Andrea Rossi owes nothing to anyone!

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    Andrea Rossi owes nothing to anyone!

    On December 9, 2021, our spacecraft called "Planet Earth", not forgetting to rotate on its axis, has been revolving around our star named the Sun for several billion years. And this star, in its turn, continues to warm and illuminate us all this time. So, on December 9, 2021, at 15-00 CET, two technical devices were demonstrated that work on new physical principles, which are not at all similar to the simple combustion of fossil fuel, or to the fission energy of heavy nuclei, or to thermonuclear fusion at temperatures much ( thousands of times) more than fusion reactions on the Sun take place. The person who, within 15 minutes, demonstrated the presence and operation of these two devices, everyone calls the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi.

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    One of these devices is called the Ecat SKLep: Clean, compact, fossil fuel-free electricity 24/7, continuously generating 100 watts of electricity without consuming fuel.

    Other - Ecat SKLed: Simply the most energy efficient lamp ever made. Consumes less than 10 percent than any other lamp in the world. All this and a lot of other technical information is presented on the Leonardo Corporation website

    Andrea Rossi promised to demonstrate on December 9th - he did. Anyone can familiarize themselves in detail with this event and the device test reports at the University of Bologna that are attached to this demo. Everyone who wants to can see it with their own eyes, and does not say later that he did not see it. And everyone can order these devices on the website.

    You just need to understand that this demonstration is an advertisement for working devices for sale, and not courses: "Take it and do it yourself." This is the start of a new business in the global energy sector. This is the time of capitalism in which we live. And in any person, in the first place is the desire to do well first for himself, and only then for the whole world.

    Andrea Rossi, in my opinion, does not want to play the game called the Nobel Prize in Physics. And this position of his just infuriates absolutely all physicists involved in unrealizable thermonuclear fusion. They came up with a lot of "new" in science more than 30 years ago in order to save billions in funding for thermonuclear fusion.

    But, as they said at the UPI Physicotechnical Institute in our old student years: A clever man needs to think a little, but a fool must definitely try!

    And also understand and remember: Andrea Rossi owes nothing to anyone! Sergey Tsvetkov

  • Really all Rossi is like a Rock Superstar whose e-cat is effectively a hit single that his followers want to buy-but we are still waiting for the album of physical reasoning which will ultimately explain (in full) of just how it actually works. Thus all we can do is wait for the album to come out - which is what Rossi and all other scientific endeavours into LENR owes as time goes on. :) :) :)

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