Post ICCF24 thread.

  • Океан и так засыпан железо-марганцевыми конкрециями...

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • The main subject of the poster I presented at the International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF24) was that coherent alpha-beta phase waves are the driving force behind cold fusion. There are two types of bonds in pallidum called alpha and beta. The difference is the distance between the bonds. Alpha is shorter and beta is longer. Coherent alpha-beta phase waves are when the bonds align and create waves. When large areas of pure pallidum crystal are charged with deuterium a large coherent wave is formed. After charging the deuterium slowly leaks at points like corners or cracks. This generates Helmholtz oscillators that find the natural resonance and form coherent alpha-beta phase waves. In the poster, I explain why Fleischmann and Pons were unable to reproduce their own experiments and why random results still dominate the field. In one reference, on hydrogen storage, researchers took real-time atomic force microscope video of phase waves and took pictures of a fusion event which is evidence of my theory. A perfect single crystal can carve out an assemblage of atoms to become a quasiparticle. The fusion energy is absorbed by forcing the bonds to go from the alpha state to the beta state in the quasiparticle.

    This observed formation of coherent alpha-beta phase waves may occur in other face-centered cubic (FCC) metals. After attending ICCF24 I believe alpha-beta phase waves are at the heart of all fusion observed in metals such as nickel.

    Cheers Steve

  • Larry Forsley of NASA just uploaded the final Short Course video which is about glow discharge reactions:

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    This is a comprehensive look at various glow discharge experiments including Claytor, Karabut, Storms, Savatimova & Gavritenkov, Lipson et al., Godes and Tanzella, Schenkel et al., and some NASA's own in-house experiments.

    Forsley's presentation at ICCF24 was very good:

    Contamination, Transportation or Transmutation in LENR Material Analyses - Lawrence Forsley | Nasa Glenn Research Center, USA

    He discusses how contamination might be confused with transmutation. That possibility always makes me nervous about transmutation claims.

  • I'm sorry, but the Resonance Value F = 0.0433 Hz is obviously wrong.

    This is normal: the value of the speed of sound in palladium is not v = 100um/s but probably around 1500 m/s, or even more, I don't know.

    That being said, the idea is excellent, but the best would be to machine the monocrystal to give it a spherical shape, and to glue a small crystal of barium titanate on it, to excite it at the resonance frequency. Without doing any calculation, we must be in ultrasonic frequencies, and contrary to a rectangular or cubic resonator, the most stable mode is the mode giving a compression to the center of the sphere.

    I had proposed this experiment to a friend of the Louis de Broglie Institute many years ago, I did not know that one could buy Czochralsky crystals of palladium on the market, I thought of having a small 1cm diameter cylinder machined, we haven't experienced it, guess why.

  • Infinite Energy has published an Interview with Ed Storms, who received the Toyoda Medal at ICCF24

    The interview is done with Ed, Marianne, and Mike McKubre, and Larry Forsley going over his theory in a bit more detail.


    This is a good example to see how my theory of coherent alpha-beta phase waves can explain what is happening with Dr. Storms's experiments.

    Page 34 bottom left paragraph. The quality that makes a batch of Pd active is the size of the crystals. Pd is polycrystalline and if the crystals are not of a certain size (outlined in the poster) then the lattice will not be able to absorb a fusion event. Batches that are cooled slowly grow crystals and batches that are machined rolled, or pulled have smaller crystals.

    "One requirement, I might point out, is that a location exists into which a number of deuterons or light hydrogen atoms could accumulate" Alpha-beta phase waves actively gather hydrogen which can give PdHx greater than 1 at the local level. Storms does not talk about the quantum behavior of an area change from beta to alpha. This is key to the theory. when the coherent phase wave goes from beta to alpha it happens very quickly There is no stopping the Pd bond from transitioning to alpha from beta.

    Storms goes on to talk about gaps He claims that the gaps inside the Pd start small and then grow. From the papers I cite, it's just the opposite, Pd is self-healing and any gaps get filled in as the Pd is charged and discharged. Storms gets right, that any crack or abnormality on the surface is an exit or entry point for hydrogen.

