Bill Gates welcomed by Frederick Testa at ENEA... Thanks also to the presence of scientists among the most qualified in the field of cold fusion which Vittorio Violante.

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    Among the media reaction to Bill Gates visit to ENEA and attending Vittorio Violanted presentation, this small article from UnivrMagazine, "the information of the University of Verona" is an outlier. It is clearly said that Bill Gates was interested in Cold Fusion research, but worst of all that ENEA is among the most qualified lab in the field.


    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
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  • Wouldn't you think that Gates would have heard about Rossi? And that if he thought there was merit in Rossi's claims, that (and/or the people at IH) is who he would have seen?

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    David on Twitter found this article about Bill gates at ENEA…ased-LENR-Technology.html

    It is not an official article (disclaimer at the end) but the author is mostly interested in impact on Palladium.

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    Bill Gates foundation - open letter - 22 Jan 2015

    It is fair to ask whether the progress we're predicting will be stifled by climate change. The most dramatic problems caused by climate change are more than 15 years away, but the long-term threat is so serious that the world needs to move much more aggressively — right now — to develop energy sources that are cheaper, can deliver on demand, and emit zero carbon dioxide. The next 15 years are a pivotal time when these energy sources need to be developed so they'll be ready to deploy before the effects of climate change become severe. Bill is investing time in this work personally (not through our foundation) and will continue to speak out about it.

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    @Mary Yugo: Maybe ENEA wasn't Gates' last visit. He's clever and prudent. Before he spend money he will inform himself as good as possible and then decide what to do.

    If you know something to suggest that Gates is considering LENR or that *shudder* he is thinking of giving Rossi some money, what is that evidence please? Should Gates decide to consider Rossi, it will be a pleasure to send him a copy of what I wrote to the CEO of Elforsk. Let's see ... about Elforsk... what have they said about LENR or Rossi lately?


    In a recent visit to Italy, billionaire business man, investor and inventor Bill Gates said that for several years he has been a believer in the idea of LENR...

    Really? You believe that? I don't. I think Gates goes on hard evidence and people who do talk about the evidence and never say they are "believers."


    ...the idea of LENR, and is a sponsor of companies developing the technology.

    Wow! Really? Which LENR companies exactly? Defkalion maybe? Oh ...

  • Oh, MY how you squirm at the very possibility that someone like Bill Gates, who goes on "hard evidence" could actually think it is worth investigating! Remember the risk / benefit for LENR approaches zero. That is my new icon for LENR: R/B-->0!
    It seems that if you can bully the entire world into ignoring LENR, then you will be right with no chance that you and Popeye will be made the fool. Well, maybe someone will spend enough to call the question. I hope, and remember R/B-->0 !!!

  • Very good job of not answering the questions and not addressing the issues.

  • Water allways bubbles, before it completely evaporates. In the meantime, crowds are cheering.

    Curiously, the case of LENR is a bit different; almost nobody ever heard of it.


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