• Some of you have had the opportunity to read the BIOSEARCH REPORT along with the latest issue of INFINITE ENERGY magazine.

    A Study in the Direct Creation of Electricity from the Interaction of Palladium with Hydrogen / Deuterium Gas.

    (Report) by The Biosearch Team

    October 2021

    Edited by New Energy Foundation

    This discussion thread is intended to discuss the results of this report, and their replications.

    This report summarizes ten years of work on the direct conversion of LENRs into electricity carried out in the laboratories of the company Biosearch, in Sarasota, Florida.

    Biosearch was founded by Charles Entenmann to study LENRs, and to market generators using this technology.

    The principal investigators are Rebecca Kitko and Kelly Keene. There have also been numerous scientists who have consulted with Biosearch on experiments.

    In an original way, the BIOSEARCH REPORT is not signed by any author, even by the principal researchers.

    I have briefly worked on two occasions in Sarasota with the Biosearch team to transfer to them our "Fusion Diodes" technology developed with John Giles and based on patents FR2662537 and FR2729249:

    The results presented in this report are impressive: As a reminder, a Biosearch cell composed of 10 fusion diodes in the same tube has produced a voltage of 10 volts in open circuit, and a current of 262 microwatts at 3.7 volts.

    It's not excess energy, it's pure energy!

    The report also describes fusion diodes capable of lighted 20 Light Emitting Diodes for several days.

  • This discussion thread is intended to discuss the results of this report, and their replications.

    Thanks. Along with discussing results, and replications, there are many here such as myself who are also curious about more general aspects of the work, people involved, direction of the company, future plans, successes/failures, etc.

    To me it is always interesting when an LENR research team, or company has been around so long (10 years in this case), apparently successful, but has not yet advanced beyond the lab.

  • I realized that we could not open my Powerpoint presentation at the last IWALHM 14 meeting in Assisi. I replaced the PowerPoint with a PDF file.

    (PDF) DIRECT CONVERSION : REPLICATIONS F. David 14th IWAHLM, 29 august-1 september 2021 Assisi, Italy
    PDF | The technology of "fusion diodes" was proposed several years ago in order to convert the energy of nuclear reactions taking place in condensed... | Find,…

    And I offer you my best wishes for this year 2022

  • That insert was a good lesson. It started with basics, and went into details on their experiments that failed and were succesfull too.

    Direct generation of electricity from the metal-hydrogen systems would be utilized right away by the whole planet. I wish you all breakthrough 2022.

    Thank you for indicating who the people in this group are. As you mentioned, the booklet was not signed.

  • No, there will be no such energy, a ball lightning is needed, the rotation of which will give constant energy on the stator and gravity.