Unusual substance. Report by V. N. Zatelepin at the Klimov-Zatelepin seminar on May 24, 2023

  • Unusual substance. Report by V. N. Zatelepin at the Klimov-Zatelepin seminar on May 24, 2023 –

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    00:42:23 Alexey Cherepanov: There is no amplitude of the electric field, since there is no electric field in nature

    00:48:44 Valentin Shironosov: Regarding ponderomotive forces and moments of forces, slide 26, acting on particles with magnetic moments, the situation will have two solutions, out of resonance (Nonlinear Parametric Resonance) and in resonance - NPR, in the book - https:/ /ikar.udm.ru/files/pdf/sb82-1-7.pdf page 65 and force calculations, see https://ikar.udm.ru/files/pdf/sb67-9.pdf, and follows expect powerful nonlinear resonant effects in the "SR" (PNR) region in the often UV 234 nm and 292 nm - https://ikar.udm.ru/sb/sb38-3.htm (Fig. 1), with ortho- and para-orientation of "dark hydrogen", "possibly" useful video see from 0:54-2:00

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    , changing frequency, changing direction force action in the direction of the beam or against it, a typical task with "atomic traps"🤝

    00:57:00 Alexey Cherepanov: An excellent experiment. What do I foresee? It is with similar experiments that it will be possible to prove my hypothesis - "electric current" and "light wave" is the transfer of "photon mass", which characterizes the temperature - the larger this mass, the greater the temperature ... But should there be a carrier? I believe that electrons do this... The discharge brings "photon mass" from the "electrical network" into this system. But both here and there have their own magnetic system and the curves show the interaction of these magnetic systems.

    01:01:21 Alexey Cherepanov: Here. Here. An increase in conductivity is essentially an increase in the magnetic potential of electrons, i.e. their ability to pump a large "photon mass".

    01:05:55 Alexey Cherepanov: They did the right thing - they measured the current ... See what I wrote above.

    01:06:38 Alexey Cherepanov: Zatelepin is the movement of some substance... I imagine this movement as the movement of an "ethereal mass" - this is the same as a "photon mass".

    01:07:47 Valentin Shironosov: A previously unknown path for converting heat into electricity has been discovered in the USA -

    05/20/2023 [12:48], Gennady Detinich https://3dnews.ru/1087068/v-ss…ya-tepla-v-elektrichestvo

    01:10:11 Alexey Cherepanov: Zatelepin - when switching to variable mode, there is nothing there ... Great! This is what proves from my point of view that I am right - "electric current" is the movement of a photon mass. Thanks to the experimenters... But... But it's interesting that I came to THIS without such experiments, but only thanks to the physical chemistry of the microworld...

    01:14:10 Aleksey Cherepanov: Clusters of electrons and magnetons in the air - Zatelepin correctly noted - oxygen plays a major role there, has magnetic properties, and electrons and magnetons "stand" in the discharge. The following experiments helped me understand all this - Tests in a vacuum chamber - https://drive.google.com/file/…nRVKEM98/view?usp=sharing

    Tests in a vacuum chamber - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/55vS/4S51RXGqF

    Arc in a magnetic field – https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5FpG/9W35GptWC

    Arc in a magnetic field - https://drive.google.com/file/…aqcei7NE/view?usp=sharing

    01:21:26 Alexey Cherepanov: A mercury thermometer, unlike a thermocouple, is a mass accumulator. This is where the effect manifests itself ... I just don’t understand why there is a small effect in 1cm ... But. But it is clear that some role of the magnetic system ...

    01:23:06 Eugeny EGOROV, Vladivostok: There is current in ANY material, since there are ALWAYS electrons in the CONDUCTION BAND!

    01:23:45 Paul Weisman: Nothing is said about the biological effect of T.V., although it was stated in the list of its properties?

    01:28:36 Alexey Cherepanov: Savinkov did well again! The discharge creates a magnetic field - above I presented the experiments. And there - where there is light, and where there is a discharge, clusters of electrons - that's why there is a magnetic interaction.

    01:29:16 Paul Weisman: Milliamp currents are a lot!

    01:30:44 Alexey Cherepanov: Zatelepin is mistaken about energy!!! It is necessary to talk about MASS! About photon mass!

    01:38:10 Alexey Cherepanov: It's strange for me to listen to Zatelepin - we are creating new chemistry... 15 years ago Kanarev called THAT what Zatelepin calls "dark hydrogen", orthohydrogen.

    01:42:16 Paul Weisman: A clamp meter, even an accurate one, is a crude instrument. There would be another method, more precisely ...

    02:09:03 Arayik Danghyan: Quantum mechanical calculation of dark hydrogen

    02:10:07 Alexey Cherepanov: 6th edition of "Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry of the Microworld" Kanarev F.M. pp.121-122, fig.79

    02:11:48 Alexey Cherepanov: Klimov about a sieve and a metal box. Bravo! A very important point for understanding what I am trying to convey to everyone - electron clusters penetrate everywhere! and Carry mass everywhere!

    02:16:58 Alexey Cherepanov: Thank you Anatoly Ivanovich! Interpretation is the most important - it is almost 70-80% of the effort. But Zatelepin is satisfied with the old physics, and I believe that it interferes with the correct understanding, since in the old physics there are such concepts as "electric fields", "electric charges", "electric forces" ACCORDING TO MAXWELL, but none of this exists in nature. Maxwell was grossly mistaken!

    02:17:36 Eugeny EGOROV, Vladivostok: It is NOT-POSSIBLE to separate the EXPERIMENTAL REPRESENTATIONS (Internal Theory) and EXPERIMENTAL WORKS due to the deepest connection of these mutually complementary processes !!!

    02:19:19 Alexey Cherepanov: In the footsteps of L.I. Urutskoev’s report about the Chernobyl accident May 10, 2023, May 18, 2023 - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/RRN5/a4WLTPDo3

    02:26:12 Alexey Cherepanov: Chistolinov - this does not fit into physics at all ... Since I also studied extrasensory perception, did gravitational gymnastics with the great psychic - Anatoly Ivanovich Samodumov, I received knowledge that, on the contrary, allows me to say today - ALL THIS physics and this physics of a photon wave! "Once again about the photon wave....doc" - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/xFow/ognAtcvVF

    "Once again about the photon wave....doc" - https://drive.google.com/file/…80IsgZvF/view?usp=sharing

    02:28:47 Alexey Cherepanov: Zatelepin - Chitolinov doesn't read a book... And Zatelepin himself? And Zatelepin himself does not read my articles ... This somehow characterizes him strangely ... At the same time ... At the same time, as an experimenter, I like him

    02:32:02 Alexey Cherepanov: The discharge is over... And the reaction is going on - Zatelepin... That's right... And it will go on... Since electrons are the keepers of the attached photon mass... So they "discharge" this mass in time ...

    02:33:59 Eugeny EGOROV, Vladivostok: Spin interaction is a special case of the Hyperbolic Analogue of the Electromagnetic Field Dm. PAVLOVA!!!

    02:40:11 Alexey Cherepanov: An interesting remark by Ivanov M.Ya. The fact is that for 2 years now I have been representing magnetic field lines as strings - clusters of electrons and magnetons. It is they who carry the photon mass.

    02:48:00 Alexey Cherepanov: Wow! Shishkin's experiment is very interesting to me. At this pace, we will come to an unequivocal conclusion - it is necessary to revive hydrowave technology.

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