What is the current state of LENR?

  • perhaps nuclear isomers can be made more easily by LENR..

    Thanks for the paper...

    Fascinating certainly similar... perhaps another related art of CMNS. Worthy of a double read for a layman like me... even I gleaned some new and also reinforced understanding.

    Thermal gradients control and focal points/paths through the lattice, still interest me...

    Also superconductivity... same same. Do electrons get accelerated to near light speed?

    Consider many metals to be included in the constructed lattice. Not just two or three or four...

    Engineering energy sequensies into the lattice structure for specific lattice effects placed as required.

    So many to consider.

    Like this Mo analog.

    Lithium molybdenum purple bronze is quite different than the sodium, potassium and thallium analogs. It has a three-dimensional crystal structure, but a pseudo-one-dimensional (1D) metallic character, eventually becoming a superconductor at about 2 K. Its properties are most spectacular below 5 meV. The Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid theory has been invoked to explain its anomalous behavior. wikipedia

  • Edo I'm told there is a review of your book in 'Nexus' magazine, and also some comments about cold fusion.

    extract from an email...

    "We poped into WHSmiths to pick up a paper before going for a coffee and seeing NEXUS magazine bought it too. Under science news page 42-48 there is an article on the structured atom model, 2 pictures from SAFIRE and mentions LENR."

    TY for making me aware. I knew this was going to happen (review) but not that quick :)

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  • What is the current state of LENR?

    We all know the field is rapidly advancing. Solid State Energy, a new term... Yet solid state fusion has been discussed in CMNS literature since early on. It looks like ICCF - 24 and the "Solid State Energy Summit" will bring us exciting news and developments.

    Then there is this deplorable out of date representation in the New Yorker.

    The author and editor could have at least Googled

    "Department of Energy Cold Fusion 2021" and found...

    Results for department of energy cold fusion 2021 (without quotes):

    Better yet, they could have googled:

    "Google Cold Fusion 2021"...

    Results for Google Cold Fusion 2021(without quotes):

    They would have found this which is now right next to their article.

    Ironic yet apropos...

    Interesting finds


    Whether Cold Fusion or Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions, U.S. Navy Researchers Reopen Case IEEE Spectrum·Mar '21


    Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change? The New Yorker·Oct '21

    Published in the print edition of the October 11, 2021, issue, with the headline “Green Dream.”

    "Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change?" By Rivka Galchen

    4October21 New Yorker Magazine

    Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change?
    Amid an escalating crisis, the power source offers a dream—or a pipe dream—of limitless clean energy.

    Quote the article...

    Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, convinced the public that they had produced nuclear fusion at room temperature, in what looked like a jar with a little mixer stick in it. They announced their results in a press conference before they published their data or methods.


    When Pons and Fleischmann finally published a paper, they were suspected of having fudged their data. No one was able to reliably reproduce their results. - end quotes

    gbgoblenote- New Yorker Magazine paid to have this well written, competently researched and up to date 'fusion' article put together and printed.

    They should not have even mentioned 'cold fusion' in the article without bringing themselves up to date, do a bit of due diligence.

    Terribly ignorant for not doing so.

    Overall, I enjoyed the article...

    This quote seems specifically relevant to the present state of LENR even though Cowley is speaking about the Wright Brothers nexus in science.

    Quote the article

    ...in Eddington’s fusion paper, that there is something to be said for Icarus. “My feeling is that there’s still an idea that we haven’t had yet, and that once we have it we’ll think what fools we were not to have had it earlier,”

    Cowley said. “But the Wright brothers weren’t like me. They weren’t scientists in a lab—they were mechanically minded people who had some new ideas but also who had some...

    ...luck on their side in terms of other technologies that came of age at the right time. - end quotes

    ...Same Same...