The Long Awaited Dec 9th 2021 Ecat SKLed and SKLep Presentation Thread

  • The good news is Rossi,BLP,and

    Brillouin all seem to be close to

    having a product to Market.

    Safire working on and maybe others.

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  • Compared to Rossi's $10M from (IH ... from which he repaid all previous investors who cashed in).

    No idea how much the various „free energy“ gurus of this world have cashed in (for themselves, for associates etc.)... Don’t know who scores best on such a ranking.

    But what I do know: In my eyes the e-cat story is the most ridiculous farce that I have monitored.

    And most amazing for me was to see that not only complete morons felt for it, but also people from whom one would assume that they should know better.

  • S.K. Is attached to a great invention

    is the way I look at it.

    Anyway no matter how it goes down he is still is an impressive Man.


    You know this label, created by AR, attached onto the Doral (fake plant), full of typos?

    If it was my name, my workplace, I would have been embarrassed by this "piece of art".

    SK ist dead, he can not complain.

    Do you get the point?

  • Show me your 250 kW boiler, please?

    Anybody else have something besides a few Watt curiosity that functions on a lab bench? Bueller?

  • Just in time the magician finishes saying that he already has an “architect” to study the plastic box :D :D :D , a puppet appears and the magician hastens to define him as an architect. Ridiculous,

    This SKam is good for idiots an minions.

  • This is i think the first 2022 good remark..

    Even if you have a few watt device with COP 10, it should not be so easy as you expect to find investors.

    If i compare with batteries some of them already reached performances far higher than the current lithium/ion.

    However we can't market them yet because both with their higher performance, are not able of same efficiency considering loading cycles or their need of a too high running temperature.

    In few words behind the pure performance we should consider the entire parameters for a device to consider it relevant or not...

    Anybody with few Watt system with COP > 10 that reliably functions on a lab bench ... can probably get a billion dollars in funding.

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