LENR Decentralized Autonomous Organization

  • Hello Everyone

    The LENR team have been throwing around the idea of establishing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the purpose of bringing LENR to the masses. Our mission is to pool funds together in a communal trust and democratically vet the best projects demonstrated through blockchain governance. We have put together a presentation and a website to help explain what Web3 is, and how a Science DAO can help bring this technology to the masses in a transparent way. There are many technical details to work out, but the Web3 framework can create a mutually prosperous endeavor for everyone involved, with the goal Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
    Website: https://lenrdao.com/

    Presentation Video

    Warm regards,
    Diadon with the LENR DAO Team

  • Are you also interested in the possibilities that LENR and Blockchain technology can create together?

    Blockchain technology will be part of our future. We want to focus on what opportunities the Blockchain can create for the LENR field.

    Leave a comment in this thread!

  • Do you maybe have an example of a different area with similar challenges like LENR, where Blockchain makes/made a difference?

    And what is a "communal trust"?

    Alan S has been able to use it in his H business. My impression from the end user perspective is that for them it works like traditional investment.

    Anyway, this is a topic mainly David and Diadon have been working on refining for many months. They are still feeling their way around with how to incorporate this into the community to offer needy researchers another avenue for funding, so any input would be appreciated.

    I can tell you, and it is obvious from the video, that Diadon really knows this cyrpto world inside and out. He can take any researcher interested by the hand and make it easy for them. He will be the point man on this.

  • All of my significant investment has come from crypto traders seeking real world investments to diversify their holdings. They are very smart, relatively young, have an appetite for risk and in my experience are not prone to making excessive demands for equity or control. I don't tell them how to manage their crypto affairs and they don't tell me what to do in the lab. A pretty satisfactory arrangement for all of us.

  • Do you maybe have an example of a different area with similar challenges like LENR, where Blockchain makes/made a difference?

    And what is a "communal trust"?

    There are 3 other examples of this working well to compensate researchers. It is a very new idea and technology that helps grass roots efforts in scientific endeavors that don't always pay out monetarily to those working in the field. It's basically a efficient way to organize finances with transparency and accountability.

    Open Science DAO Which is enabling open source researchers to be compensated for there published papers by creating a scientific community trust fund.

    Smart Contract Research Which focus on data sciences and game theory models. They help work with other Science DAOs in implementing data sets to the Ethereum blockchain.

    Decentralized Science World: Focusing on protein identification represented in NFTs to be sold on the open market to go towards the researchers.

    As far as the communal or community trust, this link will describe it probably better than I could. Let me know if you still have questions about it.

    I hope that answers all of your questions and if you have any more please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Sounds great goal to get more of an (active) community. However currently it sounds like some potential solution(s) without any defined problem.

    Has anyone invested/donated any funds to this DAO? I would suggest to start with some small pilot using some seed funds.

  • Blockchain technology can be a way to open up new opportunities for research at an early stage.

    I have only a vague notion of what blockchain technology is, but from what I know, it does not seem relevant. Or useful. It is not as if people need to hide cold fusion research. Even if they do need to hide it, blockchain technology cannot disguise what they are doing in their laboratory. Someone who comes into the room who knows what instrument is what will see what they are up to. Blockchain technology can only be used to hide the identity of a person uploading data to the internet. If someone wants to publish cold fusion results anonymously on the internet, they can always make up a fake name and publish here in this website, or elsewhere on the internet. Many people here do not use their real names.

  • Blockchain technology can only be used to hide the identity of a person uploading data to the internet.

    I think you might be a little off-track here. That sounds more like TOR.

    Imagine the last post on the bottom of each forum page was just an MD5 hash of all the data on that page plus the previous page’s hash. Now if anyone were to slyly edit an old post, we would a) be able to tell something has been changed, and b) prove who had a real unadulterated copy of the original data… We would now have our own blockchain.

    To go a bit further… We could spice things up a bit, and add a rule that the hash must end in 0000, and allow the person generating the hash the ability to add a new random string of data to the page before each attempt to produce a valid hash.

    But this would be a giant waste of time and effort, as our only option (for now) would be taking the brute force approach of making millions of guesses (Or more, if we periodically add another 0 to the end of the hash to account for Moore’s law).

    To compensate the poor sap who chooses to run his computer all night long, we allow the hasher to make one last edit before running the hash function on the page: to post a public credit to their own pseudonym/wallet of a fixed amount of digital ‘money’… We would now have our own rudimentary cryptocurrency.

