ICCF23 open discussion

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  • I just received the e-mail from the ICCF23 facilitators sent to the attendees.

    It contains a handy booklet that holds all the abstracts.

    A few are still missing unfortunately (Google team, Sveinn Olafsson).

    While scanning through the abstracts it's hard to see some 'red lines' of commonalities.

    There are a big number of different approaches and announced insights.

    This shows LENR is still very far from mainstream implementations and acceptation.

    It is very positive to see so many groups and individuals performing research on LENR.

    The numbers are clearly increasing.

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    Presentation IDTitle>td >Abstract /PresentationPresenter
    ICCF23-PL-01A perspective from the Google groupMaterial StudiesTo be continuedMatthew D. Trevithick
    ICCF23-PL-02Ternary hydridesMaterial StudiesAbstractPing Chen
    ICCF23-PL-03Progress in Energy Generation Research using Nano-Metal with Hydrogen/Deuterium GasHeat ProductionAbstractYasuhiro Iwamura
    ICCF23-PL-04Progress in Nano-Metal Hydrogen EnergyHeat ProductionAbstractAkito Takahashi
    ICCF23-PL-05Conventional Fusion in an Unconventional PlaceRadiation and Other MeasurementsAbstractLawrence P. Forsley
    ICCF23-PL-06Some Novel Analytical Techniques Applied to LENR Active MaterialsMaterial StudiesAbstractFrancis Tanzella
    ICCF23-PL-07Huge Variety of Nuclides that Arise in the LENR Processes. Attempt at ExplanationTransmutationsAbstractAlex G. Parkhomov
    ICCF23-PL-08Recent progress on phonon-nuclear theoretical models>td >AbstractPeter L. Hagelstein
    ICCF23-PL-09>td >td >AbstractEdmund Storms
    ICCF23-PL-10Experimental setup for studying Rydberg matter of Hydrogen>td >To be continuedSveinn Ólafsson

    Invited Presentation:

    Presentation IDTitle>td >Abstract /PresentationPresenter
    ICCF23-I-01Progress towards replication; revisitedApproaches to ReplicationAbstractMichael McKubre
    ICCF23-I-02A Lattice Energy Converter>td >AbstractFrank Gordon
    ICCF23-I-03Direct measurement confirming Generation of Excess HeatHeat ProductionAbstractPrahlada Ramarao
    ICCF23-I-04Ultr-high Density Cluster Enabled LENRHeat ProductionAbstractGeorge Miley
    ICCF23-I-05Clean Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Systems(CleanHME)Approaches to ReplicationAbstractKonrad Czerski
    ICCF23-I-06Plasmonic Condensed Matter Nuclear FusionMaterial StudiesAbstractKatsuaki Tanabe
    ICCF23-I-07Laser induced transmutation in palladium thin films in hydrogen atmosphereTransmutationsAbstractJean-Paul Biberian
    ICCF23-I-08Electrodeposition of Hydrogen Adatoms on GrapheneElectrochemical ExperimentsAbstractDong-Ping Zhan
    ICCF23-I-09Hydrogen isotope separation through two-dimensional crystalsMaterial StudiesAbstractSheng Hu
    ICCF23-I-10Input Stimuli and Output Signals in LENR ExperimentsRadiation and Other MeasurementsAbstractDavid Nagel
    ICCF23-I-11Review of Cavitation Induced EffectsRadiation and Other MeasurementsAbstractRoger S. Stringham
    ICCF23-I-12Early Excess Power Using NRL Pd-B CathodesHeat ProductionAbstractMelvin H. Miles
    ICCF23-I-13Excess heats in a Pd(Pt)-LiOD+D2O reflux open-electrolytic cell Electrochemical ExperimentsAbstractWu-Shou Zhang
    ICCF23-I-14Electromagnetic excitation of coaxially-coiled Constantan wires by high-power, high-voltage, microsecond pulsesMaterial StudiesAbstractFrancesco Celani
    ICCF23-I-15Decay-Instability of Transmutated Chemical Elements Obtained in LENR ExperimentTransmutationsAbstractAnatoly Klimov
    ICCF23-I-16CF/LANR Excess Heat Activates Shape Memory AlloysHeat ProductionAbstractMitchell R. Swartz
    ICCF23-I-17Radiant calorimetry of excess heat production in NiCu multilayer foil with hydrogen gasRadiation and Other MeasurementsAbstractJirohta Kasagi
    ICCF23-I-18>td >td >AbstractN. L. Bowen
    ICCF23-I-19A role for relativity in Cold Fusion>td >AbstractAndrew Meulenberg
    ICCF23-I-20Abnormal enhancement of nuclear reaction in extreme environments studied by ion beam experimentsBeam ExperimentsTo be continuedTie-Shan Wang
    ICCF23-I-21Can the collective emission of the excited surface phonon trigger low-energy nuclear reactions?>td >AbstractSong-Yuan Ding
    ICCF23-I-22Excess Energy from Heat-Exchange SystemsTransmutationsAbstractBin-Juine Huang

