Fundraiser for Alan - Update and Thank You!

  • Zeus46 , read again please.

    Ok, I will.

    The airfare and hotel costs were much lower than I was advised

    we all helped him with locations and rate, so as to ensure not a penny will be wasted, please knock it off with the cheap criticism.

    Curbina, please explain what I’m missing?

    …Other than some advisors who appear to have been using guesswork instead of Google - and then dismissing any corrections as “cheap criticism”.

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  • Locals know what questions to ask Google... Friends and advisors on strength I rely...

    Bay Area hotel vacancies remain high.

    As high as

    26% San Francisco

    50% some adjoining counties

    Bargains can be struck once you are here.

    Air bnbs aren't always booked up anymore.

    BART and transit are at low ridership ie Plenty of seats! Fares are relatively cheap.

    Our slow recovery is a boon for you.

    The Cable Car lines are short.



    The San Francisco Standard

    Economic Recovery Elusive in SF as Workers, Tourists Stay Away
    Tourism and office workers downtown core are not returning to pre-Covid levels.

  • That's right, having time available, money and living at SF , there should be darker as this existence :)

  • It's a nice offer Greg, but I'm principally there for the conference. Time is short always, and I've been to SF before, yesars ago I drove the coast roads, Seattle to San Diego and stayed on SF for a few days.

  • Endeavoring to be near the conference at the appointed times. Though my official attendance remains unlikely. Should events fall my way, I hope to spend time with Forum members. We shall see.

  • the conference at the appointed times

    Conversations taking place outside the conference's appointed times and near the conference will also be notable, I'm sure. That's partly why I will be attending.

    Usually I gain entrance to events for free at the halfway point. Or at a pittance of the full entry fee. I will be wearing a press agent's (reporter's) hat hoping for a free press badge.

    Once inside I will be listening and taking notes. No questions. No comments. No points to make. No agenda to promote.

    My note taking will include future questions, commentary, points to make and suggested agendas to promote. Like a reporter.

    Deep listening, observation and good comprehensive note taking is certainly like data mining for insight.

    Sunrise Mt Tam 7 am

    Breakfast 8 am

    Conference 9 am

    My commute


  • Are you sure about that? Google has received a consistent stream of reviews about the place for the last 6 years.

    Before we launch the next fundraiser, you can check into the travel/lodging costs to give us an idea what to aim for. I am serious. That will take the load off us, and prevent controversy. Problem solved, so now can you let it go?

  • Speaking of fundraisers please don't forget Fabrice David if you can spare a little. I know he has received at least 1 private donation since this opened, but he's still a long way short. BTW, the team are pushing for the organisers to give him a free ticket- and we are also asking for a few free 1 day passes for members only - that is something that does not conflict with their current offerings.


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