  • Imagine the last post on the bottom of each forum page was just an MD5 hash of all the data on that page plus the previous page’s hash. Now if anyone were to slyly edit an old post, we would a) be able to tell something has been changed, and b) prove who had a real unadulterated copy of the original data… We would now have our own blockchain.

    Why not just write papers, and publish them in Acrobat format? I don't think it is good idea for Prof. A to go in and make changes in Prof. B's paper. If A disagrees let him write his or her own paper.

    What you describe sounds a little like writing a Google document with several authors online at the same time. You can tell who is writing what. This can be an interesting way to brainstorm, but it is not that valuable. Anyway, if that's what you want to do, you can do it now.

    Along the same lines, I do not think it would be a good idea to let other people change messages in this forum. You can be certain that anything I post here came from me, and no one else. This forum badly needs better methods of searching and displaying messages, but I do not see why the features you describe would benefit it. Perhaps I lack imagination, or experience with the software you describe.

    Anyway, cold fusion researchers are curmudgeons who will not cooperate with anyone. They tend to be computer illiterate. Most do not know how to use Microsoft Windows endnotes, automatically numbered figure and tables, or the Review feature. Which is annoying! I do not think you could get them to use the kind of online tool you describe. Then again, I was surprised and pleased by how many of them managed to participate in ICCF24. They were able to give virtual presentations. The setup with Hopin.com was not easy. (I wrote a quick how-to guide for them. The conference organizers were grateful to me, and thanked me graciously for that help.)

  • What you describe sounds a little like writing a Google document with several authors online at the same time. You can tell who is writing what. This can be an interesting way to brainstorm, but it is not that valuable. Anyway, if that's what you want to do, you can do it now.

    I’m not suggesting we do this, just using an analogy to explain what a blockchain is, and then a potential use of such a blockchain.

    Why not just write papers, and publish them in Acrobat format?


  • I suppose one way it could be useful, was if, say, someone was struggling to fund their LENR project due to being hamstrung by various well-meaning and/or pesky SEC rules preventing the marketing and issuance of shares to unaccredited investors/naive dupes.

    Instead of issuing a share certificate, you could write the investors name in a blockchain along with how much they paid, and what they expected in return. This would give the investor a permanent/immutable record of their claim on a proportion the companies wealth, should the company eventually make a profit.

    AKA a ‘smart contract’ in cryptocurrency parlance.

  • @LENRDAOTeam BIGBigbig Thanks

    I am continuing to study the introductory video and your website.

    Informative with a capital I n I feel like I'm in kindergarten again. So much to learn.

    I plan to participate in a meaningful way once my schooling gains depth.

    Mutual well-being. Our new measure of success. Sounds right.

    Mutual well-being for each of each other, including the "Other".

    Well-being for all life on the planet as a wholesome healthy Earth.

  • Hi Diadon,

    With apologies, I have some questions.

    Have you ever executed a cryptocurrency project before? If so, could you please provide details.

    Have you ever raised funds for private investment in a company before? If so, could you please provide details.

    Have you ever managed investor monies before, or acted as a fiduciary? If so, could you please provide details.

    Have you ever established a trust for the purposes of investment before? Are you familiar with the specifics of the legal and operational maintenance of a trust?

    Do you have a background in computer science, or will the nuts and bolts of implementation of the DAO be handled by Chris Cash? How will Cash be compensated for his work, and at what rate? How will you be compensated for your work, and at what rate? Will these fees be one time, or recurring?

    In the past, the SEC has ruled that some tokens are unregistered securities. Do you understand the difference between a registered and an unregistered offering of securities?

    Have you sought legal guidance to confirm that this project will not qualify as an unregistered offering of securities to non-qualified investors? Has LENR-Forum requested this of you?

    If the results of the LENR DAO are unsatisfactory, could a purchaser of tokens hypothetically seek to recoup their investment, or sue for damages, by asserting that you broke the law by a) offering unregistered securities to non-qualified investors and b) making false or misleading representations? (‘mutual prosperity’ ‘mutual benefit for everybody’ ‘the NFT will become valuable’ ‘if […] there will be value in this NFT’ ‘the value of that will increase’ etc).

    How is the DAO treasury held? In a bank account? If the DAO has no legal personality, how can it hold assets and maintain accounts like bank accounts?

    How can a DAO enter into legally binding arrangements, and hold assets like equity securities, if it has no legal personality?

    How do you propose to safe custody assets like ownership interests in LLCs or LPs?