    Oral Presentation:

    Presentation IDTitle>td >Abstract /PresentationPresenter
    ICCF23-O-01Long Term Anomalous Heat from 9 nm Pd Nanoparticles in an Electrochemical CellHeat ProductionAbstractGraham Hubler
    ICCF23-O-02Temperature and pressure dependence of anomalous heat generation occurring in hydrogen gas absorption by metal powderHot Gas ExperimentsAbstractTomotaka Kobayashi
    ICCF23-O-03Progress of Reproducing the Mizuno’s Experiment in QiuRan LabHeat ProductionAbstractHang Zhang
    ICCF23-O-04>td >td >AbstractJohannes Kaal
    ICCF23-O-05Nuclear transmutations are better facilitated by alloys over pure metal cathodes in electrolysis.Electrochemical ExperimentsAbstractAnkit Kumar
    ICCF23-O-06Artificial radioactivity in the nonequlibrium plasma of the glow discharge in Pd-D and Ni-H from the point of view of nuclear-chemical reactionsTransmutationsAbstractIrina Savvatimova
    ICCF23-O-07Where and How LENR OccurApproaches to ReplicationAbstractDavid Nagel
    ICCF23-O-08Phonon Assisted Fusion>td >AbstractS Dana Seccombe
    ICCF23-O-09Correlated quantum states in LENR: first exciting results from an experimental testBeam ExperimentsAbstractSergio Bartalucci
    ICCF23-O-10LENR Solution of the Cosmological Lithium ProblemTransmutationsAbstractVladimir Vysotskii
    ICCF23-O-11Abnormal absorption of hydrogen in nickel at ambient temperature with associated emission of neutronsRadiation and Other MeasurementsAbstractUbaldo Mastromatteo
    ICCF23-O-12Atomic Nuclei Binding Energy Similarities between Binding Energy Values of Chemical Elements : Example of Nickel and CopperModeling and SimulationAbstractPhilippe Hatt
    ICCF23-O-13Error Analysis in D(H)/Pd Gas-loading SystemHeat ProductionAbstractXing-Ye Wang
    ICCF23-O-14Spectro-electrochemical characterization of ultra-thin film of Pd-H/D single-crystal electrode and Au@Pd nanoparticlesMaterial StudiesAbstractZhong-Qun Tian

    3-Min Poster:(Click Here)

  • Alan Smith

    Changed the title of the thread from “Reminder: ICCF23 starts June 8 (or June 9)” to “Reminder: ICCF23 starts June 8 (or June 9 in China)”.
  • This is way easier than flying to China!

    50 participants on line now. Some number in auditorium as well.

    I think they said 400 people signed up! Many young people & students from China.

    8:50 EDT 100 people on line.

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    Check your email.

    Thanks Ruby. I got your email and was able to check in. Not sure why I did not receive an invite. Enjoyed watching Trevithick. A very gifted speaker, as one would expect for someone in his position.

    LF collaborated with he and his Team Google Team Google wants your opinion: "What is the highest priority experiment the LENR community wants to see conducted?" ....but the LENR community was unable to deliver.

    In today's presentation, he again asked for the community to give their team some direction going forward with an experiment that will be reasonably repeatable by the next ICCF. Will that happen? He also asked what is the definition of "proven"...something he and I discussed while communicating on that thread.

    Trevithick and his team are obviously sincere, and hopeful that LENR is the answer to our future power needs, or he would not have wasted his time today.

    BTW. I found it interesting to see who some of today's participants were. Some of the old, and I mean old guard. Like a who's-who of LENR. Good sign.

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    Just got a chance of watching a few minutes of the inauguration speech while stuck in a bottle neck, and my phone went out of battery and did not have a charger on me. Was surprised to see Michael Clarage (SAFIRE) and Dennis Bushnell (NASA) among the attendees.

    Now just got out off the shower and too sleepy to try keep watching anything.

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