George Egely's Magic Wand

  • I had missed this controversy. I see that the concerns raised by Frogfall are technically valid but, from the point of view of the bottomline of what we want to prove, somewhat irrelevant.

    We want to know if there's excess energy. If we start with a discharged device, and can measure accurately how much energy is being fed to it, and how much is dissipated as heat, we will know if there's excess energy or not.

    We will not get, at all, a precise image of when and where the excess energy is being produced, as this is pretty much a black box test, but we will know if we can get more heat from the device than the electric energy being fed to it, and that's all what the aim of this test is, and what has been asked for.

    You are right. I was also concentrating too much on the internal behaviour of the input oscillator and cell interaction.

    To be specific, if we measure the total the electric energy feed from the battery to the unit and subtract from that (the loss in the resistor) measured energy in the first calorimeter, we get the actual energy feed in the cell.

    This should be quite near the Ein to the cell.

    The output calorimeter gives directly Eout. So then the COP should be simply Eout/Ein

  • axil already mentioned earlier the document by Lutz Jaitner closely related to the subject: The Physics of Condensed Plasmoids (CPs)and Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

    Among many others one of the strengths of the document is to give an explanation why normally no gamma-radiation has been observed during LEN-reactions.

    It would be nice to hear comments from the hard-core physicists of this forum about the formula-section, chapter 3 "CP Quantum Mechanics".

    I feel that my skills are a "bit" limited for this evaluation.

  • Will put it here just because it is mentioned as an ideal apparatus to test Egely’s magic wand.

    Hathaway Research Internationals highly accurate electrical power monitor
    Bob Greenyer discusses with George Hathaway a device that may just be a perfect fit for testing George Egely's EVO driven "Magic Wand" Hathaway Research…

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Among many others one of the strengths of the document is to give an explanation why normally no gamma-radiation has been observed during LEN-reactions.

    This observation is not always true. Fusion might well be occurring in some types of LENR reactions. In the ICCF-24 presentation:

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    ICCF24 Presents: Theresa Benyo, PhD - Federally funded LENR activities at NASA

    Nuclear reactions seem to be occurring. I agree that intense electron screening seems to be producing some level of nuclear activity. There are other LENR systems that also produce nuclear reaction indications involving micro-particles as the supporting lattice material.

    There may well be two concurrent processes going on in these hybrid reactions that look something like this:

    A LENR reaction only system can exist without the co-operation of a LENR reaction. A system like the Elegy wand can be such a system where direct electrical production is occurring without the generation of any nuclear indications and heat. A plasma system is likely to be a LENR reaction only system since there is not indications of nuclear activity.

    A system like the lattice assisted reaction may be a hybrid reaction where there is a instance of both LENR and fusion reaction occurring simultaneously. This duel type of reaction will produce confusing nuclear reaction indications because the LENR reaction could modify the fusion reaction by-products, for example radioactive isotopes may not be produced as actioned by the LENR reaction.

    There is also a mostly fusion reaction that produces the full array of nuclear indicators such as radioactive isotopes, neutrons, tritium, and gamma rays specific to fusion.

    The LENR reaction springs from the onset of coherent electron cluster formation. The fusion reaction springs from the formation of incoherent electron screening concentrations. It is possible for a mixed population of electron clustering to exist simultaneously in the same system. This type of system can produce very confusing nuclear indications.

  • Very nice Chrismas gift Rjzk

    Do you have the Jaitner paper to share ?

    Agree with the spallation way but not for all Lenr ways probably.

    For example, this is my current way of explanation for lithium Rossi's releases.

    That some "special"chemical reactions are able to do that is absolutely astounding.. far behond recent Clean HME or Fusion processes improvements.

  • The LENR reaction is a mysterious and supremely hard to understand situation that varies widely from system to system. Because of its supremely complex nature, the LENR reaction can lead to false assumptions based on analysis of what goes on in any individual system. I posted on a system that shows how strange that the LENR reaction can be as follows:

    My best guess as to the cause of a radiation-less LENR reaction is quantum mechanical superposition. In many LENR only based systems that function without fusion, transmutation is produced without the production of any energy whatsoever. Take transmutation produced by microorganisms. These micron sized bugs produce conversion of elements inside their delicate bodies without any destructive effects whatsoever: no heat, no gammas, no radioactive isotopes, nothing... very strange.

  • Strange, but i just checked the patent application:

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  • I found this old paper by Jacques Dufour from ICCf-4 - sparking in hydrogen isotopes. Very relevant.

    Among the various methods available to contact hydrogen isotopes with metallic
    hydride forming metals, we have chosen to contact hydrogen isotopes in the gaseous
    phase (H2 or D2) at a pressure round the atmospheric pressure, with dissymetrical
    electrodes, at least one of them being made of a metallic hydride forming metal. A
    transient electrical discharge (sparks or ozoniser discharge) is struck between the two
    electrodes through the gaseous hydrogen isotope.
    Precise and repeated energy balances show that excess energy is generated in the
    system, in a fully reproducible way. The amount measured on a steady state basis (several
    days), excludes chemical or physical explanations or at least classical ones. This excess
    energy is observed with both hydrogen and deuterium and with various metals (stainless
    steel was tested and gave a positive response).
    On the basis of electrical energy input to the reactor, energy breakeven has been
    obtained (taking into account an efficiency of 50 % for electricity generation). Excess
    energy up to 2.5 W has been measured.
    With the calorimetric set-up we have been using until now and which will be described
    below, we cannot exclude a systematic error that could explain the excess energy we
    measure. We are thus starting the operation of a new calorimetric system that will
    exclude such errors. We shall describe in this note, the results obtained with the first
    calorimetric set-up (system I), which measures powers by measuring heat fluxes and the
    main characteristics of the new one (system II).'

    Plasmoids sparking hydrogen dufour.pdf