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    TerraPraxis and Japan NRG: Delivering Low Cost, Large Scale Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels for Japan

    On International Women’s Day, join our distinguished partners at TerraPraxis and Japan NRG for the online launch of the Japanese edition of the report: "Missing Link to a Livable Climate: How Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels Can Help Deliver the Paris Goals"

    The virtual event will give insights on:

    * Hydrogen-enabled fuels as the missing link to a livable climate

    * Hydrogen cost drivers

    * Re-deploying oil and gas capability for clean hydrogen / synfuels production

    * Cost reduction from shipyard manufacturing

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  • Cost reduction from shipyard manufacturing

    floating LWRs .. maybe there is hope for Merseyside .and other rusty shipyards

    .employment creation??

    you can create a lot for 17 trillion $?


    somehow I don't think LWRs are the missing link.

    laundering Uranium fission Mev energy to "Clean Heat" chemical hydrogen (eVs) is dinosaur thinking

    why not just develop deuterium fusion Mevs as the energy currency?

    (without the ITER tritium..

  • We need to look at the geology and think about how to make new energy. It is necessary to create energy based on ball lightning under the ground, so the planet Earth is arranged!!!

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • laundering Uranium fission Mev energy to "Clean Heat" chemical hydrogen (eVs) is dinosaur thinking

    Carl (brother of Larry) is a friend of LENR, and a backer/sponsor of Brillouin Energy.

    About us

    We founded TerraPraxis to design and implement strategies that leverage science, technology and energy innovation for a prosperous planet. Our special focus is on enabling high-impact rapid transitions for neglected parts of the decarbonization challenge. Through a combination of rigorous, credible analysis, relationships of trust, and values alignment with key influencers we map transformative solutions into the uncharted territory of decarbonisation that are otherwise absent from the discourse.


    advanced heat sources

    innovation for climate decarbonisation

    new energy technologies

    Headquarters London

    Company size 2-10


    Industry Environmental Services

    Carl Page is more than backer, he is on the board of directors and an advisor to Brillouin Energy. He is also a founding member of the Anthropocene Institute.

    Note: This thread was started before we had the following information.

    We now know his brother is developing advanced CMNS energy technologies with the US Department of Energy at LLNL, along with many other advanced nano tech University labs that are under contract to help these two Google brothers bring cold fusion to market.

    Are Carl and Larry helping each other? Do they have all the help they need from leaders in the field of CMNS and related arts of science? Do they have all the other data analysis and financial capabilities needed?

    Yes... Certainly.

    Why wouldn't they?

    Certainly the primary project and goal of the Anthropocene Institute is cold fusion to market rapidly replacing other energy industries ending grid dependencies while energizing independence from wood/charcoal fuel use.(deforestation desertification)

    TerraPraxis fits in this equation.

    So does new nuclear.

    So does team GEC.

    So does Clean Planet.

    In one of the latest report from AI, they promote new nuclear power reasoning its importance in battling dirty carbon.

    The GEC GeNie reactor transmutes nuclear waste to benign elements while delivering process heat to power the electrical turbines.

    This is 'new nuclear' CMNS LENR Transmutation energy technology that solves the high level radioactive waste problem and that ENDS the present day nuclear fuel mining/production cycle.

    Does Clean Planet work with these US teams?

    Most likely...

    It's hard to tell for certain at this time. Evidence points to this though. .

    My supposition...

    The Anthropocene Institute sponsorship of ICCF24, in the Silicon Valley of the Google brothers, and the new 'Solid State Energy Summit' will help us understand how the nascent London based hydrogen catalyst company, TerraPraxis fits into the Anthropocene Institute and the Paige brothers bigger picture

    Soon I'm sure I suppose...

  • Well Gregory Byron Goble i would know if you can highlight my curiousity by explaining the relation between these all major actors especially these 3.

    Rossi to DOE DOD to Google ????????

    Uncle Sam can smoke out the entire world, but not me..

  • Follow the Rossi bouncing ball.

    A distraction perhaps orchestrated with or without agreements made by Leonardo Corporation with the nuclear DoD branch of the DoE,

    like I have said many times since the Guam fiasco, perhaps but certainly not unlikely.

    Rossi to DOE DOD to Google ????????


    This provides another pointer to my supposition that Rossi has been cooperating with national security concerns in the US in exchange for access to research data, development avenues to explore and market entry assistance and a recognized place in history...

    Like Oppenheimer. HA off the top of my head with that last bit. Sorry

  • Remember i highlighted here less than one year a DOD DOE patent exactly copy pasted from a former one of Rossi...

    You have to know the only US guy in which i trust was IKE because first of all was useful for my country and wasn't blinded by your military industrial complex..

    This is why i consider Google only as a giant funnel to suck ideas from others..

  • Cydonia Yes I remember...

    The outcome

    From your efforts and all others like the MFMP,

    including or in spite of the DoD, NASA, GEC, Google and the DoE... or Rossi...

    The rosy outcome

    Might be rapid deployment of CMNS energy technologies into every sector of the energy market...

    Which will grow exponentially as we advance into space... As we no longer work in unheated warehouses like the ones I have endured on a winter day. As we bring energy to neglected humanity.

    As we clean up our game...

  • should be more involved in LENR

    The DCVC cofounder has a degree in environmental science in 1998

    Perhaps LENR is both environmental and saleable to VC

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  • it seems the former LENR responsible Matt Trevithick left Google.

    Lack of results, end of subsidies ?

    Or more positively, he joined this new company DCVC because should be more involved in LENR ?

    We heard last week that Trevithick was changing jobs. Not positive it is with DCVC however, as the message he sent said he is a: "Deep Tech Investor at DCVC". DCVC is a well funded venture capital seed company in the Silicon Valley that profits from taking their successful high tech investments public. They named their business approach "Deep Tech". So either he could be working for them now, or is merely a new investor in the company.

    DCVC's mission statement:


    "For over twenty years, DCVC and its principals have backed brilliant entrepreneurs applying Deep Tech, from the earliest stage and beyond, to pragmatically and cost-effectively tackle previously unsolvable problems in nearly every industry, especially those that haven’t seen material technological progress in decades. Together, we have created tens of billions of dollars of value while also making the world a markedly better place."

    ...and we all know LENR fits the description "especially those that haven't seen material technological progress in decades" :) , so if Trevithick is with them now, there could be some connection to his role leading Team Google (Project Charleston).

    Anyone know anything more about this?

    PS: for those confused with all the names and why Trevithick is mentioned here in the Anthropocene thread...Trevithick worked for Google, Carl Page is the founder of The Anthropocene Institute, and he is the brother of Googles co-founder Larry Page.

  • Thanks to Ahlfors for confirming for the forum that Matt Trevithick is now a partner at DCVC. Is this LENR related, or suggest that maybe Team Google uncovered more than what was revealed?...I doubt it. :)

    Probably just a normal career change, but never know.

  • Hard to believe it bodes well for Project Charleston. And hard to believe that that kind of effort is possible inside a VC firm.

    If Project Charles is still ongoing, and funded...maybe. But we do not know if it is. I know the independent labs participating in, and funded by Google, are still putting out papers that appear related.