Fundraiser for Alan - Update and Thank You!

  • Lets Get Alan Smith from LENR-Forum to ICCF 24

    Dear LENR-Forum members and supporters.

    As you know, Alan Smith is a valued member of the forum team and our most prolific poster (11,000 posts and rising), Alan is a key part of our mission to get LENR energy from out of the closet and into everyone's daily life. Over the years Alan has taken on the difficult task of building bridges between the players in Academia, Private Research, our forum and the wider public. As a net-worker and a researcher in his own right he has become a force to be reckoned with in the LENR community, better at gathering intelligence than the CIA, and with great negotiation skills and conciliatory capabilities. Alan has also freely donated materials and ideas to members and non-members alike. There's hardly a big or small name in the LENR world that hasn't heard of or met Alan in the flesh at some point.

    As the important ICCF 24 conference is approaching soon, we are reaching out to our community of members and readers to help us get Alan to this important event, his presence there will be of benefit to the forum as a whole, it increases our chance of making interesting connections and getting inside scoops during the event, the kind of things that Alan gets people to tell him just by being the charming character he is.

    Alan Smith at ICCF 22.jpg

    Image Caption: Alan Smith at ICCF 22 (Asissi, Italy) (Image credit: Mykhaylo Vysotskii)

    At this important meeting Alan will be "in cahoots" with our beloved Ruby Carat and her videographer (who will also attend the event as she is a proud California Dweller), so we will have a stellar team there who can bring us something of the flavour and reality - almost like being there ourselves.

    RubyCarat at ICCF 22.jpg

    Image Caption: Ruby Carat at ICCF 22 (Asissi, Italy) (Image credit: Mykhaylo Vysotskii)

    We need to raise £4500. All the money raised will be accounted for publicly, and anything left over will be used in ways that help keep our forum strong and relevant to LENR, the difficult scientific endeavour that may one day (soon we hope) be the salvation of our poor battered planet.

    You can go now to the following GoFundMe page set up by Alan Smith and make your donations.

    Getting Alan to ICCF-24, organized by Alan Smith
    Dear members and friends. I want some serious help to get to ICCF-24 this July in … Alan Smith needs your support for Getting Alan to ICCF-24

    Other donation methods can be considered to ease the ways for making your contribution, for that please contact Alan Smith directly.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Found out what happened. My credit card company rejected the transaction as possibly fraudulent due to it having originated from Ireland. Being headquartered in the US, they seem to think the whole country is crawling with con artists. :)

  • Hello, will try to keep the thread bumped for visibility.

    Let’s all gather together to get Alan Smith to the ICCF 24!

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • That might get you a bed in the downtown homeless shelter. Hopefully by June we can raise enough to put you up in a cheap hotel, with free coffee. You deserve no less!

  • I plan on going as well, while I am somewhat new to this forum I will continue to study and prepare for this event .

    We the LF staff, and others in the community consider this ICCF unique (special) for being hosted in Silicon Valley. As you know, Ruby and Alan will attend on our behalf. Ruby doing a documentary with another film maker.

    While they will cover all aspects of the event, we encourage members and Guests who attend to give us a report.

    Probably around early June we will dedicate a thread to the event.

  • Dear Shane D. why you expected this next ICCF should be so special ?

    i can understand on US side especially in California it could exist more opportunities for business for investment.

    However for that, according to myself maybe 2 or 3 teams/projects could be relevant no more ?

    Weren't you trapped by this delirious optimism specific to the period before each ICCF ?

    These always looking as a cake that swells well one or two months before, then quickly collapses once the event has passed ?

    Or as you are geographically closer than me, you have information that I do not have ?

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