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  • From Infinite Energy Magazine via Researchgate.

    Updates on LENR Experiments from Around the World

    Christy L. Frazier

    In anticipation of ICCF24 in July 2022, Infinite Energy....

    reached out to over 40 experimentalists doing work in low energy nuclear reactions (LENR, or cold fusion). We asked for a short overview of recent and current experimental efforts. Preparing short summaries of work in a complex field is not an easy task, and IE appreciates that so many were

    able to respond.

    Not everyone was able to participate in this survey of work being done around the world—some for privileged reasons, some for personal reasons, some (like a few of our Russian colleagues) because communication to their part of the world from our part of the world has been difficult. The IE viewpoint is that theory and experiment are equally important, and often go hand-in-hand. IE has published many theoretical and experimental papers in the field over the years, and also had special issues devoted to LENR theory (#108, #112).

    It is not unique to cold fusion that many experimentalists are also theorists, and vice versa, but this

    may be the only field where you could ask someone to name a significant experimentalist and theorist and have the same name uttered. Here we focus on experiment because it is important to highlight efforts that may not be publicized for some time; experiments are often not well-known until after

    a paper is published, which can often be a long period of time after results are achieved.

    Presented herein are updates from numerous LENR researchers/groups, in alphabetical order by corresponding author. They represent the following eight countries: China, France, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States. Most of these experimentalists are presenting either talks or posters at ICCF24 ( IE would like to acknowledge the advice and expertise of Dr. David Nagel, Dr. Michael McKubre and Marianne Macy in the preparation of this piece, and also thank the scientistswho took the time on short notice to provide updates of their work.


    IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE:- Soon we hope to be able to share more interesting news from IE magazine, a venture we support wholeheartedly.

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