Post ICCF24 thread.

  • Dmiter Alexandrov talks cold nuclear fusion reaction in Constantan successful experiments. He's doing 950C initial temperature and sees momentary metal evaporation after interaction of deuterium gas with the specimen. Evaporation takes place for less than one second. Here are his comments:

    I have to stop out right now...

    Hey Dimiter is getting pretty good power gain from these wires, almost 3x.

  • JP Biberian iws working on nano particles made of nickel-based alloys for the European Project CleanHME. Prof. Arata began this approach using palladium nano-particles imbeded in zirconium oxide which showed excess heat production excited by heat only. He uses a Seebeck type calorimeter which can go to high temperatures up to 1000C. He calibrates using Alumina powder. The active powder is being patented. It is a chemical compound. To get hydrogen in nickel, it needs to be above 200C and remove the oxide. Biberian has used 2 cm diamter and 3 cm diameter cells. The powder is either treated in a separate furnace under vacuum or _____ .

    In the calorimeter, the powder is heated under vacuum up to the maximu temperature of the experiment, then cooled down at room temperature. Heating steps from 5 to 10 watts until stabilization of the output signal coming from the 50 thermocouples in series.... Nine cycles of heating and cooling and excess heat showed itself. He measure activation energy similar to Ed Storms' activation energy.

    I am seeing approx. 12.6 Watts/100g at 950C and now 4.8 Watts/100g at 950C.


    No other excitation besides heat is needed for particle of nickel and NI/Cu particles.

    Ed Storms asks, Have you seen tritium? According to his model, there should be tritium, but JPBiberian has not looked yet.

  • Ooo Edward Beiting, former aerospace fellow, now LENR experimentalist. He is focusing on excess heat on Ni-H and all his results are negative at this time.

    He wants to present sufficient detail to allow critical review. Here's his calorimeter:

    After a 200-hour run, doing everything that Mizuno did, he did not get any excess heat. He even did mass spectrometry on the gas, to be sure of its purity and that there were no leaks.

    A Technova Approximation (not an exact replication) on Cu1/Ni7/Zr14 particles. He makes different particles sizes from 20 microns in diameter up. He calcinated them in a furnace for 7 days in a furnace and heated in air at 450C. He found an increase in mass of 1.33.

    After 150 hours, Beiting did not see excess heat, and with H2 loading hundreds of hours, no excess heat. Oddly, one run he looked at the particles and saw that the Zr and O were layered in the spheres.

  • Mitchell Swartz says that Synchronization of Vacncy-Loaded Deuterons Eneables Successful LANR Mass Energy Transfer.

    A Phusor type system (Heavy water, Pd cathode, Platinum anode) produces excess heat at two input levels. In pre-loaded, dry LANR/CF systems also produced excess heat with a power gain up to 12 on that run. Another dry NANOR type component produced approx 12 Watts output. Successful experiment produced emission frequency at approx 327 MHz. During masing, if the voltage is raised slightly, effects occur, and he can see superfine lines in a graph showing him where the deuterons are located.

    The MOAC Mother Of All Cathodes also produced the 327 emission with 10 Volts and 20 Volts. There are also pulsatile RF emission from an active LANR system, pulses that take place over minutes, also with interacting sidebands. Synchronous behavior is seen everywhere in our experience and in cold fusion systems.

    He loads his samples electrically, and makes non-reversible reaction such a disclocations in the lattice. Synchronized deuterons increase until the double Hopf bifurcation results. Phonons are made in a cooperative process, showing excess heat and making low-momentum Helium nucleus.

  • This was a little disappointing because they only got 2 W. They were hoping for more:

    Excess Heat in a D2(H2)-Ni(Pd) Reaction System with Multiple Oxidation of the Ni-Pd Alloy Powder [virtual] - Si Chen | Qiuran Lab, Xi'an, China

    However, they got consistent, reproducible results. For me, given the state of the research, that's better than high power. As long as you are sure the power is real, 2 W consistently beats 100 W but you can't make it happen again.

