thin metal to the reaction surface on the front side.

    Because the most researcher made light of CP patent, so I explain again about this.

    The advantage is that D supply from the backside can eject 4He ash at the surface T site.

    But the most important invention of mine is to control the surface metal potential and backside metal potential.

    My patent is pending but CP patent is Prior patent,

    but mine is by far better because I explain the mechanism

    and I control both front-side and backside metal potential.(Fig18,Fig19)

    Front-side is for Cold Fusion and backside is for prevention of Cold fusion and increase the D supply due to the electrolysis condition.

    Cause of very high excess heat can be

    (1) D supply speed faster through very thin Ni layer(Fig17)

    (2) Backside D supply can eject 4He ash at surface T site.…6756_Kodama-LENR-20210412