Russ George: HAS ITALY JUST CORNERED THE GLOBAL ENERGY MARKET? Sundown for the fossil fuel age begins in Italy?

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    This article bounce on recent visit of Bill Gates to the "Vatican of Cold Fusion" as Russ Georges says.

    He remind us the conference ignored by media on F&P phenomenon in EU Parliament organized by ENEA...…-renewable-energy-source/

    What he state, as a long-time member of LENR community ahe states what I realised too at LENR-Cities kickoff.
    That Italy, ENEA and INFN are the epicenter of LENR research.


    ust what has drawn Mr. Gates to cold fusion is the building by many teams of working cold fusion devices, with the Italian’s in the lead. Clearly now cold fusion conditions have been shown to be far advanced over those of orignators Pons & Fleischmann wet electro-chemical modalities. Today’s much simpler gas on nano-scopic metal mixtures is what shows off Cold Fusion consistently.

    Is Italy bigger than USA on LENR, while clearly we talk more of US efforts than of italian research ?