  • Because the time difference , this morning, after read last comments and results, i have to say that only Iwamura results seem relevant, even he is wrong by thinking that pressure variations are linked with xsh.

    In fact, yes, but indirectly.

    Biberian by his Clean HME project proposed 10W/100 grs when Andrea reached 10KW/100 grs.

    However we should highlight replication attempts done by Edward Beiting, suppressing some fashion former ways.

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  • Well, he shared his disappointement about the fact that he wasn't consulted by Google team when they attempted so many Parkhomov's replications.

    About Google, it remains strange that a "so great and responsible team" as highlighted yesterday by Trevithick followed the "Parkhomov way", a way came out from nowhere with albolutely no link with any theories previously knew in the field ?

    ICCF 24 - Comment - Response - Challenge - YouTube

    Greenyer unloads on Google and Hagelstein. I remember well BG's MFMP report on his visit to Parkhomov in Moscow years ago. Some things just do not add up to me.

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  • I am upset with NASA. Yes, they have been studying LENR since 1989 as we all knew. But, and I say BUT, we never knew they were as successful as Benyo just told us! Am I right, or have they actually been as unambiguous about their positive results all along?

    I was astounded listening and kept saying to myself "why didn't you go to the public, your mainstream colleagues, and tell them in no uncertain terms that you were seeing heat, RF, and nuclear signatures?".

    This is NASA. When they talk, people listen. Had they done so it would have brought some much needed acceptance, and driven away some of that stigma that has held back progress.

    Anyway, I am excited also about what I heard. It reinforces my belief that this is real and it is just a matter of time before we learn to harness.

    We would need the detail.

    The main clear results, as I understand it, come from 3MeV LINAC. That is interesting, but not really cold fusion.

    And they say they are getting electron screening only at lower powers (10keV). Understandable. But then, no data from them on useful nuclear activity at those lower powers. 3keV screening is not enough to give that.

    The devil is always in the detail, so I will be interested to see it.


  • Well, he shared his disappointement about the fact that he wasn't consulted by Google team when they attempted so many Parkhomov's replications.

    About Google, it remains strange that a "so great and responsible team" as highlighted yesterday by Trevithick followed the "Parkhomov way", a way came out from nowhere with albolutely no link with any theories previously knew in the field ?

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't...

  • Greenyer unloads on Google and Hagelstein. I remember well BG's MFMP report on his visit to Parkhomov in Moscow years ago. Some things just do not add up to me.

    Were I google doing this stuff I'd want to keep everything well away from BG's not always helpful reporting.

  • Alan Smith

    Thanks for having the opportunity to participate online, well organized conference and online works perfectly.

    One question I have... despite the nine hours time difference (MEZ vs PT) is it possible to review the presentations either on hopin or YouTube?

    Thanks and good luck!

  • One question I have... despite the nine hours time difference (MEZ vs PT) is it possible to review the presentations either on hopin or YouTube?

    That is a frequently asked question and the organizers now display a notice that all will be made available 1-2 weeks after the close of the conference. Really nice because we can talk about them now based on the great reporting, and again when the presentations are published.

  • From the "Media/News/Video Library-No discussions please" thread.

    Click on 'Quote from...' to go there.

    Back in 2017 Google Inc. developed Optometrist for hot fusion research and I wondered if It would be useful for LENR Development. Many view aspects of LENR as nano hot fusion. Now Google developing CMNS energy technology, S-SAFE, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with the Department of Energy. Two patents have been filed last year during this partnership. Are they using Optometrist or the Artificial Intelligence created by LLNL for assisting fusion researchers. Perhaps both... Here are two recent articles about these capabilities.

  • Give the whole community the necessary tools, don't pick the winners and losers, but level the playing field and see what comes of that.

    Here is a small portion of the help that Theresa Benyo NASA and Lawrence Forsley of both GEC and JWK Corporation had preparing their research for the paper of June 2020...



    The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of many people that supported this effort.

