BREAKING: Muon g-2 Experiment shows that Muons not behaving like standard model of physics proposes?

  • Proof of new physics from the muon's magnetic moment? Maybe not, according to a new theoretical calculation The trick is, computation methods develop at least as fast as instrumentation of colliders. So that what did look like anomaly in simplistic models before twenty years may not look so anomalous today, when many computationally demanding corrections can be taken into account with using of powerful computers.

  • Nice to learn recent evolvements in this way but what 's about links between Lenr and Muons ??

    1. Future muon g-2 measurements could provide an important confirmation of Mills' GUT-CP (as per Stefan's post).

    2. Muons in general are an important element of Holmlid's work, who aims to efficiently produce muons for true cold fusion.

  • Muon2 Expt shows only 4.2 sigma discrepancy with Standard model..

    5 sigma

    may be just round the corner ....or a decade away

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    but before that perhaps Standard Modellers using QCD can do better calculations

    of the proton/neutron mass.

    the best QCD can do after almost 50 years is 3%..accuracy

    3% of 938 Mev is about 30 Mev..

    3% doesn't sound like much but

    its difficult to sort out what's happening in fusion when

    the error in your calculations is over 4 times the energy yield..

    4H----> He + ~27 Mev

  • Quote

    but before that perhaps Standard Modellers using QCD can do better calculations of the proton/neutron mass

    These better calculations may actually wipe out many anomalies once they involve effects which are already behind muon-g2 discrepancies (Lamb shifts caused with cassimir vacuum and virtual quark field around muons). This is just a problem with epicycle based approach to theoretical physics: once you start with it, then you may never know, where to stop with it. The proton radius puzzle has similar development.

  • Interesting muons...

    "Muon-catalyzed fusion on thin-atmosphere planets or moons using cosmic rays for muon generations"

    Does this shed light on the advanced PineScie LENR working theory? This patent was filed by Jerome Drexler and is cited by the PineScie/NASA 2016 patent ((Navy/GEC/NASA GRC Lattice Confinenent Fusion et al).

    Vladimir Pines is an expert in this field of study.

    Inventions by Jerome Drexler