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    Shane said "This field is not going to break out"

    There are many visitors who wing by this site.. 5 users and 114 guests right now???

    Now we have 3 good papers up on this site in support of LENR as a measurable phenomenon.

    There has been no valid criticism .... just the squeak of mice and the yaps of bulldogs.

    I think the field will break out son.

    Here are the activation energies for deuterium fusion from the Mizuno paper

    The voltage levels he needs to inject are doable.. not too high.

    Once the MeV's start churning out he can switch off the input.

    Temp K

    Activation Energy?


    ~51 eV


    ~76 eV


    ~150 eV

    "starting from the proposition that whatever it is we are talking about is". right

    It might be to do with the high magnetic field increasing the screening effect of the

    metal... is it gold or palladium or an alloy?

    Axial says that the magnet creates a shifting vortex of field lines, apparently some nonuniformity

    is necessary to get variations in the charge distributions around the deuterium nuclei.

    Maybe Axil could ask Estevez, the author of the "few eV's paper"

    What effect a samarium cobalt magnet might have on the screening effect?

    Would it be sufficient to bring the activation energy down to near 100C, or 0.03eV?

    [email protected]

    The authors estimate few eV's. for three metals.

    However they mention that the rate limiting step may not be

    fusion.. but the diffusion to the active sites

    to maintain high hydrogen concentrations.

    It's one of those rate compromise situations..

    for a multistep process.

    Low temps give lower activation energy and more fusion

    But high temps give more diffusion.

    Ahlfors Wrote "posting here is useless"

    Maybe poetry. Is more useful

    Dying brain cells witnessed thy birth

    On nickel slab in liquid helium

    Conceived by a winemakers whim

    Cassini's eyes watched thy warmth

    On far frosty Enceladum

    Now seared blind by grim Sat-urn

    Many strive to contain thy mirth

    In chambers of palladium

    Opposed by others opprobrium

    And others to extract thy worth

    With patents clauses ad nauseam

    And Faraday's electricum

    Foolish prattle confounds the wise

    And you their zircon horologium

    While you sow stars ad infinitum

    Men ad hominem slights devise

    While you cleanse by bacterium

    Graceful gift of the great I AM.

    On a more numerical plane I have calculated the activation energies based

    on Mizuno's figures for deuterium fusion in his nanometric reaction chambers.

    They are a lot more than a few. eV.. but still doable.

    However if we were to extrapolate his results way down to 4 degrees K.. admittedly a wild extrap

    the activation energy for deuterium in transition metal cages would become

    of the order of 0.5 eV... which is well within the range of electrochemical reactions.... which is

    probably the reason for Piantelli's serendipitous observations rather than too much wine.

    Obviously deuterium has a liking for those transition metal cages and

    is docile as a lamb at low temperatures

    Also. its sibling protium....


    Via Ahlfors . Thanks

    The authors estimate that the activation energy for the

    H_H, D-D fusion can be as low as a few eV..!!!

    It cannot be provided by thermal energy... no kidding!

    So what special forms of energy can provide eV?

    Mizuno has worked it out as undoubtedly

    others have or will perhaps... even Piantelli .

    The activation energy is really low at low temperatures.

    As on Enceladus, which I do not believe is heated by "tidal forces"…aiser-for-project-fedora/

    THHuxley. Said " they have so much more info than we do from this paper"

    Actually there is more than enough information in the paper.

    It isn't dud electrodes that stopped IH. It is something else and its intimated in the paper.

    One of those 'unsaids' Its been staring me in the face for weeks and I only just realised it.

    Silly me! But it won't take long for others to "unbug".. As long as IH has few competent people it won't take long.

    The race is on. Why has Mizuno been shillyshallying around for three years to write the paper?

    He must have secured finance already or be pretty close to it for the next step.

    He can't just rely on patents. Otherwise they will be worthless.

    Might be seeing my LENR greenhouse heater sooner than later.

    God Bless.You and Hikoboshi

    THHuxley wrote

    "The "certainty of untroubled faith" people are fanatics in the sense"

    The certainty of being able to 'debug' something borders on jihad..

    Have you deleted that post on the Mizuno thread yet? It might come back to bug you repeatedly.\\

    "It is academic, because the IH replication failed. Still, I'd like to debug this. But not sure I have the motivation to spend long amts of time on it given the IH work."

    How is the debugging of Mizuno's work going?

    THHuxley wrote

    Most (modern) religions are monotheistic. Hinduism is an exception.

    Too more exceptions. Buddhism... and GUTCP.

    Compare Dalai Lama / Randell Mills

    "Buddhist cosmology establishes the cycle of a universe in the following way: first there is a period of formation, then a period where the universe endures, then another during which it is destroyed, followed by a period of void before the formation of a new universe. During this void, the particles of space subsist, and from these particles the new universe will be formed. It is in these particles of space that we find the fundamental consubstantial cause of the entire physical world"

    "The Universe has no beginning or end. The Universe oscillates endlessly with a cycle of a trillion years from a minimum radius where it is mostly matter filled, to a maximum radius where it is mostly energy filled and back again


    For the self-styled 'agnostics' out of the room.. Can you find any serious manuscript error below.?