    You have talked about the use of a community trust, but it’s not clear to me how the DAO will direct the trust. As per your link, a community trust is governed by a board of directors. By what legal mechanism can token holders enforce their decisions upon the board of the trust? Who will be the directors of the trust?

    If the DAO has no legal personality, cannot sit on the board of the trust, and does not control the board of directors of the trust, what legal remedies does it have?

    Can assets be held in trust for an entity that has no legal personality? ie. How can the trust beneficiary be a DAO?

    Are community trusts appropriate for commercial purposes? How does the taxation of community trusts work? Per your link, a community trust is a charitable trust, which would seem to suggest that it cannot be used to fund commercial investments.

    Why are community trusts superior to limited partnerships or LLCs?

    Is 10% of token buyer’s funds an appropriate ‘development’ fee? Are you familiar with the fee structures of public equity, private equity and venture capital funds? How do they compare to your proposed 10% of AUM? Why is a variable, rather than fixed, fee appropriate?

    What is your estimate of the all in cost of turning dollars into tokens? ie. how much will be spent on exchange fees, 'gas' etc.

    Can you give an estimate of the anticipated all in costs of participation? ie. development costs + transaction costs. Presumably this would be something like 10% Development Fee + 5% Legal + 5% Marketing + Ongoing costs of trust structure + Transaction costs (buying Ether etc). Does 25% sound reasonable?

    Could you please explain why part of the DAO’s balance sheet is marked as ‘trade liquidity’? What does this mean? Is this analogous to 'restricted cash' in the GAAP sense of the term, or something else?

    Should this be treated as another expensed item for the purposes of calculating opening net cash per token?

    I’m confused by your mixed use of language. In some places, you seem to imply that the DAO will be making what amount to donations to researchers, and in other places, you seem to imply that investments will be made. As per my above queries, how can the DAO legally hold and custody equity, partnership interests or other securities?

    Moreover, if the DAO is making investments, how can token holders be assured that investments will be made on acceptable terms? Who is responsible for the structuring of investments? Do any of the LENR DAO team have experience structuring investments in private companies, partnerships etc on behalf of third parties?

    Could you please provide an example of what you would consider to be a representative, or ideal, investment structure. Please be specific as to how the investment would be structured (common equity, preferred stock, warrants/options, secured convertible note, revenue royalty etc).

    If the DAO makes investments into pre-revenue, R&D stage companies, where does the LENR DAO team anticipate the investment return to token holders will derive from? Could you please elaborate with reference to the fundamentals of the entities invested in, rather than to nebulous concepts like ‘collector value’.

    Could you please provide more detail about the due diligence process that will be undertaken for investments? Who will do due diligence on behalf of token holders?

    If the DAO is making donations, why not simply have researchers solicit them directly as Tadahiko Mizuno did when his lab was damaged? This seemed to be a relatively smooth and cost effective process. Moreover, if only 60% of funds raised will be actually disbursed to researchers, is a DAO really a good solution? I recall William Collis expressing his desire to use the ISCMNS to raise and disburse research funds. Why wouldn't that be a better solution?

    If the DAO is making investments, why not simply use an LLC paired with Google Forms/Zoom meetings? An LLC is democratic too.

    It remains exceedingly unclear to me what - exactly - is being proposed here.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks Orsova, your post covered several questions I was about to ask, and many more besides. I would only add:

    Diadon, what country(s) are you a citizen of, and what country are you normally resident in?

    What country(s) is Chris Cash a citizen of, and what country is he normally resident in?

    Will there be any geographical limitations on fund providers or receivers?

    What rewards or incentives will those who provide funds receive?

    How many funders will you accept per project?

    What token/currency platforms do you intend to use to offer your service?

    Who will have access to the DAOs private keys?

    Thank you

  • If the DAO is making investments, why not simply use an LLC paired with Google Forms/Zoom meetings? An LLC

    I would imagine each DAO that is formed would/could/should have someone orsova with the expertise you have, addressing the concerns that you have raised.

    The LENR DAO Team will help many independent LENR DAO groups explore and possibly pursue this avenue. I am interested in forming a DAO to crowd fund LENR Scholarships.

    @LENRDAOTeam Diadon Acs

    Correct if I am wrong on this.

    I'm curious, what is the largest successful LLC initially formed through a DAO?

