The Exotic Vacuum Object (EVO) as the cause of the vacuum reaction.

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    The Imaginary Mass Lambda-CDM Model

    Abstract: The Lambda-CDM (Cold Dark Matter) standard cosmological model is the generally accepted model of modern cosmology. However, many questions remain such as it doesn’t explain what Dark matter or Dark Energy is and what it is made of. Also to be the premier cosmological model it can't explain why we see no antimatter in the universe. This paper attempts to answer those questions and many more by incorporating FTL imaginary mass (Tachyons) into the Lambda-CDM (Cold Dark Matter). Rather than having a matter-antimatter big bang this new cosmological theory uses a big bang pair production of matter and FTL imaginary matter. In so doing it explains the effects of Dark Energy, Dark matter and a host of other cosmological phenomena that the current Lambda-CDM standard cosmological model can't answer. To support this Imaginary Mass Lambda-CDM model theory an electromagnetic experimental set-up is proposed so others can test and verify(indirectly) the existence of Tachyon matter.

    The EVO is tachyonic matter but it does not have anything to do with faster than light propagation. The EVo is dark matter and most likely contributes to dark energy.

    The EVO is a condensate of atoms, electrons and photons that was once visible matter but now acts as a single cold atom that does not interact in any way with the universe. Having once been visible matter, one of the indicators that the EVO is dark matter is that the EVO satisfies the Tully–Fisher relation (TFR). In the dark matter paradigm, a galaxy's rotation velocity is determined by the mass of the dark matter halo in which the visible matter is embedded, establishing a connection between visible and dark matter mass. The relationship between visible and dark matter begins when particle generation processes in stars create the metal nanoparticles that act like a seed that will eventually cool below their superconductor threshold when this nano-dust finds its way into cold space. The EVO is a special state derived from superconductivity in a condensed matter system that transforms visible matter into non interacting dark matter. Once the visible matter is transformed into dark matter, the dark matter becomes disconnected from the universe that it lives in by a domain wall enabled by a reversal of the vacuum state within the EVO. In effect, the change in the vacuum state of the EVO creates another universe. Superconductivity creates a tachyonic based anti vacuum with a vacuum field potential that is opposite in curvature to that of our universe. The superconductive transition enabled by a Higgs mode based condensed matter system also transforms the spacetime inside the EVO to anti de-Sitter space through tachyon condensation.