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    Seems like the Press release was not issued by Rossi or Leonardo Corp:

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    But for you? You will get higher confidence in LENR. But that is all.

    Hi me356

    Maybe for you the realitiy of LENR is obvious, because you work on it day by day.

    For (the most of) us it is still completely in question whether LENRs exists at all. We had and saw many disappointing events and unclear results in the past.

    Seeing proper calorimetric measurement results by a trusted third-party like MFMP would give many of us so much pleasure and simply confirmation that we did not waste all that time following this.

    Even without being able to buy such a device yet.

    I don't want to make pressure on you and your work, but please keep that in mind. Maybe you are routine-blinded ;)

    I thought this was big news. Enough so maybe to make it into some of the standard online tech/science sites, i.e. Pop Sci. Sci Am, Science Digest, etc. Nothing far. Yes, it is just a patent application, but this is NASA! They even make an effort to avoid saying LENR. Nothing stopping this from being reported on.

    I thought that too, but even within the LENR community this is facing very less interest.

    Even at ECW, where they usally disassemble and sniff each fart of Rossi in super prolonged discussions, the post covering this paper has not even 20 comments 8|:rolleyes:

    Guess this is too scientific and unspectacular for the general reader.

    Maybe of interest: In the ECW comment section me356 just wrote that 2 years ago he shared informations of his first excess heat generating reactor with MFMP.

    Bob Greenyer replied to that with a link where a full description and possible signs of excess heat are documented:…elani-rossi-mash-up-me356

    me356 and Bob Greenyer claim that no one else has ever tried to exactly replicate this approach.

    Looks like everything me356 did since then "only" was studying, optimization and exploition of the effects seen in this experiment? :/


    It's the way you are starting to rage against other forum members with other oppinions. Example:

    Oh!!!! Are YOU trying giving ME legal advice again Dewey...

    It sounds like in the kindergarten if one child took the toy of another one.

    When the first purchases will come, we will also have the first opinions from the buyers and we will could have an idea of the reactor's validity.

    That is exactly what we are waiting for since years!

    But everytime an ecat-generation is mature enough to go into mass production Rossi suddenly invents a revolutional improvement which would make the older generation totally obsolete.

    So let us hope Rossi is not finding another improvement which needs another X years to be ready for production. And of course then it would be waste to put the previous generation into production and sell it as long as the next generation is under development...…nuclear-fusion-technology

    The "believers" and "followers" completely gloss over the fact that Ecat technology has never worked independently of direct involvement of the Ecat people. And, in my opinion, it never will.

    Maybe you can annually "rent a Rossi" as bundle when buying an ecat for your basement 8o

    He will start and stop the reactor by a simple phone call and estimated travel time of 1 - 2 weeks :thumbup:


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