  • Thanks Orsova, your post covered several questions I was about to ask, and many more besides. I would only add:

    From the LENR DAO website


    Diadon Acs

    United States, Pacific Northwest

    Founded Conscious Energies LLC in 2018, A digital research and development media company. It specializes in disruptive technology that relate to open science and engineering.

    Avid open source experimentalist in LENR and alternative energy technologies. Learned about Flieschmann & Pons in 2012 after exploring alternative energy systems and finding many that where “bad science” or scams. Made the decision that there is no better way to get to the truth than to ask nature with experimentations.

    Primary line of research and development is Electrolytic Hydrogen Plasma Reactors under the guidance of Taakaki Matsumoto

    Cryptocurrency analyst and investor in digital assets since 2017. Passionate futurist who loves science, technology, and engineering.

    We have the ability to make the world a better place for those we will eventually leave it too. At very least, we can try to make it better, and at the most, we will succeed in making it better.

    Chris Cash

    United States, East Coast

    Chris Cash is a business entrepreneur and technology consultant who has worked in I.T. since 1994. He has worked with projects in banking, healthcare, law enforcement and other sectors with clients around the world. He is inspired by the possibilities of clean, affordable and accessible energy for everyone on the planet and the emerging technologies and communities surrounding this mission critical need.


    Other links provided by the LENR DAO Team Diadon Acs Thanks

    I find them to be informative with a capital I n I am still studying them.

  • Hey Osovo,

    No need for apologies, these are all really great questions.

    1. I have played around with deploying tokens on, Solana, Ethereum, and BSC which is basically Ethereum's Solidity Language. I was brought onto a project called Ohmcoin in 2018 that was unsuccessful. The interim founder brought me on as marketing and website management in 2018 but the management of the project was not very strong so I left. They used the X13 protocol like PIVX and DASH use with master nodes for governance.

    2. I have never raised funds for private investment, and don't feel comfortable doing that alone at this time. A Non-Profit foundation still would need to be formed for the DAO to proceed.

    3 & 4. I have never acted as a fiduciary for any investors monies and do not have a licensed to do so in any jurisdiction. A member of the board with strong financial merit is still very important for the development of this project. Again, the framework of this project will need dedicated legal, technical, and financial team members. I am simply purposing the development of this project for those interested in the idea of open source progress in this field. This should also answer the Trust questions as well. I have consulted with Tamara Rogers ,a lawyer who specializes in these things, she quoted me full legal documentation would run about $3k-$5k. This was for a even more complex energy co-op blockchain idea I have that required an energy monitoring device. This was also in the jurisdiction of the US, which might not likely the ideal place to start a Foundation for tax purposes.

    5. We are still actively in the process of finding more team members. I do not have an accredited background in computer science, I am an autodidact. It has been something I have learned out of necessity in my own personal experiments, investments, and interest. We are still actively putting together a team and have no rush for launch. We have all agreed to thoroughly work out all potential problems and team roles with a clear roadmap and mission statement for us all to be involved in building a self-sovereign digital organization. At the moment, David and I are acting as organizers to present the concept to the community. The goal for us is to have create complete autonomy and help solve the Energy Freedom Paradox principled in anthropology. Governing bodies act as organizations which can maintain intellectual property if they have provided funding or have tax sovereignty in jurisdiction to do so. This legal structure is designed for the commons of the global community as a distributed trust. I'm not suggesting it will be easy, but I do think it will be worth it.

    6 Yes, I do have a pretty good understanding of the Howe test as an investor, and my years of research since 2017. A fair and distributed launch is crucial for the projects success. One that doesn't rely on any initial centralized investment and focuses rather on an open voluntary organization. This means we will have to likely use airdrops to the most interested in the project and provide an open source tokenization using a dApp as a service for the R&D of LENR. The Token is a utility to be able to access services of the DAO.

    7. Oh, already answered some of the legal question, but there are much more that will need to be done, and I don't think legality compliance is a one and done thing... it's likely there will need to be ongoing representation for the majority the DAOs life. Please bare with me as this is still very much in the inception phase of the LENR Forum team. It's a very new idea being tested as a new sociological discovery in open autonomous software(s) that Bitcoin has become. You have great questions so I hope I am doing a good job answering them all. This LENR Forum has not asked me to seek legal council yet and all of my work is being done voluntarily. Your question brings up a very good point in being careful with establishing a core foundation team. Everything should be finalized in writing, with clear terms that is open for all to see in both English, and code. The NFT's are a service for tokenizing engineering as open source intellectual property that still compensates the original creators. Those who provide value to the creators of openly successful devices for the entire community trust to democratically participate based on merit. There value will be dependent on the free market and the LENR DAO takes no responsibility on how the market values a tangible digital asset.

