LENR-Cities conference in Oxford on 10-11th of January 2015...

  • As told recently by Steven B Krivit and confirmed by Michel Vandenberghe, LENR-Cities prepares an event in Oxford University.
    This thread is a placeholder to discuss on that.

    The preliminary information are on http://lenr-cities.com/oxf/
    and slowly there are precision.

    The agenda of the conference is clearly around LENR-Cities proposal, and "is bringing together people from three worlds: scientists, industrialists and investors.".

    The organizer are "Scientists of our Ecosystem and the LENR-Cities Team.".Not the industrialists.

    The preliminary list of speaker contains :

    • LENR-Cities team with founder Michel Vandenberghe, Didier Pelluet, and
    • The LENR-Cities "Reference Lab" coordinator, Angelo Ovidi, who is also founder of Kresenn.
    • Luca Gamberale, who worked since long with Giuliano Preparata (one of the early giant of cold fusion), and who is known recently to have denounced the "mispractice" of Defkalion during ICCF18 demo in Milan , when launching a partnership.
    • Paolo Tripodi is an entrepreneur scientist known for his work on hydride superconduction research, who founded 4 technology companies, and who is CSO of the start-up he founded in 2011: IS Tech.
    • Yogi Srivastava and Allan Widom, physicists of Northeastern University , founders of Clean Nuclear Power LLC company in Lugano. Allan Widom is the father of the Electro-Weak nuclear reaction theory.
    • John Swain, physicist of Northeastern University (Like Yogi and Allan), who wrote few articles with Allan and Yogi.
    • "Airbus Group"... A representative, as was told by Michel in our last talk.

    You will notice that among the partners there is Kresenn, and Northeastern University, which from the name above is not a surprise...

    Few speakers seems not to be named, more details missing on the place and schedule...

    Things start to be really serious... ^^

  • Some new information in LENR-Cities sites.

    A new Speaker is Listed : Giacomo D'Agostaro.
    It seems to be a scientist of ENEA working on Biotechnologies.
    Anyway he is not stranger to LENR, as for example he is one of the co author of Francesco Celani, "EVIDENCE OF ANOMALOUS TRITIUM EXCESS IN D/Pd OVERLOADING EXPERIMENTS", for what seems to be research and expertise around biological LENR.

    Another novelty is the definitions of the scientific topics to be discussed :

    • Superconductivity at high temperatures.
    • Novel hydrogenated nano-materials producing heat anomalies or able to do waste heat to electricity conversion.
    • Hydrogen energy, clean cheap hydrogen production and water splitting.
    • Electro-Weak nuclear reactions for small batteries.
    • Nuclear transmutations and nuclear waste management.
    • Bio-remediation of radionuclide-contaminated waters.

    As we see, LENR is far from only heat and E-cat style of reactor. It is something that have a potential to revolution electronics, energy conversion and storage, nuclear remediation, and maybe a new landscape of nuclear chemistry and biochemistry

  • About Giacomo D'Agostaro he is cited in that History of Cold Fusion in Italy
    page 121

    It is a report of amazing biologicat transmutation done by radiophilic bacteria

  • Vessy on her blog published an article on ICCF19

    one key quote is by TSEM CEO about the purpose of ICCF this year :


    The purpose of ICCF-19 will be to discuss recent scientific findings as well as to encourage a more general public interest, encouraging a better understanding of the significance of this research and how it will impact society

    wider than usual...

  • A new speaker apeared on LENR-Cities conference page :
    Dr P Neal Graneau of University of Oxford.
    He is presented as working on "New Energy", interested in newtonian physics, Mach Principle, Water arcing
    as i understand he pursued the work of Peter Granneau on Newtonian physics and water arcing.

    "Le régional de l'étape" as we say in french Tour de France.

  • Hey guys I just shifted to Oxford. Now I need to organize an official meeting here. I am in a great need for the recommendations for conferences in Oxford. Can you guys please help?