Hidetsugu Ikegami opinion on latest E-cat test report.

  • I was hoping that someone might be able to get a comment or opinion from Hidetsugu Ikegami on the latest E-cat test report since his theory THE NATURE
    (http://www.roxit.ax/CN.pdf) deals directly with Fusion in Li permeated Metal-Hydrogen Systems. One of the E-cat testers,
    Roland Pettersson, worked with Hidetsugu Ikegami on several experiments,ie; (Ultradense Nuclear Fusion in Metallic Lithium Liquid). See also Successful Replications — Ikegami-Pettersson.

  • They predicted that liquid lithium's special thermodynamic and quantum properties would speedup LENR processes as well as well known nuclear fusion reactions. Have you read Ikegami's report about nickel-deuterium fusion with lithium to speed it up?

    I'm looking for partners to replicate the deuterium molecular ion- liquid lithium experiment that produced 2000 times breakeven according to Ikegami.
    I have a patent pending on modifications of his reactors that will offer higher power densities and other advantages.

    I'm also trying to raise funds for an experiment at a world famous nuclear physics lab that has worked with the ITER project. The Director of that lab says he will research my reactor in addition to trying to reproduce the above experiments but I have to come up with $400,000.