Cold Fusion Now : Mitsubishi Cold Fusion LENR Patent Granted Transmutes Nuclear Waste

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    How will humanity manage fission nuclear waste in LENR age? 12

    1. Waste will be transmuted in LENR reactor as Iwamura imagine (10) 83%
    2. Waste will be stored and forgotten (1) 8%
    3. Waste will be transmuted in fission reactors, as nuclear industry prepare today (1) 8%

    Cold Fusion Now feature today an article on the granting of a LENR transmutation patent by Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi lead by Iwamura is working hard on the project to process nuclear waste and reduce their activities though transmutation, without usage of the classic fast neutrons reactors.This goal may seems anecdotal compared to the energetic usage as Rossi is working on, however we will have to manage the stockpile of nuclear waste accumulated by fission reactors. It is not so much in volume, but very hard to manage. Today the only solution beside storage, is transmutation in fast neutron reactor.What will be the future of nuclear power plant and their waste in the LENR era ?Abandoned like bad memories, waste cleaned by fast neutrons reactors, cleaned by LENR process ? cleaned for nothing, or used to produce energy while cleaning the future ?many question for the future...


    Amazingly enough LENR patents are now being granted, after passing the muster of the patent examiner. They must perform, as described, in order to do so. Each time I rejoice, and after studying it deeply, appreciate the brilliant and applied efforts undertaken to achieve such a patent granted.

    Initial Patent Application – Filed 2001 :


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    I have no specific data.
    I just know Iwamura work hard on his ideas, and is willing to develop them.
    Toyota and Takahashi is active too.
    Mizuno helped some replications too (he is academic, Hokkaido University I think, at least he was).

    his ideas of using transmutation, remind me the GeNiE reactor

    proposed by Global Energy Corp.

    I don't know how mature is their technology, and I imagine it is just based on their work at US Navy Spawar, but who knows...

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    About patent we should not be too enthusiastic because often patent are required more like papers, to fill a criteria... Anyway maybe is it applicable... Probably much more engineering is needed.

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