Brazil Joins the party- a survey of the LENR field.

  • Preliminary survey on cold fusion: It’s not pathological science and may require revision of nuclear theory.

    Freire Luciano Ondir,, Andrade Delvonei Alves de Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares (IPEN-CNEN/SP), Nuclear Engineering Center, São Paulo, Brazil


    Since 1989 the announcement of “cold fusion” by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishmann, “cold fusion” field has been surrounded by controversy. After three decades, this field is alive and has produced thousands of publications, most in dedicated periodic and conferences. This work aims at checking whether “cold fusion” fits in pathological science traits.

    For each type of experiment and year, this work counted the distinct research groups results (success or failure). Experimental results from many research groups suggest that nuclear reactions in solids are more complex than fusion (it is not only fusion) and that they need energy triggers like background radiation, meaning chemical configurations alone do not seem to generate nuclear reactions. Some types of experiments present rising trends (the field does not fit in pathological science model) and have potential to bring disruptive technologies. If confirmed, experimental results will require revisions of accepted nuclear models.

    Brazil 2021 paper.pdf

  • The indications against the "REACTION" having a nuclear origen is the issue that no nuclear or particle radiation is ever detected. Also all reaction products and transmutation is stable. No one has ever produced or even attempted a theory that explains the nuclear origin of the radiationless nuclear reaction.

    The inventor of a working EVO reactor properly describes the theory that others improperly ascribe to LENR.

    Methods and systems for generating high energy photons or quantum energy

    Inventor Kiril B. Chukanov

    2. Background of the Invention

    The naturally occurring phenomenon known as ball lightning remains one of the greatest mysteries in the field of electromagnetism. Despite enormous contemporary advancements into the micro-universe (i.e. the fundamentals of the structure of atoms, nuclei, elementary particles, structure of the universe, etc.), ball lightning remains largely undiscovered, although there has been significant interest in this phenomenon by numerous researchers and scientists.

    Despite the deficiencies found within the prior art, significant advantages would be realized from the generation or production of energy from an object possessing similar properties and characteristics as those believed to be found in ball lightning. This object, referred to as a “quantum macro object” (aka EVO) for purposes of this description, is taught herein. Although the object is believed to be “artificial” ball lightning, any later significant advances made on ball lightning that distinguish the described quantum macro object away from ball lightning are not to be considered limiting as it would still be advantageous to be able to generate energy from an object possessing such unique properties and characteristics as those found in the quantum macro object as described and taught herein despite whether it is actually artificially reproduced ball lightning or some other phenomenon.

  • This patent application has been filed 20 year ago.

    If theory and working reactor would be successful one would expect commercial products by now.

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