The Long Awaited Dec 9th 2021 Ecat SKLed and SKLep Presentation Thread

  • Bottom line :

    I'll keep my orders for two SKled (one DC, one AC) even if it under-performs. The thread on SKled testing has been closed, in agreement with the mods

    I'll order one SKlep (DC/DC). I have everything I need to do initial tests if it is ever delivered. I'd probably also order a heating version.

  • Frank Comments.


    I was there during the filming and before and after. He had everything set up the way he wanted it, and that was that. I think he believes he showed enough to demonstrate why people should want to order it. He may be right, he may be wrong. I doubt very much that he will be giving up. He said today was the beginning of the fight. I am interested to see how it all goes from here.


    1. When it comes to the Ecat he is immovable. In all other areas, I found him easy to work with, and a pleasure to be around.

    2. He does listen to suggestions and I think he considers them, but he weighs everything against what he considers to be the best interest of his project.

    3. I did not meet any PR person, or anyone else of his team for that matter.

    My personal impression is that he knows he has something very important, and he is as silent as the grave when it comes to things he considers confidential. And the reason for this is that (and he told me this), He knows it will be copied as soon as it is released out of his control. This, in my opinion, is the reason for the 1 million threshold.

  • Bottom line :

    I'll keep my orders for two SKled (one DC, one AC) even if it under-performs. The thread on SKled testing has been closed, in agreement with the mods

    I'll order one SKlep (DC/DC). I have everything I need to do initial tests if it is ever delivered. I'd probably also order a heating version.

    And I have no doubt that if you receive these, you will do outstanding tests and report the numbers as they are. For those new to the forum, AF has a solid track record of physically testing stuff rather than merely pontificating about stuff.

  • The same nonsense for 11 years.

  • OK, well I've just read through this.

    The demo was underwhelming, and not as much fun as his earlier ones.

    Seems like even the ECWers don't think it proves anything?

    One interesting lacuna, not otherwise commented here.

    The one phase power meter (I could not work out which it was, or its spec, it seems VERY basic) was showing 244V and 0.02A, and also 0.7W

    Now, with a resistive load and RMS measurement 244V and 0.02A would be 4.9W. But the 0.02A was using the LSD of the equipment so that would be +/-0.005 or maybe more - that gives us nearly a 100% error just because he has lack of resolution in his current measurement. He is probably using a power meter designed for much higher powers at a lower than spec current.

    So there is something weird about this measurement. If it is a true ac power meter then it shows that the 4.8W of power is 80% reactive power (out of phase). That is weird and would also for most power meters be a condition where they are not specified for high accuracy (or maybe even any accuracy).

    Since 244V looks like mains voltage this seems likely to me.

    Or, the measurements could be average voltage and current, in which case we have no true power measurement at all - but in that case what is the power shown? It does not compute.

    It makes no sense - and Rossi has told us that connecting the ecat does not alter those readings so I strongly expect he has got his power meter set up measuring something quite different from ac input power, or so below its operating range that it cannot measure anything.

    That level of illiteracy when it comes to electrical measurement is typical for Rossi - you would have thought he would have learnt from previous issues...

    So, from my POV, as for as power in measurement goes it is GIGO. Even if we discount the extra power going into the so-called "AI".

    For the rest of it - I cannot see anything that shows he has anything different from a decent LED lamp? $250 seems a lot to pay for one.

  • The same nonsense for 11 years.

    Exactly, to wait 11 years for a presentation like the one that happened today is beyond words. Yes, AR was able to get Levi to produce a validation report, but even Mats Lewan is saying that the numbers are not verifiable. I would actually trust Lewan to verify them more than Levi.

    I wish AR was on to something. And if he really has a major invention, let him get rich and famous off of it. I really don't care who comes up with an energy breakthrough, I just want to see it happen in my lifetime. I expect that the breakthrough we are looking for is still 5-10 years away, and I don't believe there is any chance that it will come from AR. I actually believe it could be in hot fusion, which I know is sacrilege around here, but like I said, I really don't care how it happens.

    I still hold out hope for Brilliant Light Power. I think there is still a justifiable reason to have hope with what they are working on, even though Mills has been at it for 30 years now. At least I can see some form of progress and legitimacy with what they are doing. Just think, Frank said he didn't even get to meet anyone else on AR's team while he was there for this. That says something right there. I am not sure there is, or ever was a team with AR. And people justify it by saying that he needs to hold this amazing invention so close to his vest that he could never allow anyone to steal it. So that is why there is all the secrecy. That is the major driving fear. That is nonsense.

  • I will go out on a limb and declare this Rossi's biggest bomb yet. No comparison between today's performance and his earlier Ecat steam demos, from the individual 1 kW's early on, to the full production 1MW "Military Acceptance Test" in Italy with it;s cast of characters, and then the most audacious and long lasting stunt of all at Doral. Most of which were attended by invited scientists and reporters. He was able to create an air of credibility, even though they were so obviously staged,

    Even Stockholm (after Doral) was more sophisticated by far than this, even with his slight of hand caught on camera. He has regressed to high school level science experiment set-ups. Instead of improving as he goes along, he gets worse.

    Even when we knew he was scamming us before, at least he was entertaining to watch. Such a showman, and a flair about him. Today was flat out boring, and he had no he was bored (or maybe embarrassed).

    Even his most ardent fans who have stuck with him through thick and thin, are bailing out now. If he is in this for his ego, he better come up with something quick to salvage this disaster, or he will be down to only a handful of supporters.

  • We knew Levi made bad mistakes, and when they were explained to him still did not admit them, over the IR AlO2 mismeasurement debacle at Lugano. Several years later Levi was still insisting that total emmisivity is the only parameter you need to do IR thermograpnhy of an arbitrary material (or AlO2 - picked to have specific very different IR band emmisivity from its total emissivity).

    He, in his support of Rossi, is a disgrace.


  • What we do know is that if Rossi gets 1,000,000 pre-paid orders at $250 each he will be very rich!

    Even 100, which I guess he might be able to fill from his "workshop at home - no-one in my team" premises, would net him a useful $12K (assuming 50% profit margin). Or $25K if no-one ever gets the devices.

  • First I have heard of this Greg. Where did to get this?

    Thanks Shane


    Interested Observer might converse as so moved...


    Likely from an angular search for clarification and conversation.

    For instance.

    The met/or not yet met million SKLed preorder mark?

    The order verification... How many others recieved a confirmation this month? So the confirmation does not mean it will ship?

    Who might recieve their's first, Frank, Mats, Levi or perhaps even the University of Bologna's football field?

    Hey I.O. Keep in mind I'm blond and easily confused. Humorous, no?

  • Measure Value Unit

    Voltage drop (11.10) 11.4 V

    Voltage drop (11.50) 11.6 V

    Voltage drop (12.15) 11.7 V

    Voltage drop (14.32) 11.7 V

    Voltage drop (16.02) 11.7 V

    Voltage drop (17.12) 11.7 V

    Off Voltage ≈ 0.12 V

    In the Levi skled report, (Table 5 above), what are the bracketed numbers?

  • Huh? Is this some kind of secret code? Are you an Illuminati?

  • The report states that the test period was about 6 hours, so one might only assume that those are time stamps.

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