    8. One of the LENR DAOs features is the ability for funds to be voted back. I have first hand experience as an early investors of DIATOM DAO. All my Funds where returned when they made a mistake in providing liquidity for the general market and failed to launch. They where a group of biology, oceanography, and computer scientists attempting to do ocean cleanup using a DAO.

    9. and 10. A DAO is a new organized structure that maintains self sovereignty in the digital space or (metaverse). It has the ability to create multi-signature contracts between all parties self custodial wallets. All funds are stored cryptographically with chosen digital assets that can democratically chosen based on merit (Meritocratic). All involved can participate actively in helping choosing assets like BTC, USDC, PAXG, USDP, ect. Diligent financial risk mitigation will be important in it's design.

    11. We would not invest directly into any LLC. Instead, the DAO has a transparent autonomous platform for organizations to use for the organizations authenticity and merit. Anyone can participate in the value propositions towards the development of LENR. This is somewhat of a socioeconomic scientific experiment, as it's never been done before. It tests the hypothesis presented by the freedom energy paradox, zeroth law of thermodynamics, free energy principle in cognitive science, emergent information theory in biological science, and quantum entangled states (i.e. superpositions, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, wave particle duality, Maxwell's demon, etc.) Does how we organize our information as a species follow the same patterns in natural dynamic systems according to our response? If yes, then having a organization that is only principled in monetary value, will not achieve other value propositions as efficiently. The purpose for many governing bodies was for the value in general well being of the people by establishing clean water, security, energy, communications, catastrophe response, mental health, recycling, etc. It does not always do this efficiently if the systems is principled in increasing monetary enthalpy.

    12, 13, 14, and 15. Governance propositions for the DAO can be introduced by anyone according to how the DAO architecture. This could include maintenance fees or insurance for any proposals. Legal contract terms are transparently introduced via code, which limits any 3rd party risk. This is another feature of a DAO I recommend you look into further, as there is a lot of literature on these set of rules that are in practice. The focus on the traditional community trust should be used as an example, but not it's fundamental operation. A DAO could be looked more as a Trustless Community which has established transparent code with no 3rd party intermediaries. It does take some time to research all these new technologies that bitcoin helped make possible, but if this interests you I encourage you to look deeper into it. As stated above, the DAO does not invest directly into LLC or Corps, instead it brings shared interest of the development for the LENR community with a Utility Token.

    16. I don't think utility vehicles are better than sports cars, I just think they serve different purposes depending on how they are engineered.

    17,18,19, and 20. All great questions that help me understand your point of view a little more I think, and probably where your strengths lay compared to me. The balance sheet distribution was just theoretical and not the actual numbers. Those are all variable numbers at the moment, in the sense that a well planned distribution of assets should be in the best interest for the longevity of the DAO. I am not an expert of finance so it's something that all of the active members will have to work out to be best practices, likely on an iterative basis much like what was suggested for the legal framework. The purpose of providing ample liquidity is for the market is avoid an inelastic exchange of value. There will have to be many calculations done on market supply, liquidity, and burn based on the amount of resources needed to help subsidize projects. Though it quite complex, this all can be done with blockchain protocols to encourage developing value propositions that represent more that monetary gain, but rather public utility for the common wealth, which is what the LENR DAO would represent.

    21. I think I answered this question above but maybe you could elaborate further so I understand it better?

    22. I apologize for not being more clear with the ethos of the project I have presented. It is quite a radical idea, and to really crystallize, it will be up to community interest with feedback. I may have organized the ideology for a project like this but it is not my sole discovery or idea. The postulates of energy dynamics for information, money, electrical, biological, atomic, subatomic, whatever system we choose to examine are not isolated from one another. We just have to put it all together in the best possible way we know how for which ever probabilistic outcome we wish to achieve. To answer your questions concretely, it can't do that. This questions was answered above though I believe. It is merely a public utility to subsidize more philanthropic work essentially. The question is, can Fusion technology be introduced into a market any other way? Look at what has happened to Nuclear Fission, why do we not have more investment in those projects? This is a fundamental problem purposed in the Freedom Energy Paradox.

    23. I can only speak for myself, but I do have experience in structuring investments in my personal business. It is a small business though and the AUM is quite low. My financial literacy and education wasn't a strong focus until about 3 or 4 years ago. So I will admit I have much more to learn in all aspects, but I am aware that other active members likely have more experience.