    Hint: It might have something to do with 'tittle'

    "The first term and the coefficient of the second term of the equation are constants, and Tout is the temperature of the air outlet. These temperatures are continuously measured at both the air inlet and outlet. However, the influence of the factor is 1/10 or less of the measurement error that is described later.

    Hc = 0.987 + 0.0000661 ×Tout (1)

    The thermal calculations were carried out as follows. The input energy Hin was estimated as equation

    (2). Hin = ∑𝛥𝑊×𝛥t𝑇0 (2)

    Where ΔW is the power at each time and Δt is the data measurment time interval (24.47 s).

    Thermal output energy Hout was calculated as equation (3). Hout = ∑𝛥𝑉 × 𝑆 × 𝜌 × 𝐻𝑐×𝛥𝑡 (3)

    where 𝛥𝑇 is the average temperature difference between the air inlet and outlet, Tout , Tin. during the time interval 𝛥t, and where V is the fan wind velocity (m/s); S is the area of the air outlet, 4.4 × 10−3 m2; ρ is the air density, 1.293 kg/m3 at 273.2 K, and Cp the average heat capacity of air.

    The value of ρ was calculated by equation (4).

    ρ = 3.391×exp(-Tout/201.26) + 0.41529 (4)

    The air velocity at the flow meter was estimated by semi-empirical equation (5).

    V = A × exp (-Wb/w) + B (5)

    Where A is a constant, −3.7; B = 4; w = 1.375; Wb is the blower input (W); and dT is the temperature difference between the air inlet and the outlet, Tout − Tin.

    In calculating the caloric value of air, the caloric value varies depending on atmospheric pressure and humidity in addition to temperature"

    TRRB- "I think I bucket of water could evaporate overnight if it was really, really not in the room."

    Does he read what he writes?

    TRRB"hasn't this always been proven to be mismeasurements, or dare I say it, poor calorimetry"

    Does he even read what researchers write?

    "Oil is not used to generate electricity"..In the Gulf states. I am not sure if that is true... perhaps they are using gas.

    The stayed reason I read for the switchover to nuclear was that it was cheaper than oil.

    However that was in 2014…n-delayed-to-2018-1.42360

    My meaning was that if there is a nuclear incident in those 4 Korean reactors there may not be many tankers leaving the Gulf for Georgia or any place else

    'IO wrote "the primary tenet of most religions=belief in the "one true god"

    The Romans who invented religiones " the things that bind" tended to be polytheistic.

    "E= mc2" connects three tenets of physics... the trinity? which might have dominion over Over- unity.

    JR said "arrange a replication of Mizuno's experiment"

    I sent a missive to Aotearoa..maybe they will respond.. Prof Walmsley was from one of my alma maters .

    Its not so far from Sapporo

    Jed said" The price of building a new nuke is much higher than the experts predicted, as you see in the projects now underway in Georgia."

    S.Korea has built ( is building) four new ones for the UAE. Probably a lot cheaper than Georgia

    Having delays training up the operators.

    Hope they run fine... otherwise world oil supplies will be sheikhy

    Eric said "topics of LENR, on one side, and hydrinos (i.e., Mills et al.), on the other, are considered distinct"

    I am ecumenical, even polytheistic, I can tolerate LENR and the Cranberry Helios in my ambit

    Damn_right_man wrote:" "magical technologies".

    Devilishly correct. Few investors were interested in Faraday's first motor,200 years ago

    Here is a less magical version without the quicksilver.

    But today artificial motors are ubiquitous

    although of course we have trillions of natural ones in our mitochondria.

    Epimetheus: " PV and/or MHD?".

    MHD R&D. petered out decades ago. The Suncell appears to have some advantages over previous systems. It is small and more concentrated so the MHD unit would be much smaller than those envisaged for nuclear and fossil fuel burning power stations. Also the liquid metal is already an integral part of the process. PV is a much more developed technology. It will probably be used first... but is still a major component of the cost. A lot of R&D will bee directed at reducing the cost of PV and also establishing a cost for MHD.

    LMMHD. Generator in Reverse.

    Cranbury brilliants Just need

    1. To substitute Hg with Ag

    2 To raise temperature to ``2162C

    3. To push the molten silver around by pressure.

    4. To expend another 200000 manhours of R&D

    Helios fires statement from Cranbury

    "Where are you reading that we are pursuing steam turbines? We are pursuing a simple heater for the $4T heating market.

    Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) are presented electricity technologies.


    The MHD cycle could recirculate liquid silver alone such that there is essentially zero pumping power consumption and no gas cooling losses, resulting in high efficiency. Albeit, another aspect to consider is that efficiency is not that relevant. The power per unit volume and the corresponding capital cost, divided by the power is what counts. Modeling shows over 5MW/liter net power (unmatched by huge multiples). The capital cost is the sum of two EM return pumps + permanent magnet + electrodes = a few thousand. The cost per kilowatt looks amazingly low"

    So even if the conversion efficiency is only 5% each time a silver blob passes through the MHDevice .. it keeps recirculation very quickly..

    "Just a reminder that the topics of LENR, on one side, and hydrinos (i.e., Mills et al.), on the other, are considered distinct by proponents of both."

    There is some extra energy37% still unaccounted for In Mizuno's Dorothy... deuterinos?