Trashed project.

  • I did more then just think about it. when i did a peace for wikipedia they went nuts and explained they had 200 in laws to keep it out.

    ?thumbnail=1 This was the unit i attempted to get help with.

    The unit was 3' 7 mags cost me a fuk load to build.

    I called around for a safe place to test it thinking it would likely kill me if i did not have a cage ect to do it.

    I got past around a on the phone a few times and got to someone willing to look at it and see if they could help out..

    within a few days my phone "with the numbers and pics started turning on and off none stop and lost the phone and info.

    text chat with who ever he/she was...

    then started the state city DOD DOT ect all started the domain "thing" all over me.

    They never did build the Fort small wood road DOT Station but thy got all the money for it..

    I had forgotten about this until i saw the small practices parts Some time after building it, someone of face book saw the thing and ask if i had built this from the crop circles or did the CC appear after i built it.. .24216-pasted-from-clipboard-png

  • On a better note, Another

    Trashed project

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