Current science has become enamored with unfalsifiable fantasy rather than rigorous theory, and the press/internet is largely to blame.

  • Its not just the press/internet who are at fault

    its the learned professors of QM ...


    "But what is the wave function? Is it a complete and comprehensive representation of the world? Or do we need additional physical quantities to fully capture reality, as Albert Einstein and others suspected?

    Or does the wave function have no direct connection with reality at all, merely characterizing our personal ignorance about what we will eventually measure in our experiments?

    Until physicists definitively answer these questions, they can’t really be said to understand quantum mechanics — thus Feynman’s lament. Which is bad, because quantum mechanics is the most fundamental theory we have, sitting squarely at the center of every serious attempt to formulate deep laws of nature. If nobody understands quantum mechanics, nobody understands the universe.

    You would naturally think, then, that understanding quantum mechanics would be the absolute highest priority among physicists worldwide. Investigating the foundations of quantum theory should be a glamour specialty within the field, attracting the brightest minds, highest salaries and most prestigious prizes. Physicists, you might imagine, would stop at nothing until they truly understood quantum mechanics.

    The reality is exactly backward. Few modern physics departments have researchers working to understand the foundations of quantum theory. On the contrary, students who demonstrate an interest in the topic are gently but firmly — maybe not so gently — steered away, sometimes with an admonishment to “Shut up and calculate!” Professors who become interested might see their grant money drying up, as their colleagues bemoan that they have lost interest in serious work."…=62a4025372390a013654c09a

  • Robert you wrote the daily thread :)

    Well, yes, what could be really the function wave and what we have more than the quantum physic..?

    A attempted answer: waves drive our space, our 3D space, this is the rule.

    Now, superposition is the main principle of quantum physic, it acts as if all space waves should be added together in the same space.

    That means in the case of quantum physic the space is contracted , doesn't exist in few words because no need at all.

    Or is driven by already this same notion of "space" however with a different number of dimensions.

    i think that current researchers doesn't yet really play with this number of space dimensions regarding their location.

    I try to explain with my words that i expect for example, may be the nuclei needs 4 space dimensions around that our world in 3D.

    Then the black matter could have only 2D dimensions explaining no interactions or special interactions then it exists a space gap in dimension number between 2 close spaces.

  • Anyways, I don’t blame the press or internet for the failure of current science. I blame regular normal people that like to be titillated by the fantastic but can’t separate it from reality due to intentional (even if subconscious) blocking of the pain of reality. By-passing the pain means failure to grow and improve, which eventually leads to an infantile mentality and a poor comprehension of cause and effect compared to those that have embraced reality.

  • robert bryant

    If you want to know what the wave function is, go back to the source. In my view Irwin Schrodinger pulled his equation out of the air. He stitched together two factors, one being essentially the differential equation for the electric field of a microwave resonator and the other, the driving function, the potential function due to 1/r2 behavior. So the eigenfunctions were, surprise, wave functions, but unlike microwaves obeyed no boundary conditions, extending instead over all space. That was an untenable condition. So the the wave functions became probably functions. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • So long as papers are rejected because they do not match the current prevailing QM, (take your pick on which flavor or color or interpretation or perhaps string theory) we live in a dark age of science.

    Translation: "Your paper destroys my work so it cannot be accepted"

  • Falsified data at MIT in 1989. Carl Page basically called them liars at his recent keynote address at the Nuclear Energy Institute.

    Mainstream fusion is rife with intentional misleading data...

    Anyways, always good to study and gain another perspective.

    I am reviewing the 500+ articles at LinkedIn by Jamal Shrair

    (Condensed matter nuclear power can rescue the planet from the great danger posed by the fossil fuels and fission nuclear power plants. It also, helps economic…

    Current science has become enamored with unfalsifiable fantasy (and lies) rather than rigorous theory...

  • The latest from someone who has apparently bought the patents for the Papp engine:

    Peter Lusk, Jr.

    Peter Lusk, Jr.

    4 months ago

    I did some due diligence on buying the patents and parts from his widow. A physicist friend I brought thought it was a fusion engine. The magnetic design was key in aligning the gasses as it compresses and the spark is hit enough to fuse h2. I doubt it but it sounded reasonable as the later design was the charged cylinder passes thru a magnetic field so that an he is compressed ionized and fission could happen when it sparks...thought it was very dirty and many who worked on it died of leukemia and other cancer but who knows. The investors did not buy the old parts and prototype