What's needed for a replication?

  • Hello Together!

    Do you think it makes sense to collect all needed properties we now know from the report to create a powder mix for a possible replication of the Hot-Cat?
    Which parts of nickle and which of lithium are needed? How can they be prepared? Are there manufacturers which can produce such a powder mix?
    Wich isotopes are needed?

    Maybe we can help a bit to bring replications forward! :thumbup:

  • Hi Barty,

    here at MFMP https://www.facebook.com/Marti…annMemorialProject?ref=hl is a list what would speculatively be necessary to replicate the LENR-reactor and some suppliers.


  • I remind the comment of Rossi about his doped metal resistor...
    maybe is it a smart way to regulate heat production relative to temperature...
    does anyone know doped metal resistor, and for what they are used ?

    one key problem with reactors is stabilizing them. for nuclear reactor we were lucky because there is a natural therman feed back and delayed neutron production that makes the feed back stable.

  • Alain

    "Doped metal" could be just alloy that has lower change in resistivity with temperature compared to elemental metal.
    These alloys can be FeCr, NiCu NiCr.... One popular name is Constantan meaning similar resistance irrespective of temperature. In these alloys magnetic phase transformation and density of states changes of conducting electrons help to lower the thermal coefficient of the resistivity. All toasters ,electrical heaters ...etc. have such wires. Back in the first days of electricity it was hard to control heating elements until these alloys were found.

    For a heating wire the heating power is P = V * V / R. Too high change in resistance with temperature will then create local heating in one spot of the wire (for example bare wire), increasing the resistance further in that spot that will increase the heating locally still further .......not practical :-)

    Maybe you knew this but did not connect to this

    alternative nomenclature of Rossi