RIP Dr Hiroo Numata

  • Spotted by JedRothwell

    I am sorry to report that Dr, Hiroo Numata died 0n October the 2nd 2021, Doctor of Engineering and affiliated with Tokyo Tech for most jf not all his career. Despite not being the best known name in the LENR field, he was a prolific researcher in the fields of corrosion chemistry, metallurgy, and molten salt electrolysis. He presented at ICCF-12 and also at a half-dozen Japanese cold fusion society conferences. The formidable list of his publications- with links is below.

    HIROO NUMATA Publication List | Tokyo Tech Research Repository (T2R2)

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    I did create a 'Who's Who (attached) list with the intention of keeping it up to date with 'births and deaths', but I have been too busy (and still am) to maintain it. I did hope that somebody else would pick up the task, and created a thread about it but there were AFAIK no results from that. Could you do it?

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    The original document.

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