    24. I am not a financial advisor and do not give financial advice in any way. Much like the Proverb, nothing ventured nothing gained, there is always risk in building something. I would say that these technical details are not completely planed out, but the utility of these tokens are not represented in any of your question. They would be more analogues to a commodity or redeemable credit in the DAO ecosystem. The value proposition would be more like, a platform with a shared interest in developing LENR in the public domain. So if the a individuals perceived value proposition is based on the financial ROI, this project might not be what they are looking for. All involved in the DAO would like help vote upon the allocation of the treasury through governance proposals on the blockchain.

    25. I think I answered this already, but for clarity. The DAO does not make direct investments into any other organization besides sovereign wealth. By this I mean denominating treasury funds into government currencies. We would develop a DAO with transparency, trustless verification, and immutability. Another way to think of it as is as an Open Source SaaS (Software as a Service) which falls under public domain as a utility.

    26. Due diligence can be proposed democratically based on merit of issued proposals and people who can contribute from the field of finance. I cannot personally decide as the AUM would not be mine, but the organizations. My first financial proposal would be to maintain a strong balance in BTC, USDC, PAXG, and USDTP. Other options might be things that relate to the LENR field which can be tokenized like Pd, Ni, and other such commodities.

    27. The distribution of funds can be variable according to the organizations votes on proposals. I was just setting example of how the DAO could operate, but it has not been agreed upon in these early stages. Researchers would take small steps in development goals to show merit in there work with community verification, I kind of peer review by the DAO. Many credible scientific organizations can quickly rise to the top as they when they show progressive success in the technology. I would think this would help the rapid development of the technology without it falling into red tape and IP dead ends. Having a platform like this will also give more exposure to creditable organizations of researchers and developers as stated in the presentation.

    28. The DAO is not an investment company, but rather a non-profit trust. The core members of the foundation will likely have to established separate from the trust is my understanding of the legal framework. The trust would hire 3rd party contractors for service and not for investment. In which those who wish to openly develop Fusion energy systems would do so for the Trustees. More legal details defiantly will need to be ironed out, but it seems very likely to be achieved according to historical exampled of developing a organizational entity. You ask very difficult questions which I like a lot :)

    29. I mean no disrespect, but if the prospect of bringing abundant energy to the earth in this fashion isn't self evident, I am not sure how else to explain it to you.
    I will again link the Energy Freedom Paradox to that you can ponder on.

    'The energy freedom paradox is a philosophic physics thesis that states: Energy can only be perceived as free according to the total relativistic capacity of the said system(s) involved. It also states that no system can be closed absolutely, only isolated, with certain probabilities of field interactions can always occur.

    This energy freedom paradox falls in the the principled axiom that our relative human anthropological system design directly influences all other relative systems, determining how much energy freedom is allowed. (i.e. economic incentive)

    These probabilistic interactions can have a greater or lesser order of field influence depending on a system(s) relative field capacity (energy density) and velocity of exchange between fields (potential).

    The paradox lies in the relative field’s probability of isolation from greater/lesser relative field capacity (mass-energy density) and the potential difference between these fields (spin/pressure, vibration, and energy density). It becomes a philosophical science paradox due to humans having a relative field capacity in socioeconomic design that is a first-order function of other relative fields (i.e. commodities and resource)

    To summarize, it is probable that energy can only be “free” relative to how isolated a system is to other relative fields, according to their impedance/resistance, energy density/magnitude, and velocity/pressure. Which can be represented in capacity, velocity, resistance, and power/work between two or more relative fields.'

    The irrefutable proof that this paradoxical axiom exists.
    The Laws of Thermodynamics, in particular the Zeroth Law and acceptance that systems cannot be absolutely isolated.
    Maxwell's Demon
    Complex Dynamics

    Sources that exhibit the examples of the Energy Freedom Paradox.

    Free Energy Principle
    Emergent Information Theory

    Uncertainty Principle

    The Calculus Paradoxes that give rise to Julia and Fatou sets

    This was a lot of information and I hope I was able to answer your questions to the best of my ability. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask them. I do recommend if you are interested in learning more, take some time to research DAOs more. I linked a few Science DAOs above in this thread that demonstrate how beneficial these types of organizations can be for open science. There are a lot of Financial DAOs as well which is often refereed to as DeFi, that I encourage people to take a look at.

    Again, I appreciate the thorough questions being asked.
    Cheers to our future built in these precious present moments.


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