    In most experiments after the Pd is charged it starts to discharge through the weakest places. For a cube, these are the corners for other geometries it would be cracks or other weak points in the lattice. What happens is that as the gas leaks out each crack sets up a Helmholtz oscillator that generates, after a while, weak coherent alpha-beta phase waves.

    Storms talks about putting "inert particles in the material." This works because the particles become nucleation points to grow bigger crystals in the Pd.

    "But the different treatments involved the annealing treatment and not the purity of the sample itself." Annealing grows crystals.

    The one thing that nobody talks about is that, I believe, quantum mechanics is involved. No classical description of the lattice behavior shows how two D or H atoms can overcome the Coulomb barrier. The quantum collapse of the local Pd crystal from beta to alpha pushes the D or H atoms together in a way that can not be stopped.

    I believe that if you use a single large crystal and generate a coherent alpha-beta phase wave you'll get an efficient cold fusion engine.

  • It's the speed of hydrogen in palladium. It's in the paper I cite. It's the same equation as acoustic resonance but you use the velocity of hydrogen in pallidum. A spherical would be better but you can buy a little cube off the shelf. I got a quote for a 2x2x2 mm cube at $2,000.

  • Infinite Energy has published an Interview with Ed Storms, who received the Toyoda Medal at ICCF24

    The interview is done with Ed, Marianne and Mike McKubre and Larry Forsley going over his theory in a bit more detail.


    Got to give Storm credit. He answers to any tough question, and is willing to listen to and explore any alternative explanations. He also had this to say, which I found interesting:

    Fortunately NASA is set up with calorimeters that are based on my design. Larry is working

    very close with me to duplicate what I’ve done. NASA will eventually be in a very good position to replicate

  • I have set up a Google alert as follows:

    Google Alert - cold fusion -coldfusion -"web hosting"

    Lately it has been bombarding me with reports of plasma fusion. I regret to say, it has not brought any articles about ICCF24. Apparently the mass media ignored the conference.

    I have a separate alert for "LENR." It produced 4 hits over about the conference over the last several weeks. Nothing else.

  • well your milliwatt reactors don’t interest noone.. the ICCF cake is fell back..

    Actually, many of the reports at ICCF24 were far above the milliwatt level. Such as this result from Hasegawa, which varies from 26 W down to 16 over 2.5 hours:

    I don't care much about absolute power. I don't think it matters much. But I agree that power above 1 W is easier to measure. I wasn't keep track of presentations, but it seems to me most reports were well above 1 W.

    The LEC is down in the microwatt range, but it is electricity and there is not a drop of input power. So it is far easier to measure with confidence. If they can boost it up to milliwatts it will start to be even more convincing. Watts, sustained for hours, would quickly rule out any kind of battery effect.

  • Dear Jed,

    i have seen this last ICCF as an italian cappuccino.

    One millimeter strong at cup's bottom, by new words i heard from Hagenstein and Visostki, work from this guy Casselman, this one about dusty plasma, Czerski, what else ?

    The other millimeters were only this white milk foam plenty of air, we see, every year.

  • One millimeter strong at cup's bottom, by new words i heard from Hagenstein and Visostki, work from this guy Casselman, this one about dusty plasma, Czerski, what else ?

    What I just posted above, from Hasegawa. Also the Army, the Navy, Mizuno and several others. These are the best results I have ever seen. Routine power levels are far higher than before, making them dead easy to confirm. Clean Planet says they are producing 2.8 kW, and Miura says they hope to introduce a commercial product by 2023. No large industrial company has ever said they hope to introduce a cold fusion product before, on any time scale. If they introduce something in 2025, the whole world will soon realize that cold fusion is real.

    Also, the LEC! If that can be replicated and power increased to the milliwatt level, or the watt level, enough to eliminate any possibility of a chemical battery effect, it will be Game Over. Apparently it is not difficult to replicate. I hope. So far, anyway.

  • You evoked surely real results but only from secondary works.

    You talked about the US army or navy however you well know that size isn't the most important, see recent Google's fiasco related friendly by Hagelstein.

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