Japan Cold Fusion Conference JCF-24.opens 2/12/2023.

  • My thanks to Professor Akito Takahashi for this information.


    JCF24 program, abstract – Japan CF-research Society (jcfrs.org)

    Program of JCF24 Meeting Japan CF-Research Society Date; December 1-2, 2023

    Place; Mikamine Hall, Research Center for Electron Photon Science,

    Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

    Presentation; Oral presentation 25 min. + Discussion 5 min.

    Language; English or Japanese'

    Abstract Book; Only available at JCF home page (http://jcfrs.org/)

    December 1 (Fri), 2023

    12:00-13:00 Registration, 13:00-13:05 Opening Address Y. Iwamura (Tohoku University) Session 1 Chair: M. Kishida (Kyushu U.)

    13:05-13:35 JCF24_01 K. Naitoh et al. (Waseda U.) Fluid mechanics on anomalous temperature increase in metal composite powder exposed to pulsed high-pressure hydrogen gas.

    13:35-14:05 JCF24_02 Y. Iwamura et al. (Tohoku U.) Anomalous heat generation experiments with Ni-based nanostructured metal composites and hydrogen gas: consideration by material and gas analysis.

    14:05-14:35 JCF24_03 T. Itoh et al. (Tohoku U. / Clean Planet Inc.) IR and Light Radiation Analysis for Spontaneous Heat Burst.during Hydrogen Desorption from Nano-sized Metal composite.

    14:35-14:50 Break Session 2 Chair: Y. Iwamura (Tohoku U.)

    14:50-15:20 JCF24_04 F. Celani et al. (INFN-Frascati, Italy) Attempts of self-replication of AHE generation by pulsed operations on Constantan wires, inverse coaxial geometry, under H2-Ar gas at high temperatures role of pulse polarity and shapes.

    15:20-15:50 JCF24_05 T. Nemoto et al. (Iwate U.) Improving Excess Heat Measurement in Hydrogen Desorption Experiment.

    15:50-16:05 Break Session 3 Chair: S. Narita (Iwate U.)

    16:05-16:35 JCF24_06 S. Higashi et al. (Kobe U.) Detection of He-3 Trapped in CuNiZr Materials by Thermal Desorption Spectrometry.

    16:35-17:05 JCF24_07 H. Miura Computer Simulation on the Reactions of Band Gaps Collided by Protons/Deuterons.

    17:05-17:35 JCF24_08 R. Furui (Nano Fusion Design) The Design of a Low-Energy Nuclear Battery

    17:35-18:00 JCF Annual Meeting 18:00-20:00 Reception.

    December 2 (Sat), 2023 Session 4: Industrial Application Session Chair: K. Naitoh (Waseda U.)

    9:30-10:00 JCF24_09 A. Takahashi (New Hydrogen Energy Inc. / Osaka U. )New Hydrogen Fusion Energy

    10:00-10:30 JCF24_10 G. Terabayashi (Smart Fiber Design Associate Co., Ltd. ) Climate change measures and expectations for new energy.

    10:30-11:00 JCF24_11 K. Ooyama (Ooyama Power Inc.) Metal Crystal confinement Fusion Reactor.

    11:15-11:45 JCF24_12 T. Yoshizawa (Z Mechanism Technology Institute Co., Ltd.) Development of a low-vibration new type internal combustion engine.by using Z-Mechanism and potential applications of this mechanism.

    11:45 Adjourn



  • Thanks Alan Smith , I am struggling to find the LENR connection of the reciprocating engine of the last abstract, but I assume the JCF is opening to other topics this year, happy to see that there will be more results from our Japanese friends this year.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

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