    • IBA Industrial Inc. for providing beam time and generous technical support and consultation:
    • Mr. Rick Galloway and Mr. Jim Scheid. Materials analyses and consultation: Dr. David Ellis, Dr. Kathy Chuang, Dr. Ivan Locci, and Mr. Dan Scheiman; materials loading and sample preparation:
    • Mr. Frank Lynch, Dr. Fred Van Keuls, and Dr. Wayne Jennings; nuclear diagnostics consultation:
    • Mr. James Currie and U2D, Inc.; statistical support and consultation: Dr. Christopher Daniels; condensed matter physics guidance and technical support:
    • Dr. Louis DeChiaro (U.S. Navy); neutron spectrometer technical consultation:
    • Dr. Chuck Hurlbut (Eljen) and Mr. George Murray and Dr. Candace Lynch (Inrad Optics).
    • We gratefully acknowledge technical input and stimulating discussions from Dr. Matthew Forsbacka (NASA HQ), Dr. Christopher Iannello (NASA KSC), Dr. Ron Litchford (NASA MSFC), Mr. John Scott (NASA JSC), as well as Mr. Leonard Dudzinski (Planetary Sciences Division, NASA HQ).
    • We are also grateful for Dr. James Gilland and Dr. Timothy Gray for valuable technical comments on the manuscript.
    • Funding for this work was provided by NASA Headquarters Planetary Sciences Division, Science Mission Directorate.


    "Novel Nuclear Reactions Observed in Bremsstrahlung-Irradiated Deuterated Metals"


    Bruce M. Steinetz, Theresa L. Benyo, Arnon Chait, and Robert C. Hendricks

    Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

    Lawrence P. Forsley

    JWK Corporation, Annandale, Virginia

    Bayarbadrakh Baramsai, Philip B. Ugorowski, and Michael D. Becks

    Vantage Partners, LLC, Brook Park, Ohio

    Vladimir Pines and Marianna Pines

    PineSci Consulting, Avon Lake, Ohio

    Richard E. Martin

    Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio

    Nicholas Penney

    Ohio Aerospace Institute, Brook Park, Ohio

    Gustave C. Fralick and Carl E. Sandifer, II

    Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio


  • Peter Hagelstein starts Day 3 on Models for accelerated nuclear deexcitation: Dicke-enhanced excitation transfer on the 14.4 keV transition in Fe-57

    Modeling LENR uses a coherent process, not incoherent, like billiard balls. This new models couples an ocsillator between 2-level systems.

    I won't even try to interpret this. However, he is saying "nuclear molecules" might be a way forward. "We need ground-state, non-rotating nuclear molecules." But these will decay: radiative decay, internal conversion, and fission, so this is still incomplete.

    Hagelstein is optimistic that this new model might be the one to describe what's happening in the field. He's got a lot of calculations to do to be sure, but he's really feeling good about these new ideas using the nuclear molecules.

  • I slid over to the second stage to see Jed Rothwell talk about How To Fix Global Warming with Cold Fusion. He swooped in virtually.

    Cold fusion tech can provide energy for desalination to convert deserts into 3.5 million square kilometers of verdant land.

    Indooor farming and cultured meat grown from animal cells will reduce agriculture land and allow a reforestation megaproject.

    New trees can capture lots of carbon as they grow. When they are old, they don't absorb so much, and when they die, the carbon goes back into the atmosphere. Harvesting the dead wood can arrest this process. He says we can bury some of this in underground coal mines, too. Let's bury 15 billion tons a year, removing this carbon in 114 years, he says. Worldwide lumber production would ramp up by a factor of 12, too.

    He speculates cold fusion robots the size of a bird would fly and cut 5 liter of chips a day. 300 robots could demolish at 15m pine tree in a day. This is better than big chain saws, because they could easily fly into wilderness areas without roads, they don't need human operators. this is not practical now because the re-fueling of fossil fuels would be costly. He says thinks small, we don't need human-sized machines. We need to re-think everything, and the scale of everything with cold fusion.

    Climatiologists have not heard of cold fusion and are not optimistic about planting trees to help with CO2 removal. That's only because they are thinking about the boom and bust cycle of Forest Carbon, without the cold fusion solution.

    This is not a free lunch. It is a lunch you are paid to eat!

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